44Athens, Greece
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My self-summary
If you feel like criticizing negatively the length of my profile, REMEMBER, no one MADE you read it.
And DO READ MY "Message me IF" downtown there, at the end, 3 miles down.
Oh, and DON'T message me if you have kids or dogs. I don't do kids or dogs. Or a big beard or more than 7 years age difference. That probably disqualifies 90% of the population, but so much the better.

Really Cool Woman, not the kind you are used to.

Pretty, smart, sexual, spiritual, psychonaut, diverse, musical, deviant, perverse, inquisitive, sapiosexual, unrelenting, exploring, passionate, intense, chased by funky demons and looking for angels (with a tail). Bohemian princess, luxurious neohippie, lover of life. Independent like the wind and dedicated till the end.

What do I want? To walk- and dance and rock it!- through life with a shining, awesome life partner at my side (who incidentally needs to be a long haired guitar player), where we're both free to evolve, while we nurture each other's evolution and freedom of expression.
Also, living in an intentional artistic eco-community with burners, or people relaxed about their body and their sexuality, in a green beautiful place, close to a bad-ass city sounds wonderful... :)

As of summer 2013 I'm also a Burner and not just that, I'm the regional contact for Burning Man in Greece, and yes, Greece now has a burn event, on water! Google "Greekburn".

I believe in THIS. If you wanna play house with me you'd better agree to some extend. It's not that I don't respect the existence of other world views, I just get SO bored with people walking miserably around acting like victims and sheep while in truth we're all lions and brilliant creators.

In a nutshell, I am a romantic, kinky slut, who is into sharing her evolving, not-very-conventional, rich sex-, travel- and music-filled life with a Really Cool Creative Man, who is perceptive, intelligent, driven, with similar views, Long Hair, a musician, and kinky in bed (mostly dominant, but a bit of a switch too).

Oh, and just for those males that read the word 'slut', saw a couple of sexy pics and think they can get in there easily, THINK AGAIN. I'm DAMN difficult, picky and demanding.

The kind of relating I'm interested in sounds like a balanced relationship with a Soulmate, which includes occasional sharing of multiple-people sexual experiences (yes, I do mean threesomes, foursomes, n-somes, etc.) with my partner, or ΜΑΥΒΕ (not sure yet I can emotionally support a poly relationship) each one doing his/her own separately once in a while, which would be years later, once our bond has been stabilized and we're solid. You gotta be kinky too. I'm mostly submissive in bed (ONLY In bed) though occasionally I like to switch. So if you're dominant 75% of the time, that would be ideal. If you're a jealous man who won't tolerate his woman being touched by another, please yu go avay nau. If, on the other hand, you are a man who is turned on by seeing (or might eventually see the beauty of it) his little bunny-rabbit luv being humped by a score of males, and proud that she can pull them all off, and at the end of the night can cuddle her like she's the only woman in the world, do message me directly. Long hair is a must -sorry, that's my main fetish, and being a musician is my second main fetish. Mind you, all the above will hold for me too.

All of the above is how I see it. I'm not a stickler though, so if something different sweeps me of my feet, I won't say no. What's most important is for me & the people around me to be true to our own soul and its freedom to be expressed in whatever way it sees fit, and that we get along harmoniously.

Since all the above may sound sufficiently fascinating, I should add the following:

Stay away from me if you're a regular smoker - I ABHOR cigarette smoke, if you have kids, if you have dogs, if you follow any organized (or unorganized) religion, if you're conservative or a prude, if you get very jealous, and if you expect me to cook you dinner just cause I got a vagina.

