39Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary

Get a box.
Open it.
Try to fit me inside.
Good luck.

I have a strange love for all the weird and bizarre. I love to explore mindsets, believesystems and different realities.

The most interesting and attractive part of another human being is the mind. I am getting off on the smarts, rather then the looks.
Excellent cooking skills might help, though!

Games, I like. But only those played with cards, on boards or in bed. I detest emotional manipulations.
Therefor I love people for their honesty and directness.

Being openminded and polyadventourous I see sexuality and physical contact as an intense way of communication - but I do not discuss everything with everybody. You need to spark up my interest first.

I am known as being very direct. Some people have misinterpreted this as me being hard and undiplomatic, well, some people also are convinced the glass is half empty.

the burning woman
fire of the scorch
and the singe that bleeds
What I’m doing with my life
I have a rather unusual job and am not only good at it, but also very proud of it!
I not tend to mix my job with my private life.

Internet and computers are a big thing, I play a fair bit of games. Sometimes I turn my room upside down to create a last minute costume on other times I give a fuck about appearance. I also swear a lot.

I enjoy being a polymath, or at least try to attempt to be one, but would describe me more of a "Jägerin und Sammlerin gefährlichen Halbwissens".

My goal is to be moderatly prepared for the zombieapocalypse and I am more comfortable with a Multitool then a cosmeticsbag.

My english language skills are even more adventurous then my lifestyle. I am selfemployed, in a very chaotic way.
I’m really good at
...being very direct and impatient. Try me! You feel uncomfortable to talk about something? I will surely ask you about it on our first date!

Ah ya, and setting stuff on fire. There is that!
The first things people usually notice about me
My tattoo, my presence and my eyes, if you know what I mean...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot (Science fiction, drama, interesting stories and some junk to pass time), watch a lot of stuff (movies of all sort, british tv shows and really really good series) and enjoy music, but am not a big collector of knowledge about celebrities, musicians and the likes.

My diet is a non-fundamentalistic one (I prefer skilled cooking over fast food, unless it´s korean) and am done with smoking , but tolerate so in others.
In fact, I turned in an 'opto-paloean' lately: I opt to eat paleo if it is delicious.

That made me laugh while the creeps crept up my back:

I also enjoy this track a lot:

And the recent online clip that I thought impressive is to be found here:

This is by far the best skateboarding video out there:
Six things I could never do without
Internet, unless it´s out, good food, my cats, my cosy bed, my computers and my ability to adapt to different realities.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
all sorts of stuff, as long as it is interesting...
Almost anything can spark my interest, as long as I somehow see connections to it. The Universe is too fantastic to be exclusive. Same is true for friends and lovers!

Im Allgemeinen finden sich in jedem Bereich des menschlichen und sonstigen Daseins eine Vielzahl aufmerksamkeitsErregender Facetten an denen sich mein Bewusstsein gerne reiben möchte.

Im Besonderen mag ich Totenköpfe
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh, why, please define 'typical' for me.
Typical as in 'most friday nights - if compared to each other?'

Truth is, I don´t do typical nights or days. I also don´t do fridays. I do life.
And friends (pun intended).

Except sundays, sundays I spent clicking buttons.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a polyamorous explorer and adventurer.

A little note for all of you who are wondering what polyamory is and more important, what it isn´t, please feel free to google for some basic information.
I love to discuss your advanced concepts and questions but am not willing to cram basic information in your head.
Have you read so far? Very good! For more private information you have to cook me dinner, and it better be good!
You should message me if
If you are queer friendly!

You like my profile and want to get in contact with me.
I am open for new friends, dates, interesting people, activities, meet-ups, munches, dancing and all sorts of things.

If you are interested in playing "Cards Against Humanity" with me! Post me your favorite card combination!

If you want to accompany me to sports. I try myself in crossfit, but suffer of lack of motivation to get there...

You like to go out and find the most adventurous place to eat? Drop me a text! I try everything at least once.

Please, if you are looking for casual sex or an one-night-stand, do so in telling me right away. I appreciate honesty and like to deal straight forward with people. You might get lucky and your advances are appealing to me, but if not, there is no harm done.

I am looking for rope bunnies, technical practice only!

A short note of common courtesy:

I am polyamorous. I also am able to enjoy consensual casual sex.
This, however, does not mean that I will fuck everyone who is brave enough to ask.
Furthermore, if you muster the braveness to ask and you should receive a 'No' for an answer, there is no point in pointing out my profile or react pissed off.
Behave as the gentleman your mother wants you to be! Anytime, anywhere!

Seriously guys! Put a bit of effort in your requests! Since a few weeks I am getting this very very silly one-liners, probably written in the hope to score a quick fuck. I have nothing against quick fucks, but when all you muster up to ask for one is a lame one line question, then consider yourself ignored. You want to know why? Because it is very likely you fuck like you write: BOOOORING!
I cannot stress that enough!

Open your message with a link to your favorite youtubevideo or soundcloud mix. Therefor I will know that you actually have read my whole profile. Thanx for that!

Also, if you want to interest me in your sexual qualities, send me your favorite fucking gif. If I like it, we might be in business.
The two of us