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My self-summary
Everyone is normal and everyone is unique. I don't think I'm an exception to this rule.

If life was divided into a three-legged stool comprised of "home", "work", and "relationships", I'd say in general I'm doing really well on two and mostly well on three. I love living in London, been here almost ten years now. Nice little flat in Hackney which I adore, watching the gentrification is a fascinating added bonus. Doesn't mean I don't aspire to live in other parts of the world, if the opportunity comes up, but I love London as a base. I also love it as a city, and I've lived in a number of cities. I'm a committed urbanaist.

Work and career have always seemed to fall into place for me. I was lucky enough to find a career path that I enjoy (architect/urban designer) and I think I'm reasonably good at it. Currently I'm pursuing a PhD at Cambridge (thanks recession!), and I hope to move into University teaching/consultancy in the future. So far so good. No complaints. My work can be time consuming occasionally, but I work to live, not the other way around.

I have a wide and varied group of friends. so in that respect my social life is good. I always seem to find myself out and about meeting up with someone. I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings in general. I get lost in large crowds and large parties, or maybe I'm just shy in those settings. But obviously I'm here on this site, so my relationship leg isn't quite where I want it to be yet, but I try to stay optimistic, and certainly appreciate all the wonderful people I have managed to collect in my life.

I enjoy books and movies, theater and shows, museums and art exhibitions, television and music (more on some of that below). If I had to pick a single passion to highlight out of all my regular interests, I'd say it was food. I love exploring new cuisines, new restaurants, learning about food, and trying things I've never had before. I enjoy cooking- and do a monthly dinner club with a bunch of friends which is tremendous fun. I recently ate at NOMA which was an amazing experience, but I'm not a food snob. I love haute cuisine as much as I love street food and certain fast foods. Basically, if it's good I like it. If I've never had it before, I'm interested in trying it. And if I continue to enjoy it, I might learn to cook it.

I'm American, but ten years in London so now I'm British too. But really, to British people I'm definitely "north American" though back home they now think I sound a bit foreign.

I should mention that I tend to have high match percentages with sexually adventurous, kinky or polyamerous people. This is because I'm open, adventurous and kinky- and that is an important aspect to my personal make up, particularly on a dating site. However, I'm monogamous and not looking for casual connections or secondary connections. I fully believe in a richly fulfilling, loving, kinky and adventurous sex life within the context of a serious monogomish relationship. Call me crazy....

I am good at word games, sometimes, and sometimes not
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to ensure that I enjoy all of the things within my control, and spend less time fretting about things outside of my control. Refer to the three-legged stool analogy above.

Currently I'm finishing a PhD. I could bore you about my topic: Why the English planning system is keeping people from improving the energy efficiency of their older buildings. But I won't. I'm writing-up now which means I'm crazy busy, but at least the end is in sight... But now I need to think about a real job!

Otherwise, I try to learn stuff from time to time to various degrees of success (French, sailing, guitar, scuba, amongst others). And I'm probably planning a trip somewhere. Next up is Cape Town and maybe Greece later in the year.

I try to look after my health by cycling sometimes, going to the gym sometimes, and as much as I love food, finding ways to eat healthily.

Basically, I'm trying to live my life in a way that will leave me with few regrets, and many great memories and experiences. Oh, and doing it in a way where I also feel that I haven't compromised anyone else or the planet* by doing so.

*I'm not a crazy tree-hugger type, but I do care a lot about global sustainability issues and have some entrenched ideas about ways that humanity needs to change. Blame the PhD.
I’m really good at
Finding things on the internet. Seriously. I can be insatiably curious.
The first things people usually notice about me
I imagine it's my curly hair. That or the wicked glint in my eye...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) I have so many books it would be impossible to call out every favorite. The PhD is not helping with this endeavor, nor is my beloved Kindle. Generally I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy but then I also read fiction and classics. I hate Dickens but love Tolstoy. Margaret Atwood is always thought provoking. I've never read a Murakami book- just haven't gotten around to it. Some obscure or not so obscure other favorites include: the Griffin and Sabine series; The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books; Green Metropolis; my signed copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day (it says, "Thanks for the information on chicken sperm"); my watercolor illustrated version of The Nightingale and the Rose; various art, photography, and architecture books; and assorted books of written and illustrated erotica.

(B) Here's what comes to mind in no particular order. Raising Arizona. The Color Purple. Tampopo. Secretary. Dangerous Liaisons. The Princess Bride. Baraka. The Pillow Book. Hero. Lost Boys. Beetlejuice. Empire of the Sun. Chasing Amy. Clerks. Spirited Away. Juno. Fargo. Silverado. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Farewell my Concubine. Star Wars 4,5, 6 (lets not talk about 1,2,3). Pretty much most things by Werner Herzog.

(C) Shows come and go... The Returned, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Black Mirror, Sherlock, Being Human, Misfits, Six Feet Under, Alias, Dark Angel, The Daily Show, CBS Sunday Morning. Pretty much any property show or cooking show. Come Dine With Me will always amuse me.

(D) The only radio I stream is an American holdover- and their World Cafe CD's are my mainstay. Some particular favorites: REM; Ani Difranco; They Might Be Giants; Toad the Wet Sprocket; The Eagles; Pink Floyd; Travis; Ed Harcourt; Old 97's; Emiliana Torrini; Goldfrapp; Pulp; Green Day; The Offspring; Muse; Johnny Cash. And many many others. I am keen on intelligent lyrics, and angsty folk singers.

(E) Food is a passion in my life, and I love most of it. My favorite cuisine is Japanese, but I love most cuisines and it would be silly to list them all. I try to choose local, organic, and sustainable. I also try to eat more vegetables/vegetarian meals because I think it's better for you, but I would never be a vegetarian. Dating a vegetarian for me is slightly tricky although do-able. However, dating a judgmental one is impossible (been there, done that).
Six things I could never do without
I'm fairly certain we could all do without a lot of things we think we can never do without, aside from the obvious death inducing ones.

Let me change this question to say I would be incredibly sad if I were ever to lose these possessions: my accumulated journals I've been off and on writing in since I was six; my first teddy bear; the last birthday card I got from my Aunt; my Audrey Kawasaki prints; the CD cabinet I made from scratch; my great grandmothers wedding ring.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. It's a curse, apparently. Trying to think about nothing, now that's hard!
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying myself one way or another. Life is too short to do otherwise!

Although every other Friday I'm on a train heading back from Cambridge to London having spent the week there. Scintillating, I know!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's plenty of tidbits in the questions and tests if you're curious and diligent.

Even though I consider myself someone who works in creative industries (although the PhD is slightly a side track) I'll admit to harboring a hatred of Mac products. I think this is completely logical, and I am not ashamed. ;)
You should message me if
Gentlemen, let me first say, I appreciate so much that you've gotten this far in my ramblings, I really do. And I don't want to be a downer on a first impression but let me just say one little thing: if you can't be honest about your age, I guarantee that if you ever need to tell me you lied about it, it's not going to be a fun conversation for either of us.

With that silly unpleasantness out of the way, the more pithy answer would be:

You should message me if something up there inspires you to, most certainly. If you are not afraid to fall in love, but also don't necessarily think it happens on first dates. If you are food adventurous. If you are passionate about something in your life. If you own a passport. If you are London or Cambridge based. If you love cities. If you have plans to take over the world. If you have super powers. If you are from another planet. If you know how the f* magnets work! Aw, go on, surprise me.
The two of us