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My self-summary
I send my plea to find my angel maybe you will be here but along my journey called life I hope to encounter many friends along the way. This ad will be fairly long if you take the time to read it you might find out we have maybe much in common or perhaps one of you will be a very lucky lady. A friend once told me that you cannot save the entire world so maybe its I who needs saving so I will tell you my story and if you decide to respond then I would value the beginning of what could be a wonderful relationship. I am sure if you get to know me you will find me to be a very interesting if not great guy but understand I am not your typical soul I am very deep and have layers to me.

Currently I live in Las Vegas I was staying over a year ago near the Sacramento Foothills when I ran into some personal problems. I came to Vegas to stay with my ex and her family who in turn did some horrible things to me and I ended up with nothing the past year but poverty, broken heart and being stranded here. All my belongings are still in storage out there and yes I plan on coming back in a few months I have enough in storage to fill a house so it would be a great jumpstart for us both. I would love nothing more then to have someone when I get back out towards Central CA to spend time with or whatever happens would be meant to be. Although I am hoping to find someone who might come visit me prior to me coming there and perhaps we could find a way to be together permanently.

My life is very sad right now not even sure I want to talk about it because when it comes to telling others you confide or trust in people either shun you or they judge you. But I will give you the gist of it. I am pending disability due to a few physical ailments you would never notice by looking at me but I am often in allot of pain so yes women who are good with there hands is a huge plus. I cannot leave Vegas for a few more months till I wrap that up which should be Dec. 8th. I am also a single father and well my sons live with me but my ex is spiting me by taking my littlest boy and my stepson who chooses to currently live with me basically she is taking a chunk of my small family away:(. So the girl that I seek out must like kids because my ex does not want my 11 year old she calls him a retard and well I do want more kids in the near future. I know some women would love a guy to have kids with so I guess that is the perks of getting close with me is you know I already am a dad and willing to be one. Honestly if you already have a child its fine I am willing to take on a daddy role just do not want to have the same thing happen to me. I prefer a younger woman but ill get to that later in the ad.

Honestly if your looking for a rich guy you will not find it here I miss my things in storage and right now I need a supportive loving lady who wants to be my best friend. I drive a beat up car my ex snuffed me out so bad that I cant even barely drive my car it needs allot of repairs. I probably will get rid of my car and rent a vehicle in a few months to come out there. I cannot buy you diamonds but I can do sweet things like hug you when your baking in the kitchen, hold your hand, pick flowers for you, kiss you while watching a sunset, rub your feet, play games together and laugh as one. You will find out I am a very sentimental, romantic, sweet, affectionate guy and ill admit I am nowhere near perfect. However I want someone to love me for my imperfections also.

I am many thing an author, producer, paranormal investigator and twice a month I run my own adult paranormal comedy radio show online. I am striving to be a success but its hard especially when people laugh at you when you make break through research into UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot etc I have been on TV before and well this is what I do. The paranormal is a fulltime product of whom I am and I work hard at it trying to get my work out there enough to get on television or sponsored. I usually go out a couple times a month I do allot of extreme adventuring hence my current physical ailments I guess I been banged up over the years from injuries and things. So perhaps the woman I find has to be into the creepy things in life cemeteries...haunted houses...horror movies....ghosts.....the night etc. Of course its funner when you got a great girl baking you muffins and making you coco while your out in the cold searching for the unknown so as long as you believe in what I do that's the main thing. I plan on visiting allot of locations in CA once I get out that way permanently.

I am half Italian, German and polish. I originally grew up in Buffalo NY I am fairly well traveled visited many points of interest over the years. I am 6'2, brown gold eyes, 195lbs, 16 tattoos, eye brow pierced, very nice hands, strong legs, and I look much younger then I am. My hair is long I do sometimes color it green or black or blue. I am a semi goth black painted nails most of the time.... looking mainly look like a bad boy....I get quite a few women who tell me I am sexy who knows I don't feel it to say the least. I am eccentric...very openminded....call me a flower child whatever and I am 420 friendly. I love to toke herb and have for many years. Sometimes I enjoy a nice glass of wine or an import beer. I am not a religious person if you are that is okay. I am not innocent either unlike most who make themselves out to be ill tell you straight out herb, shrooms, an ice cold beer why not right:) but the best medicine I need is a good girl if they even exist anymore. I never had a good cali girl so I am hoping to find someone who can be my Cali Angel.