Only bother me if you're authentic,
if you speak your mind fearlessly, for good or bad,
if you don't play silly games and if you don't believe in victimhood.
If you do any of that, I'll know it within 30 seconds and you'll be outta here. I occasionally tend to shake people's worlds and make them ask questions about their selves, just by being my lovely spontaneous, inquisitive, perceptive, direct self.
If that bothers you or scares you, stay away. I am strong minded, INTENSE, not very diplomatic, ridiculously independent, and self sufficient. I will not be your 'stay at home wifey' and I'll not be your property (unless we're talking about sex play, in which case fuck yes, use me like your sex object and give me to your friends :D ). I can be piercingly perceptive and I can often be intrusive with my intensity, like, in your face. I can be very particular, and at times I want things in a specific way. It therefore helps if you're more zen and easy going about stuff than me. I can be a real bitch sometimes, I can be intellectually snobbish, and I get easily irritated and over-sensitive when I'm tired. I can occasionally be a drama queen when the darkness overtakes me. I get bored easily, especially with stupidity or lack of authenticity. I have a certain wanderlust and I need to travel every once in a while. If you physically tickle me I'll probably punch you. And don't ever, EVER wake me up suddenly or brutally (for sex or any other reason) when I'm sleeping and haven't had enough sleep (or most days, even when I've had enough).

Still interested? Then read on.

I'm really diverse. I mean really. How can I pin it down? Hm I can't. Just to give you some hints, I've been (in no particular order):

- a computer and a gaming geek
- an big aficionado of activities in nature: hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, horse riding, sailing etc.
- a meditator
- a mediator
- a party animal
- a kinky libertine
- a singer, guitar player, musically addicted, with her own band
- a priestess dancing ecstatically for the Goddess
- the sort of person that will call you at 3am and tell you "Let's leave NOW for a week long roadtrip!"
- a fetish performer
- a beekeeper
- a road tripper
- a hippy
- a dancer since the age of 5, from ballet to salsa and tango
- a world wide traveler

Let's just say, when my friends call me crazy, I take it as a compliment.

Ha! How self-involved does THAT list sound? Still, you're supposed to learn things about me in my profile, so there.


In my life I've followed my mind and followed my heart. I've taken somebody's everything and given my everything. I've felt totally alone and connected with everything. I've learned how to love. Faced my greatest fear. Felt the worst possible pain and indescribable joy. I have lost and found myself. I've walked through fire. I've wanted to die, I'm still here and NOW I'm enjoying it.

(Apparently I'm a bloody good drama queen too but by now it's mostly under control. :P)

Where would you like to go today?

Love, Freedom, Truth, Beauty, how everything is vibration, Spirituality, the workings of universal energy, law of attraction, adventures out there (the world) and in here (my mind), music, guitars, music,Burning Man, Nowhere, tantric sex, jamming, making music, singing, nature, doing things in nature, living in nature, being creative, long haired men, intimacy, libertinism, swinging, orgies,exhibitionism, kinkiness, fetishism, dominance, submission, extremism, long haired men, writing, poetry, new experiences, traveling by body or mind, being whimsical, new things every day, dancing, cats, long haired men, guitar players, open-minded, authentic, conscious people, people's secret lives, psychological voyerism, the great outdoors, long haired men, music, spirituality, evolution, cooking, cake decorating.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm Greek but I travel a lot.

I'm soon starting a series of workshops on Aural sex, how to use the sexual energy body, the polyorgasmic man, and voluntary orgasms at will.

I'm an indigo turning crystal. I live in endless abundance.
I'm done with having 'problems' in my life. Fuck suffering!
Now it's just awesome, blissful, inspired creation of awesomeness EVERY DAY, shared with blissful, amazing people who live the same way.
Ok, I wish. It's not exactly that, but that's the intention and I totally believe in positive thinking.

I am a Burner (as in Burning Man).

I used to have a band and now I'm looking to form/be part of a new one. I write music, sing and play guitar. Music is a BIG thing in my life. I'll say that again: Music is BIG in my life. I fucking love it and cannot live without it.
My cd is on the way, and my rock opera is going to be done one day.

I used to be a web designer, but I'm done with it now.

I'm an artist. Lately I've started working on 3D art (physical not virtual). And the thought of designing and making big art to take to burns makes me cum.

