31 Christchurch, New Zealand
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My self-summary
Right. I have decided this may deserve more than a modicum of effort [okay, it's a work in progress]. I am an academic through and through (so to speak). I am also fairly nerdy in my tastes and unapologetic about it. Very much against animal cruelty and do participate in Cat Rescue preparing kittens for adoption (including ensuring there aren't more in the process).

Personality wise. Classic INTJ - so that is either good or bad depending on your perspective. But it means I am very driven and value self-discipline. I am also very introverted - probably a bad thing and not very good at subtle nuances. I usually say the wrong thing or make terrible social observations. Therefore, I prefer directness. I tend to form strong relationships with a few people rather than have lots of friends. I try not to take myself too seriously unless I have to. Been described as eccentric. I do my utmost to help anyone in my inner circle if they have problems, and quite protective. I have a strong code and stick to it. Oh! I am Lawful Neutral.

I also realise law students in general have a stereotype. I do not live up to the stereotype at all and take equal amusement at those trying so hard to meet it. Superficial people generally annoy me but I seem to be able to connect with a number of people. Or am blissfully unaware that I failed to make such a connection. Either way, I won't penalise you for spelling something wrong. As much as I appreciate good spelling etc people make mistakes and at the end of the day. Its the meaning behind the words that are important.

Science! I like sciency type things and would be very interested to meet people who would like to talk to me about such things (as a lay person). I have an interest in most things - although my mathematics falls rather short of permitting a complete discussion. Nonetheless, I do enjoy concepts, principles and ideas. Astronomy fascinates me and do enjoy zoology, palaeontology, geology, and other 'Earth Sciences'. But, I am not trained in these things and its more a passing interest than an active pursuit.

Classics! Well, I think, like all people who study classics, this naturally leads to a wide range of sociological, literary, historical interests that go beyond the period (stuff I won't address for fear of making this too long). I do have a particular interest in the historical aspect of Roman history. However, you can generally capture my interest immediately with anything classics related.

That might all seem a little stuffy (I have a tendency to downplay those interests). I do have a soft spot for crosswords, board games, and other puzzle type activities. Mythology, RPG, fantasy type stuff is awesome. In that vein, also video games tend to interest me. Something with a good story appeals. Slightly surgically sewn to the internet. I usually use it while working or not so much working. I enjoy eating out and all the smaller pleasantries of life. I also enjoy pleasantly wandering around the hills of Christchurch. No doubt there is more to me, but I think this is a good starting point.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think people would first notice how I look....
After they have processed that information (for better or worse). I will assume they take stock of first impressions. I am quiet and reserved, and probably quite unassuming. I tend to be a little awkward around people and it takes me some time to find my voice - so to speak. I usually lose this over the longer term, and if the meeting is important I can turn on my more assertive side. So social context plays a role. I think I tend to dress smartly, and probably have some air of professionalism. I do try.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like those silly Ghost movies, Fantasy, Comedies, Sci Fi - usually something with a fantastical tinge. I don't have favourite movies per se, but I know what I like. Oh do like Hot Fuzz, Shaun of Dead, and End of the World. Being from NZ: The Hobbit, Lotr (I think its a little compulsory here). Anything historical gets my interest too....

TV shows are a little more memorable. Star Trek, Firefly, GoT (yeah), Futurama, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, Blackadder, I Claudius....

Not sure I will fill out the next 4 categories mainly because they would be frightfully dull.
You should message me if
Because, you want to message me. I think that's an important first step. Then, because one or more of those things caught your interest or you want me to convert you to my unique way of viewing legal problems. You love historical things. We share a common interest. You want to discuss something important. You want to discuss something silly. The usual reasons people converse. I don't particularly care if you live 100,000 km away (in fact, that would just make things more interesting). Oh, and don't be shy, I can't tell if you send me a positive rating :)