I am very diverse I like reading paranormal stories, cooking, hockey, stargazing, night walks, camping, hiking, fishing, erotic photography, romance, making love, horror movies, snuggling, coffee, hot cocoa, Italian food, amusement parks, Chinese food, concord wine, dark chocolate, rootbeer, chocolate milk, video games, ps3, children, park, beach, quiet times at home, 420, sex, NFL football, historical cemeteries, animals, kissing, air hockey, bowling, various beers, sexy dressing women, picnics, board games and so much more. I am not a lazy guy by any means although my various meds do sometimes keep me less active I am into so many things and just hope to find others to share them with.

I have a kitty his name is sneezer he has traveled the country side with me he is the family pet I call him my lion. I have no family other then my kids. I have two of my own sons and a stepson. My ex is probably taking my stepson and son away despite their refusal to be with her it sucks. Las Vegas is killing me and when you have very little money it can get rather boring here although its nice to experience it with someone you care about. I wouldn't mind finding someone who might come visit hell maybe get a place for a couple months here then leave me to go back out to Central Ca. My entire life right now is up in the air and hope that someone can take a chance that's all I really want.

The type of girl I am looking for is someone 18 to late 20's who is very very sweet, romantic, affectionate, down to earth, openminded, and most of all feminine. I like women who like to show off there legs and feet. Yes I am a foot and leg guy love a woman with nice legs and painted toe nails. I am not superficial but I am not looking for someone who is extremely overweight or a slob. Most of my life I been abused by larger women and I am done. I want a sweet, dainty, cute little flower I can pick up and hug its not much to ask. I am not saying you have to be a super model you can have curves but I deserve more then what I have been with my entire life please understand where I am coming from. I like girls with piercing's, tats, punk chicks, gothic girls and sexy dressing professional women. I don't really have a type I just want to find someone who fits me well ya know?

I love a sexy smile....if you have nice eyes awesome....long hair that I can brush. I want someone tender I want to be touched softly not looking for a butchy girl but at the same time I like a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty maybe do some off-roading someday together....fishing....camp out roast marshmallows etc. I do like my girls bisexual or bi curious as I am polyamrous. I am not a cheat just looking for an open girl to share the pleasures of life with I know women like you exist my guy friends have wives like this so why cant I right?:). You must be loyal as months ago someone I really loved cheated on me with some nasty dude and got pregnant possibly by him. So right now I do not want to rush anything actually I am deathly scared of getting hurt or my heart broke. So I need someone who is patient, understanding and is a good listener. If you sway towards the submissive side even better because that is what I want is to find a lady who can give me her body, heart and soul. I want all of you and in return you will have me forever I promise!

Another sad part of my life just being up front with those that respond is that I have known someone in CA for many years. We met this year in person back in May.....she came to Vegas things went well even introduced her to a girl I was dating at the time. Well the problem is she wont be with me I asked her a million times I get excuses tired of meeting women who string me along. She wont be serious with me she wont tell her family about me she never puts much effort into us and I feel at times worthless to her. She is very upper class and when I need her she bails. So the person I find must be serious I cant have somebody who don't give a care about the relationship. Half of the reason why im in this situation is because she was suppose to be with me by now and just keeps lying to me constantly. I want someone who is totally into me, wants to be with me, wants to make a family etc Im just being upfront so you know where I stand currently.

