30New Haven, United States
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My self-summary
My profiles long so this is the summary for those that really don't wanna read it:
I'm honest (with tact), awkward, sometime dry and juicy, better in person / over time. I flirt after I get to know you a bit.
I don't drool or beg, so if you come to me thinking what you have (physically) will make me bend, it wont. But I do appreciate.

(there are lots of crazy people especially guys on this site)


more to come.

↓This stuff need a bit of an update↓

...1 month later...

I am a recent college grad, actor is my trade. forever a Gamer, I'm laid back, I have a lack of caring for drama off the stage so rarely will you find any around me if I haven't squelched it already. I tend to not judge(everybody has come to were they are for some reason), I'm an affectionate guy that likes to help.

I'm not really articulate on this about me thing, I am who I am and that might mean different things to different people, what I see myself as may not be what you see, so I always go the way of "experiencing a person" to really know. Really all this does is build expectation for something and that could very well be disappointing and would serve nobodies purpose.HA

one thing I am sure of is, I'm a dork, dweeb, nerd, geek, fairly awkward and good at owning it and something else in that bin. I'm also a bit of an idiot... I make no claims that smart things will come outta my mouth or mind.

I am Creative, Affectionate, and Intelligent?.
What I’m doing with my life
I wish I could just leave this at "Stuff" and if you don't like to read much... you can just stop here.

Working and looking for work

Finding plays and movies or small projects to get into around the CT/RI/MA area. Spending time with my baby brother, driving around, listening to music, playing video games, mediating and helping my friends problems go away lol. Looking for a good meal to eat or make. Other Various things...
(Update ↓down↓ below!)

LIKE~ Self teaching ... myself... things that interest me, now that I'm done with college telling me what to learn, I'm getting into things like... Music production, DJ stuff, Languages (I have a knack for them when I focus, currant focus: Mandarin), Self teaching architecture (that may lead to disaster, and I nonchalantly stress "may"), interior design, Cello and many other things... yeah... I find the time where I can... sorta like coins in a couch... really however, I have plenty of time on my hands.. >.>.. I just get quite lazy and spend a great deal of my time theorizing and analyzing stuff... I also work out, not at a gym, at home and not extensively, who said a nerd/geek/dweeb/lame ass /whatever else I am/am not/don't really care cant have a good body to match that strong brain? (all a work in progress)

(But whats this?! Another Career!!?)

I recently became a Real Estate Entrepreneur (Realtor) so I spend a lot of my time doing things like helping people buy, sell houses or rent things (I do that too).... Fun. Seriously tho, come to me or refer me to others, and I'll love you. (I love most people anyway soooo... no pressure)

I tend to keep busy now-a-days; I like a challenge~

Why am I doing these things? I have a few and many goals these things (all of them) help to support until achieved.

P.S I always have time for people. My goal (one of...) is to become proficient in many things while maintaining my "human" touch
I’m really good at
Making something out of nothing, video games, conversation, debate cuddling, chilling driving, being awkward, not bragging like this section kinda wants me to do..... (yeah being a smart ass but its playful) ....ummm . Smile making, finding solutions, having something good to say when needed, having some thing to say at the wrong time but somehow making it into something less wrong (works around 70% of the time)....making a fool of myself (great at that!)..... pointing out/being "that guy". I'm sure I'm good at more things>.>
Like sword fighting? Possibly other things that I should not say in public places.
The first things people usually notice about me
My energy I guess.

But I'm a person that, I feel is better understood after first glance. I feel its that way with many people but there are those that the first impression is all you need (even though that's no excuse not to look deeper). For me, I cant live like that. I am flexible and expansive, one day I'm an unstoppable champion, other days I'm the guy in last place (and that's ok, its how life goes).

I appreciate people that get to know me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
HA. Love music,
Food: I'll eat almost anything and I love to eat.....
Books..... I need to read more of them, I like books that teach me something, I don't really have time for recreational reading although I wouldn't mind getting in that after I finish some things (goals).
Movies... I like some based on individual merits I cant think of a mind blower atm. BUT, for a gist of things run down, I enjoy Anime, it seems to be my favorite, I enjoy most stuff on Adult swim, (what can I say I like all types of humor including dark/twisted/black humor) I'll watch anything, I mainly just have an issue with "chick flicks" (doesn't mean i wont watch them begrudgingly) I will stand my ground on that topic, we can debate about that later but for now, that's that.
Music, everything, trust me, you name a genre and there will be something in there. I have much to say about music but I figure I shouldn't write it out here lol
Six things I could never do without
1. Oxygen
2. Food
3. Music, when that stops, life stops.
4. Humanity
5. something....
6. something else....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The world, the next big thing, food, my next move in life, what I dreamed about last night, whats going on at that very moment, eating, video games, baked goods.
On a typical Friday night I am
My life usually doesn't follow a pattern.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
...I love to cuddle? Alas I am a man that knows how to tame his wants.

oh and if I had to choose Velma > Daphne

If these don't tickle your fancy, just ask me something~
You should message me if
If you wanna get to know me cause explaining myself here really isn't working out.
You're cool. Even if you think you're not, you're cool based on principle of modesty.
you wanna chill
you get the urge to run through the woods with Bean-bag tipped Arrows every once in a while

~Doesn't hurt to say hi~
The two of us