29Denver, United States
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My self-summary
Hi dudes ( and maybe a few scattered dudettes) I’m lionessasaurus, and I’m here for friends as well as romantic partners. A few things about myself: I’m pretty good at drawing, and pretty bad at spelling, possibly even worse yet at grammar. I’m good at baking, better at cooking. I wouldn’t consider myself an extrovert, despite the fact that I like large brightly lit parties. I also wouldn’t call myself an introvert, even though I often come off as fairly shy. I have a bitch resting face that’s also misdiagnosed as anger or sadness. It’s usually neither.

I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, but have only lived in my neighborhood for a few years.

I’m a lover of scary books and movies, and will sometimes dabble in writing my own. I like animals, but don’t currently have any pets. I love to travel but rarely have the funds to go anywhere. I like the idea of being a vegetarian, and idea of being a full-time writer or artist. But have yet to fully pursue an of those things. I have friends I really like, and a job I don’t like very much at all. I never finished (higher education) school, but way want to return to finish a degree.

I’m very easy to get along with, but i’m hard to get to know.

I once had an ex boyfriend compare me to Wednesday Addams. I was extremely flattered by this, almost embarrassingly so.

I’m never sure when someone is flirting with me, or just being nice.

there are a few questions that I get tired of answering in circles. So I might as well get them out of the way now:

“Are seriously 6’ft tall”
Yes, yes I am. I’m also unsure why someone would lie about this.

“ Would you ever, or have you ever dated someone shorter than you?”
Yes, and yes. While I do find tall men attractive, short guys aren’t a deal breaker or even a turn off. What is a turn off, is how insecure some men are around a taller woman. Most of the guys i’ve dated have been right around my height, some have been taller. A few have been shorter.

“Why do you look so gloomy in your pictures?”
Again, bitchy resting face. I also just think that I photograph better that way.

Sometimes I don’t respond to messages right away, so if you don’t get a response for me right away, even if you notice that I’m online, I still might get back to you.

I’m not likely to respond to you if: you’re rude, you have more than one shirtless photo,or have a completely empty profile. I definitely won’t respond to you if you send me weird fetishy stuff (ew), or make a request for a one night hook up.

I’m really fond of coffee and walks. If you would like to suggest we meet up those are two good opinions for mellow first dates. I’ll like talk your ear off about some piece of literature i’m enjoying. or a movies I just watched.
What I’m doing with my life
Working.... lots of working...maybe going back to school in the next few years.... maybe not.

Planning on maybe having a mid life crisis come the next year and moving to a foreign country.

Trying to start my own business as an artist.
I’m really good at
Cooking, writing terrible high concept fairy-tales for adults, sculpting, painting, starting topics of conversation that make people feel awkward.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, my fabulous white-girl afro of curls.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Vintage rock, some new shit, bad old country folk music. Enemy mine, star-trek, Buffy the vampire slayer.

Anything smoked or fried or covered in green chili.
Six things I could never do without
-a kitchen (cooking is how I un stress)
-a sharp chef’s knife (see above(
-something to stare at ( books, movies, the internet)
- something to modify creatively (notebook, clay, to door of a public bathroom stall)
-someone to talk to.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future, my past, story lines, the shape of flowers and the lighting in a room.
On a typical Friday night I am
I may go out if don’t have to work on saturday, which I often do. So a lot of times i’m just hanging out with my roommate, a book, or netflix.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m pretty scared of grasshoppers and crickets. Most other bugs don’t bother me. I actually think that spiders and scorpions are pretty neat.
You should message me if
you think I'd be cool to try and get to know.
The two of us