38St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
--Ill be at burning down the river july 10-13. camping/floating/burner event. if you want more information... just ask. great place to let loose and have fun. if a ginger can float down a sunny river.. you can also!

Thank you all who have voted me one of the better looking on the site. Email that I got from OKCupid is copied below. It really did change who I am seeing on this site, and who sees me.

I am just moving back to St Louis from KC. I bought a house and am here to stay.

I am me. I am a nerd. I enjoy things that make you think. I dont watch much TV, all that many movies, and usually just my IPod in my car for music.. selected from the last 50 years (or so) of music.

Also, I am getting back into running and biking. I am looking at doing a 6-7mth trip down the appalachian trail. I love being active, and need people around me (platonic and otherwise) that can keep up.

I am ex army. Chem corp. Ft Wood.

My love languages are touch and quality time.

I need someone around that knows what they want. Leeches need not apply. Idiots need not apply. I am sure this list will grow as I get all kinds of great mail from the general public again.

I try to enjoy every day. Life is too short to suffer in vain.
What I’m doing with my life
Contributing to society, my communities, and being a decent human being.
I'm working in the research field doing contract work all over the United States. It pays decent, it is low stress, I can take 4-6mths off a year if I want... and no one suffers but me.
I’m really good at
(my pic) = good-looking

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The first things people usually notice about me
Hey, look! soulless ginger kid!! (when in fact we get a freckle for every soul we steal). Add that to being 6'4" and I get noticed a lot.

Hopefully after that, they start to see my silly side.. enjoy it.. and then slides into who i really am. A thinker.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I read non-fiction boring stuff.
Movies: I dont see that many, but gladiator stands out.
Tv: I watch entire seasons of a show worth watching usually. But big bang theory, mythbusters, Dexter, and Spartacus give you a feel for genre, and prove im male? I also have a soft spot for what not to wear.
Music: I like off the wall picks. something that picks the mood up, happy sounding and has lyrics i can understand and dance to. (ie Dean Martin)
Six things I could never do without
Your beautiful smile? maybe... I hope. ;)
Coffee. Lots of coffee.
Mental Stimulation.
Small luxuries.
Dry socks.
Open minded people that like to exchange ideas.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
hmmm I wonder if shes on FL?

ok, seriously.
robbing this section to add in something that is getting on my nerves. I am in the physics field. That does not mean i want to discuss time travel, worm holes, other universes, or string theory with you. I love that you can show an interest.. but if you aren't going to understand the math behind it, don't ask my opinions. Same for army worshiping/bashing conversations. Yes I was in, no it isnt a big deal anymore. Ill bring it up when the time is right.

What I do love to talk about. This part seems only fair since I am taking things off the plate. I am newly back to St Louis... tell me about some of the fun places you have found, places to shop, eat, and have fun. Not only will I learn about the city around me, but will get to know you at the same time! Or take the time to talk about yourself. I am a great listener. (OK so i might talk a lot also.) You could just talk about your day. I can deal with the occasional vent even. Conversation should be fun and light. Keep in mind that the goal is to get to know each other enough to meet or move on. If we aren't clicking for you, feel free to move on :)

Other topics as I think of them:
running/biking/hiking trails?
piano bars?
Cheap places to skydive?(maybe not cheap.. but affordable)
local bbq places? Best I have found so far is Jack Stacks.
Your small group of friends that could use an extra for almost anything fun. except poker for money.
Anything about you that would make for a fun story.
On a typical Friday night I am
welcome to introvert lane. I can be easily convinced to go out to something that sounds fun to me.. but night in are preferred.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am looking for boring. Time to get my businesses back on track and that involves more education. yay?

Im a kinky poly burner, that likes casual sex, but also loves to do totally non sexy things.. like city museum?

If looking for dirt, I am pretty open. Talk to me for a while, and I am sure you can find a juicy bit that would be all yours, and not shared with the whole world.
You should message me if

if you are looking to get to know me.
You want a new friend.
You want to verbally joust and have a good time with it.
You want to help give me an opinion on some new jeans at the mall.

Dont message me if:
You are just looking to be rude.
You cant drive.
You cant dress yourself properly for an event.
You don't understand what classy is.
You are only looking to talk online. (I am a busy person and looking for real life face time)

Looking to have some fun this summer. This includes but not limited to some outdoor activities: Camping, hiking, light biking(i have 2 that need to get used), winery trips, card or board games, maybe even skydiving.

I am poly, and have a serious gf that I live with. We arent looking for some 3rd for sexy time. I date. She dates. If our hanging out becomes dating, so be it. Feel free to be blunt in what is on or off the table, or ask blunt questions. I am very open and honest.

My big negative. Ill save you all a bunch of time right here. I work out of town. Usually for a month at a time. Then I am lining up my next job by driving all over the US. If I am in town, dont be shy. If I say I have very little to do all week, that really is your opening to kidnap me. USE IT :)
The two of us