I connect with people. I find connecting with people on any level extremely interesting, as long as it's real. The deeper, the better. Seriously, if you don't want somebody to see your soul, don't bother with me. Or at least don't go to bed with me. :D

I'm open to exceptional propositions.
Really, if you have a good idea, tell me.
[I have YET to receive a mail with a good idea. I MEAN it people.]
If not now, when will you live it?
I’m really good at
(in no particular order)
Reading people like open books
Using my intuition
Writing song lines
Traveling extensively
Being cheeky
Being intense
Leaving people more kinky than I found them
Untieing knots
Doing magic
Aural sex
Knowing when you're bullshiting me
Foreign languages
Orgasms at will
Not being disciplined with my guitar practice (Man, when am I gonna make those licks work!?)
Being bitchy (usually with reason)
Being loyal (not sexually)
IQ tests
Giving my heart
The "Butterfly" technique
The first things people usually notice about me
My presence. If I feel like it, I turn heads. If not I can be invisible.
I'm pretty passionate about life and it shows.
I'm also pretty sexual and THAT shows. (When its awakened, because it has been known to fall into some very annoying hibernation periods occasionally)
I also usually have very red hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shortbus, Before sunrise, Before sunset, Blade Runner, The secret, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, all Monty Pythons movies and Circus, Underground, Waking Life, Natural born killers, Clerks I & II, True Romance, Limitless, Thelma & Luise, Der Krieger und die Kaiserin, Run Lola Run, Gran Torino, Fight Club, Into the wild, Underground, The Matrix, Secretary, The Princess Bride. And I can OF COURSE recite all three Star Wars movies by heart (the originals, cause the rest is crap).

Choosing movies is not an art. Watching them is.

Star Trek, Dexter, True Blood, House MD, Californication (as far as word-wit goes, you can't do much better than this), Heroes, Fringe, Lie to me

Aaaa, seriously!!! All of it?
Just to give you a clue (in no particular order):
The Doors, Johnny Cash, Avett Brothers, Hank Williams III, O.C.M.S., David Bowie, Metallica, Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, Type O-Negative, The Mission, Tiamat, Megadeth, Pearl Jam, Black Keys, Green Day, New Model Army, Deep Purple, Iggy Pop, Soundgarden, Mick Harvey, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Savatage, Nightwish, John Frusciante, Eluveitie, Bjorn Berge, Seasick Steve, Robert Johnson, The Earthbound, Placebo, Dead can Dance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Air, Linkin Park, Loreena McKennitt, lots of Greek shit, like entehna and classic rebetika, Bach, Motzart ;P
Oh and Britney Spears. Yeah, she's actually cool. Live with it.

Generally Rock, old Country, Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, the Blues, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Indi, 60s, 80s, Swing, Acoustic, Ethnic, Irish, Salsa, Tango.
And the music I write.

Terry Pratchett, Tom Robbins, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Reimond Feist, Barbara Hambly, Bukowski, a bunch of crazy analysts like Froyd and Lacan, Poetry, I used to enjoy Castaneda, and lots of other stuff. Oh, Tolkien & R. Feist, of COURSE :P

Anything cooked with Love, Fruit juices, Fancy salads, Meats with sweet dark sauces, Sushi, Thai, Sweets, Beers, Wines and Espressos, Teas, Ethnic or Local. Ever trying new things.
I try to be mostly vegetarian, but I generally fail.
Six things I could never do without
Knowing about the law of attraction and source.
Long haired men
Good & Kinky Sex (with above)
NB: Good sex -even a 1 night stand- involves chemistry, some heart, some soul connection and nice cuddles afterwards.
Free expression
Burners & Burn events!
Rock and metal music
My guitar
My laptop and some wifi (ok I can live without it but I'd rather not)
Breaking rules and norms
Shit, how could I almost forget: CATS!!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I am an omnipotent being and I create my reality every moment with my belief systems, thoughts and emotions.

Burn events, Burners, Burning Man.

My next song

The meaning of life. I know there isn't one, it's only what I make of it so I think about what I want to make of it.
---UPDATE---: Not anymore. I got it :P

Long haired men :P``

How I shape my own reality (because I do so consciously or unconsciously), how to do it effectively the way I like, and to overcome my programming for misery/difficulties/problems, and also how to put this fact across to people who have not already got it (like, MOST of them).