Now before I go on with I know my long ass boring ad.....I wont lie my walls are up. I am defensive I been hurt 3 times in the past year. My ex.....a girl I took in here in Vegas on myspace.....and of course the woman I asked to be with me. I really am not looking to be hurt so when you write me you have two choices we can be affectionate friends or you can decide if I am somebody you want to go deeper with and if you do its going to require ALLOT of effort from both ends. We can use the next few months to get to know eachother. I am not closed to finding a girl eventually to live with or even if someone wants to live here in Vegas for a few months. But my dream has always been to live just outside of Sacramento. I love the mountains.....the nature....the lakes....the woods....the fog....just everything about the foothills.

I know most of you will ask what my age is so ill tell you straight up I am 34 I am a Gemini a loner perhaps in the world. I know how to be a gentlemen as much as I know how to be a naughty boy. With me you get the best of both worlds. But deep down inside I really want to find my best friend, lover and companion. My dream is to visit my buddy in England and visit the Paris Catacombs...and go to a gothic club and pick up three vampire chicks hehe:) see I am a little wild but I ask is there a girl who is reading this that could love me for me? I am a real sweetheart a few lady friends in Vegas tell me I am a teddy bear. I am very trust worthy.....very down to earth and generally I love all women and respect them. I consider myself a good father I cook, I clean, I play football with my kids, I am a good lover in bed, fun to hang out with, very intelligent, easy going, fun to party with and I know one day ill make a great soulmate for someone.

When you respond keep in mind I like sweethearts...nice girls.....again not looking for a super model just a cute younger girl who would like to be a part of my small family and build a bigger one together. We can talk about us meeting hell maybe I can take a bus up there for a week or you can come here for awhile whatever but my end results will be me moving up there eventually after I handle a few things here which are very important its not because I want to live here serious.

I know this is a long shot if you want the truth I have never had a good girl in my life. I have always been the guy who has met some really awful women over the years. I wont get into it but lets just say I been hurt so much so so so much. I sometimes go to bed at night and I do shed tears real ones and right now in my life I am hurting. I feel like I got nobody who cares about me and yeah there are days when I just no longer want to be here ya know? But then I think perhaps their might be hope maybe someone out there needs me. I want to find someone I can make happy and that will value having me in there life. I want more kids...I want those wild sexy moments with the right girl....I want to stargaze and kiss for hours. I just want to be loved.

I know this ad is long but I wanted you to know what and who you are getting involved with. I swear I am not a hurtful man by any means. I am somebody you can take a risk with and if you do which very few women ever do the end results I promise will be beautiful for us both. I have a myspace with tons of photos of me again I am VERY real. Sorry I do not show my eyes very much if you want to see my eyes ill show them to you once you show me a piece of your heart does that sound fair?

I do not hold back much I just let it out and hold my breath hoping for the best. I scare allot of people away women will always be afraid to take a chance with a great guy its a fact or its easy to judge quickly without taking a chance missing out on something that could be wonderful. I know that opposites attract so who knows maybe this will turn into a Cinderella story right?

I love to be loved and give it I am not some fat old bald perv looking to play games I really want to meet some new women from my ad. I am here to be loved and again make special friends along the way too. If you can open up your eyes and heart you might have what it is you seek. Feel free to respond to my ad I so hope I find my angel to embrace in my arms I mean the worst that could happen is we become friends right?

