28 Nuremberg, Germany
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My self-summary
Dia dhuit, Hola, Bonjour, Ahoj, Привет, und guten Tag. Welcome to my profile.

Sorry, dass mein Profil sehr lang ist. Es tut mir sehr Leid... ok, nicht wirklich.

I'm a 28 years young, lived the first quarter-century of my life in the USA. I'm nice and polite. I'm studying in Germany, but presently this bathing in nostalgia in the Twin Cities. I try to be polite, not making much noise like shutting doors loudly, or staying out of the way when multiple people are in the kitchen. Unless I'm truly desperate, then I bite their necks and drain their fluids.

I find water calming. Ironically I was found it boring when I was very young and to the cabin. But as I grew older, I always found a sort of "seaside" scene an indescribable peace (and piece) of nature.

I decided many years ago to commit to the life of a starving musician. Piano, clarinet, flute, cello—I've tried pretty much everything at least once. But I play the biggest instrument around. I promise I'm not compensating for anything.

I can be shy, but when open I'm very sarcastic and enjoy jokes of many sorts (I greatly miss "That's what she said" jokes because people in Germany don't understand them). I'm fond of porch beers and collapsing onto the couch with a pizza and beer to watch Netflix or play retro Nintendo-franchise games. I'm a proud homeowner, educated linguist, and I enjoy biking. I hope "boardgames" isn't cliché, but I do greatly enjoy them. A good chess partner would be most appreciated.

~~Why did Professor Snape teach Potions and not Herbology? Because his Lily died.
What I’m doing with my life
Earlier I was a kitchen slave. Say what you will about food service, but one saves a lot of money when you can eat at work. I've been organ-ing in churches since I was 17, and I do some very simple bartending on the side. I've also been the right-hand hitman for a drug kingpin, and organized a successful cock-fighting ring in the basement of my house for several years. It didn't end because the police found us, but rather my dog couldn't resist the taste of chicken.

Enjoying my Beer-For-Life at Lake Monster Brewery.

Presently I'm keeping my eyes open for job possibilities.

~~How is an N64 controller like an old man? Eventually the stick gets worn out with age.
I’m really good at
Pfandflaschen sammeln.


I'm also fantastically terrible at writing opening messages to people here.

Finding four-letter words beginning with C.

~~If "pro" is the opposite of "con," what is the opposite of "progress?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV Addictions: Dexter, How I met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Doctor Who, Psych, South Park, Arrested Development, Archer, Steven Colbert-John Oliver-Jon Stewart, Daredevil, Tatort, House of Cards, Doctor House

Yummy edibles: Eggs, pizza, and an unhealthy addiction to spicy food. Sushi (when affordable). I enjoy all cuisines from Mexican to Chinese. American guilty pleasures: diners with breakfast all day, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chipotle.

Aural stimulation: Strictly classical, with Bach is my favorite. Also Mozart, Chopin, Пётр Чайковский... but I don't actively listen, but rather play. The perks and curses of perfect pitch. Also: video game music. For some reason I cannot shake how beautiful some soundtracks are; Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Gardens, for example.

Guilty pleasures from Hollywood: Sherlock Holmes, Pirates, Django Unchained, James Bond films... I'll update later. It's surprisingly hard to think of such things on the spot, but generally speaking, I enjoy most films; comedy/action seem to be my go-to's. I enjoy horror flicks, but preferably with a cuddle buddy.

~~How do you know if a soprano is at your door? She doesn't know which key, and doesn't know when to come in.
The six things I could never do without
1) Coffee
2) Beer
3) Music
4) My house and sense of financial stability
5) The feeling of waking up in the morning without needing to set an alarm clock
6) Linguistic challenges.
7) The ability to count to 6.

~~I think my neighbor is stalking me. She was Googling my name on her computer last night, as I saw it through my telescope.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well, what I DON'T spend a lot of time thinking about is reincarnation. But I did in a previous life.

Who has actually taken the time to read my profile from top to... well, this point.

~~I bet you that I can stop gambling.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Disney films on Netflix. Ok, not really, but I do mean this in all honesty: as a classical musician, there are several tunes out of the Disney world that I find rather magical (ha... pun...).

~~The psychiatrist tells his grieving patient: "If you could tell your father one last thing, what would it be?" "We're so sorry for cremating you, we thought you were dead!"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once had some hair above my upper lip that in now way could be counted moustache, but I let it grow out for a while. Likely just one of the worst ideas ever in terms of image. That, and my sense of fashion. Oh, right, I don't have that either.

~~When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on.
You should message me if
If you want to practice German or English.

If you won't judge me for being behind the times. I own no Smartphone or anything similar.

If you can grant me asylum from Donald Trump

You're welcome to ask any question you would like. Yes, question. You get just one, I encourage you to use it wisely.

~~ ..... Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting yet another joke? Well, I guess you'll have to inquire within for more :P