27 Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
Hello and welcome to my corner of Okcupid. My name is Alex. I am a dj right now I only dj online. I do however sometimes dj in Ybor. I can be a loud or very quiet person depending on my mood. I like to go to The Castle Fridays and Saturdays to dance. I also work the ren faire. I love the medieval times. If you must put a label on me most would consider me gothic which I am not. I am myself and my style of dress does change sometimes. Though I mainly wear tripp pants. I am outgoing and love to talk chill and listen to music as well. I'm very open as well if you want to ask me anything go ahead and ask. Oh I also tend to be brutally honest and blunt. So you may not like everything I have to say. Which if I offend you I am sorry.
I am Hyper, Sarcastic, Weird, An Enigma, and Friendly/Outgoing!!!
What I’m doing with my life
Traveling with the ren faire seeing the country while making money doing what i love to do. i'm also currently working as a dj..
I’m really good at
Dancing, Playing video games, Live action roleplay games, etc...

Writing... Here is something i wrote:
I Am The Devil Of Pain And The Angel Of Sorrow...You Call My Name Like It’s Nothing You Look At Me With Empty Eye’s You Leave Me Full Of Pain And Longing You Act Like You Don’t Know You Act Like There Is Nothing There You Call Me Thinking I Will Always Be There What Will You Do When I Am Gone And You Remain.....i’m used to the pain it’s so dull it never goes away it stays with me like a bad tattoo always there to remind me of what i could have had or what i fucked up why it happens all the time i think i am immune to the pain now the pain has become so dull it feels as if nothing matters anymore so why do i continue on when all feelings are gone i do i keep on living when it would be so much easier to die for i already am dead inside the candle is out here is no way to relight it for the pain is dull and there is no love if theres no pain....and the many pains i know that linger in my heart rule over me hiding me from the rest of the world i fell like dying i wish the angel of death would come for me and take my soul to where it belongs i don’t belong on the planet of the living i deserve to be in teh depths of hell my heart has been broken many times by the ones i love i have hurt myself to protect the ones i cared about there are so many things that hrut me and rule over me not eting me see the rest of the world it keeps me locked away like a dagger in my heart the only light i have left is my gf it shines there like an inspiration to keep me living the only thing i have to look forward to yet is so far away and my heart grows darker and the pain grows even more hiding me yet ever more in the darkness of pain and sorrow like a pit of spikes that have landed in does my heart feel pain never knowing what is next never knowing what is going to happen and what might save me what mght lose me forever i know not yet try to live in an unforgven world dying as the light grows ever dimmer wanting to see the world yet locked way by pain i know no such thing as life yet my body walks among the living while my soul is locked away forever more never to be seen again by the likes of anyone unless there is that one person who can heal my pain i hope she knows who she is....Another day another time this pain may go away but for now its all i got so i’m holding on so i’m not forgot it keeps me here it keeps me alive and it helps me thrive and go on for another day why stop there why not jsut keep going as the pain grows deeper making things more real see things in a new way pains all i got left and it what i’m meant to live for pains the one thing that i got to keep me alive pain is what i need to thrive pain is all pain is none pain is absolute without pain there is no gain without pain we may not surpass what we used to be withouth pain the worl would seize to be so grab your pain and don’t become another stain look at things aother way the pain will clear your mind and open your eyes to the way things are.....
The first things people usually notice about me
Is my Eyes... Or how much of a freak i look like..
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I can't stop thinking about my friends, music, and the Renaissance festival.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am at the industrial club dancing my worries away..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've Loved Lost And Loved Again... lol anywho That is not so private wait until you get to know me then you will learn more.
You should message me if
You Are A Freak, Gamer, Nerd, Into BDSM, Or If You Want To.