58Etters, United States
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My self-summary
Well" I"am"What' I" am"- and-I" know" who" I" am"-and- I" Like"Who' I've become" love my Harleys" and searching for adventure"...And Horney" Women!! LOL"!!!!!! -- ( Just" Being" Witty"& Jestful").. So" don't ' go off yer" Rocker""
What I’m doing with my life
Livin" It"!!! Bay"Bay!!!!!--With" No' Regrets" Life!! Is Short".. & Working" of course"! & Riding at least' one of my motorcycles" ( Like" my Wide'Glide") The,Best"!! When weather Permits" going to Rallies" charity Rides"etc.. Love" cooking for people" ( gotta'admit! ) I'm ,One bad ass" Hombre" in the Culinary" Field" but" I'll say no more about" That" one may' find out on their own accord"!! Fishing" skiing" tubing" both Water/Snow" 4 Wheeling in My Full Size" 1982 Bronco Snow Mostly. Most people have a hard time Climbing up in it" Ya' gotta" be athletic"! But it is a Hoot"!!!
I’m really good at
Being' a standup' kinda" guy' and being There" When" Needed' and When asked for my advice"... I'll, Give' You".. A Straight' Up"!!.. UNSUGER" COATED"!!..Answer !!!..... NOT" TO' Hurt" OR" Hinder".. ( But" )... TO" Help!!... That" is What" a Real' Friend is Supposed" To, Do!!.. Be There!!.. Not' let" you, Fall".. Nor'.. Let, you make, an Ass' of yourself"... We are all Trying" to Get By"!!.. On" This, Blue!!..Marble"!!.. So??.. Let's Get" Real!!.. And Pay" it Forward" with" One' Another!!!!.... That's" just" me!!.. Though"... ( you know what I'm sayin?)
The first things people usually notice about me
My, Tattoos' And How' Good" I" Smell" .... I" Travel, a lot" and have an exquisite " Collection' of Fine scents" that not everywhere" can be purchased !. and am known" to design' my own fragrances " that drive women Wild" to the point they gather' to smell me"!... I' tell them" I Taste-Even'-Better!!..( LOL"! ).. But" my sense" of humor' and ability' to hold conversation" on about any Level"!! Reciprocity"!!- you would never Expect" a Tattooed" Harley Rider" to have any of these Traits".. So?.. Never" ASS-U-ME" Anything" or Judge" Untill" You Actually" Meet" And Talk" To Someone"!!-- You' Can Pretty" Much! Tell" if Someone" is Full' of Bullshit" and Trying' to Pull" a Fast" One!! -- Oh".. My" Brutal" Honesty"!!-- I" Don't !!--Sugar' Coat" Anything"!!-- It" is! What" it" is!! And Is!! Not"!! - What" it" is!! Not!!.-- ( you" ) Wouldn't " Dive " into a swimming pool" that" hasn't any water in it" just because" somebody SEZ" Yeah"!!! The Water!! Is Just" Fine!!!-- NO"" You' Look' For Yourself"... And' There" you, have it!!!..TA-DA"!!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music" Vast" Variety!- definitely " Rock"!-Also'alternative"music" /80s Hair Bands" also hypnotica"like"Deadmau5"..etc.. And southern Rock" Biker" Boogie" Bands!-Bluegrass"Footstompin"Music" Cajuin" and modern rock bands " godsmack" Seether"Korn" nickleback" Caged Elephant" kings of Leon"ETC... Too many More to List!!!...( movies ) Fear and Loathi
ng in Las Vegas! All Pirates of Carribean movies" green mile pulp Fiction' Book of ELI" Borat" gangs of new York" All 3 Friday's movies" Euro Trip" Jay&Silent Bob movies" Hitch Hikers guide to the Universe" tombstone" Lonesome Dove Series" Deadwood" HIDALGO"American Pie" movies" V-For Vendetta" TOO" MANY" MORE" TO LIST"!!
Six things I could never do without
2. My son' ( 21 yrs. Old)
3. My two Harleys" ( NEED )..MORE!! LOL!
4. Women" That" enjoy"the Lifestyle" of Harley"Freedom"-And- actually"GET' IT!!!!
5. My Brothers" IN ARMS!!" - I" Myself" Served"- FREEDOM" ISN'T"!! FREE"!!!!!
6. My ANCESTORS" Cherokee" and Irish"!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Got too many things to do places to go"
I' Don't Have" that' Unemployed" Type of Lifestyle" Where" I' Can Just Sit Around"And Think" About shit" --
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to have fun" sometimes" I Just"Chill"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Yeah" Right" on the Internet"!!-- Are? You" Insane"!!????
You should message me if
You" aren't superficial" nor " stuck"on yourself"- and Think" your" ALL!-That!!... Cause' Let! Me! Tell"!! YOU" SOMTHING!!.. You are UGLY!!! INSIDE!!.. And!!.. OUT"!!!...IF" You Carry" That, Mindset"!!-- This" is Real" Life" not" a Harlequin" Romance" Novel".. So" get your' head out of your Ass".. And Let's" wake up!.. And Get back" to The Real" World"!!.. And Be Real" People" ONCE'
Again".... That' makes for a nice"
start"!!.. ( don't cha" Think?? ).. I' Reply' only to Those" with Recent Photos .. Of- Yourself!!.. NOT" Your Pets!!.. Not" Your kids" House". Etc... Etc....Just' You" And I' Reply' Selectively " Just' be Yourself' and be Realistic' Try' it" For a Change" you may" even! Like" how it makes you Feel".. Peace!!..
The two of us