I am Sweet, Romantic, and Eccentric
What I’m doing with my life
I am an author, self producer, paranormal investigator and a internet talk show host to AngelOfThyNight Radio. Its all volunteer work then on the side I do some gigs but right now I am having problems finding anything. I do suffer from some recent medical problems which makes it hard to do the things I want to do like work a typical 9 to 5 job. I have plans to get my own paranormal television show someday and I would love to have more children. Life is to short not to live it to the fullest and the past year I been kicked down so low that trying to get up will only happen based on my dreams and goals to succeed! Of course I would like to be a world leader another dream which people laugh at me for blah!
I’m really good at
Playing Hockey, Comedy Relief, Special Hugs, Cooking, Making Love, Photography, Paranormal Investigating, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Video Games, Kissing, Fishing, Being Romantic, Snorkeling
The first things people usually notice about me
Are usually my tattoos or they get mad because I hide my eyes allot lol. I notice others notice my long hair or my nails. I am Gothic so my nails are black and long sometimes. If you like vampires you probably would like me but not all the time I look pretty good in a suit too. I stick out like a sore thumb no matter where I go people give me attention even at groceries stores. I have not had many women tell me I am unattractive actually women love my hands, butt and eyes. I do not feel all that sexy but I do think I got a very loving personality and I am a good guy you can trust but do not take that for granted. I do not trust very easily at all.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I do not get much time to read I have such a short attention span always get sidetracked whether its my kitty....my sons.....music....whatever. But I do like to read paranormal articles. I heavily listen to gothic music....bands like Delerium, Enigma, Lacuna Coil, Amber Asylum, Namnambulu, Cruxshadows, Diary Of Dreams, Blutengel, Apoptygma Berzerk and so many more! I love horror movies but a good action is cool to. I guess that come with being a paranormal investigator type of thing. As far as food I love Italian Cuisine then Chinese Food. I cook allot for the kiddos and I we try to eat chicken....and various veggies with cheeses...butter and seasonings. I am a dark chocolate lover and love pumpkin pie. I love chocolate milk, rootbeer, various beers, wine and blueberry green tea.
The six things I could never do without
1. My Sons 2. The Paranormal 3. My Pet Sneezer 4. My Computer 5. Affection 6. Hopefully YOU
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being in Love!!! I wonder if at my age ill find somebody to love me as we get older we lose our grace and physique. Granted I still am a teen throb sooner or later its apparent nobody is going to want you especially if you come from a past like mine. I often think about the past just as much as I day dream about my future. I wonder will their be a future? Can I climb back up to the top? Will someone else hurt me like my ex of 11 years? I do not think you will ever meet someone who has been hurt as much as I have been. I watched a friend get killed......my ex ripped my son from me.....a girl I really cared about got pregnant and took off on me. I think about some days wanting to die because I have served to many lifetimes and wonder what is there left for me? More Pain? More Agony? Maybe someone has a better answer then the one I have calculated!
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually home if I ever go out on a weekend its to do some urban exploration, hiking, paranormal investigating etc Sometimes Ill go out to a pub for some wings and a brew but its rare unless friends invite me out. I am learning that I have to get out more if I want to meet others.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am very sad! Somedays I wish I was dead! I am not a druggie but I am totally a Marijuana and Shrooms advocate to get it legalized. I have experimented a little bit. I am a leg and foot guy. Chances are if you dress up sexy in stockings, heels, sexy shoes, painted toe nails etc you can seduce me to know end. There is very little ill say to a woman who likes to look sexy just for me. Lastly you should know I am Polyamorous do not get me wrong I am not a cheat its just that I have spent most of my life having two lovers together and apart. Its easier for me to find a bi girl that does actually allow us to both have connections with other likeminded women. These are just a few private things and I tend to scare most way but the woman who wont be scared will be the right one for me right?
You should message me if
you are looking for companionship, love, intimate fun, want to hang out or get to know me. I know I have said allot in my ad but seeing a photo or ad does not define who the person is. I generally love all women but I am more attractive to sweet, feminine, silly, down to earth type of girls. I would not mind finding a good girl but at times you cannot always be to serious so if your just looking for a friend that you can get into a little trouble with drop me a message. I do not know how long I will stay in Vegas so for now Ill continue to meet others here and eventually in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. I like women who are sexy dressing professional women, gothic girls, punk chicks and basically most women who can hold a decent conversation. I like younger women 18 to 20s but like I said ill talk to just about anybody. Asian and Oriental women especially message me because you girls are dolls. I think what will grab me more then anything is if you are a NICE warmhearted and romantic lady. Its not easy finding women who have a passionate side to them nor is it easy to find a girl who likes poetry, cooking, children and who want to honor the man they are with. I have spent a lifetime trying to seek out this type of woman does she exist? I do not know I been burned!