26Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I love learning and understanding more about the universe around me, from the stars, to smallest of natures creatures and that is why I am pursuing the sciences and philosophy.
I like to know how things work but am not ignorant to its beauty and am not hard core in the way of not having anyother interests, i do ha.

I try to open every part of my mind up and so I like to travel a lot and love meeting new people and seeing how they view the world. It amazing me, other peoples points of view, how other people minds will interpret something, yeah, i love listening to peoples views, really do.

I wouldn't call myself spiritual but I follow my mind and what I'm interested in and it takes me to some interesting conclusions and areas of study and further thinking.
I am a very 'aware and perceptive' 'determined and passionate' oh and I don't call myself 'spiritual' as to me it sounds to.. 'wishy washy', and means different things to different people.

I love nature and am passionate about various environmental and other issues, same with animals and animal rights.
I also enjoy photography and stargazing, uh..sitting under the stars in the garden and falling to sleep..well...untill the rain wakes you up haha, but some how makes it even more beautiful.

I would say I am the type of person with their head in the clouds, but also has their feet firmly on the ground.... and not just because I am tall;-) ...haha...yeah that was a bad one ha.

I like cooking and experimenting with different flavors. I also enjoy writing-stories and poetry.

I am quite mature for my age to say the least, but don't mistake that for a lack of humor or not fun to be around or like to laugh, I have, I am and I do.

I have so much to say but would hope to catch an eye and talk direct, in any capacity, friend or more. A written profile is nothing compared to actual conversation. so say hi ;-) , you never know.
Oh and I'm not..I think a lot.. I'm not one whos happy all the time, yeah, not depressed just...think a lot and sometimes thinking about somethings can makes you realize how small everything really is, and what really matters, and yeah, thinking about the points of things a lot, thinking that maybe there is only a point if you want there to be one.. (yeah..I'm just gonna walk away slowly and hope you still read on...)
What I’m doing with my life
Currently studying for a future job in Physics or Psychology....and having fun alone the way.
I’m really good at
Being myself
-May sound obvious but I so many people need a wake up call, just existing-not living or being themselves and just following the crowd, very sad, i mean whats the point in that. Just look at the majority of 'kids' today, 'cos thats what they are, not all, but most-wow-speechless, there are a lot of idiots out there, but not all like i said, there are those who are out of the crappy link most people seem to get attatched to....say hi!! haha.

No but I would like to meet someone who feels the same, it can be hard and alienating to be yourself sometimes but its the only way to be right.

I'm good at listening and can keep up with most conversation topics.
I can put a dish or two together..well...you can be the judge haha, not saying i'll cook...ok i back track a lot to haha.

I have both a logical and creative mind so am good at the sciences and like to think about the 'bigger ideas' but also love to paint and write. And smile. And frown.
The first things people usually notice about me
I guess my smile, quietness and general reserve, but when I get to know a little about someone and find a commom talking point or simply if in good company, then I will open up and can be the one who actually carries the conversation.
I would say, introverted with an underlying confidence that only shines through the more I get to know you, but don't mistake that for being submissive or overly shy, like i said, i gotta shell, but, dont most people, at least with some things. My shell is just ...where am i going with this, i have no idea..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well I follow a vegan diet but don't think it can not be very tasty.
Yes you have to try a little harder with the dishes but there are a lot of substitutes and if prepaired correctly, the natural flavours speak for themselves. I hate tofu-see ha, yeah at the moment im not super hard core, I like chocolate and candy, i like that word, 'candy', but yeah at the momnet im not..well i dont eat meat fish or eggs, milk...argh for now yes, yes i do.
I really like movies that make you think, but also just fun films like, well ask me.
Music-varied, you would have to ask.
Six things I could never do without
The night sky
Good company
Good conversation
Getting lost in thought
---and getting lost in wales...yeah no thats something i could do without..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wow, everything, really, we would have to talk...everything from what if the universe is like just one atom of many making up a table leg of a higher plane of existence!!......to...wouldnt it be cool to visit a purple elephant zoo on the moon...yeah I know...wouldnt that be awesome.
I feel 500 years old to be honest, I mean, mature and wise ...despite the purple elephant thing, just thought I'd say.
On a typical Friday night I am
If its a night in-Cooking some good food, sit down with a good book or movie, talking about everything and anything with someone, laughing to and look forward to dreaming.

If its a night out-I don't go out on typical 'friday nights', its just not for me. Time with good company doing what we decide to do and then probably head back with friends and enjoy some food watching a movie.
You know, its more exciting than it sounds, really it is and its not always the same. It really depends on the company you know and where we are.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
careful..jeeeez i dont think so ha
but then that sounds like there are a few things...damn
You should message me if
Like the general sound of my profile and just want to see what happens, just talking friends or eventual dating, lets get to know eachother and see, best way.
Well only way, 'k Im leaving now.
The two of us