The fifth dimension we're in after 2012 passed.


Energy (as in: 'everything is energy') and how it's shaped by our interactions.

How people feel, how they experience things, and how they relate to each other and to me, what energies they exchange and what are the true meanings of the words that they say. Every motion and word is an expression of something that is not always readily apparent, but is the root of that expression. And THAT interests me the most.

Psychological voyeurism.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually I am all days of the week, not just Friday night.
It happens sometimes that I'm not, but I'm trying to cut down on that, it feels weird.

'Typical'. Bheh.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hahahahaha!!! I'm an EXHIBITIONIST dudes!
Ask an exhibitionist about their private things! This could probably be the longest text field in this profile. But I'll have pity on you :) I'll only list a FEW.

Sometimes I'm seriously scared of things.
I usually don't let it stop me doing them.

I'm extremely hard to tame.
But if you do, I'll be yours forever.
Otherwise, you'll have a blast with me before I fly away into the sunset. Or we become best friends and cook pancakes together every thursday evening. Whatever. :)

I often feel like saying "I love you" very quickly to someone. That "I love you" is unconditional and does not carry obligations.

I wrote this test.

I find some sort of perverse satisfaction in re-editing my profile every now and then. Oh, and I'm NOT embarassed I have one.

I'm a geek. I may not look like one but: 1st pc was Spectrum ZX, Tolkien high priestess, knowing Quenya & Sindarin, know the Star Wars movies by heart, PC RPGs for 18 hours straight, table RPGs for years (20sided dice ROCK, don't they? :P), had an Eldar army Warhammer 40k. Self taught professional web designer. Paintball and Laserquest...
And I've been a fetish model and a hot ass chick. How cool is THAT. ;D

I like knitting.

I ridiculously keep on believing in Soulmates.
Again, really.
You should message me if
-You're gonna write me MORE than 2 lines and say something interesting about you.

-You have long hair.

-You have long hair and play guitar.

-You are into Tantric Sex.

-You have a proper PHOTO with FACE in your profile and you don't send a one-liner. They DON'T work.
Two-liners don't work either. Duh.

-You mention the word "sapiosexual" in the msg. AND show me in some other way that you've actually read [part of] my profile.

-You're in an intentional artistic, eco-community with poly people and there's space for more amazing people there. :)

NECESSARY things so I'm interested in you erotically:
-You have long hair and you're a musician (preferably a guitar player).

-You're INTELLIGENT and perceptive. And emotionally mature. And long haired.

-Don't be fat. Fat just doesn't do it for me. Or old, or bald, or grey-haired. Yes, I'm that shallow. Live with it.

-Don't have a [big] beard! I HATE BIG beards. I don't want to date an orthodox-priest-looking guy for christ's sake. It's disgusting. Who knows what lives in there! (Unshaven is ok, even sexy, and JUST SOMETIMES short beards are fine.) And you're long haired.

-You're driven, you want to accomplish your highest potential in this lifetime and be the shiniest you that you can be.

-You are high on sensuality and have SOME understanding of Tantric sex, or willingness to learn. And long hair.

-You're kinky and partially dominant in bed. I get bored with vanilla people. And you have long hair.

-You're open minded. REALLY open minded. And long haired.

-You're a happy, positive person. Miserable and whining doesn't do it for me. And you have long hair.

Optional things, but highly recommended: :)

-You KNOW (or at least you suspect) that you create your own reality, and that there are no victims out there. And you have long hair.

-You're a BURNER!!! :D (if you're not, google "Burning Man")

-You think that living with your partner in a house with a few other awesome, beautiful, sensual people sounds like a great idea.

-You're in a libertine/swinger couple/circle/network with beautiful, intelligent and deviant people - preferably with long hair. Yes I'm talking about people who like to have sex all together. Yum.

-You have long hair and you're a rock/metal/blues guitarist or bassist (that doesn't mean I'll be erotically interested in you, depends on our chemistry of course).

-You're a band member looking for a female singer/music writer/rhythm guitarist.
The two of us