33Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a geek, 75% gentle giant and a Montana boy whether I like it or not. I love language, writing, cooking, learning, making things, fixing things, and a good beer.

Anti-intellectualism, deception, malice, and that minute I have to wait for things to cool after the microwave, all frustrate me to no end.

Apparently I'm an ENTP-A, according to a 15 minute test.
What I’m doing with my life
I've been in Portland about a year. I moved here from Montana to go back to school and bring my software company to a more, shall we say, fertile environment for growth.

Life takes some interesting roads, I'm learning when it's good to be in a hurry, and when to take my time.
I’m really good at
High fives, reading people, communication, writing, sound effects (I'm highly motivated by sound effects).

Knowing the difference between argument and debate.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm 6'6''... so there's that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any light sci-fi for brain candy, more in depth novels for actually delving into a story and learning about writing. Dune, Ender's Game, and The Name of the Wind come to mind.

TV: is escapism for me. So shows that make me laugh like Archer or Futurama are great distractions. I save Star Trek for laundry folding days. I can love and appreciate a show like Breaking Bad or any of the other well written shows on right now, but they take some investment that I haven't had time to give so far.

Ninja edit: The Newsroom on HBO is fucking fantastic.

MOVIES: My suspension of disbelief knows no limits. It has to suck and suck hard for me to not enjoy a film. Usually if that happens, a movie is so awful it can be ridiculed for a different type of entertainment.

MUSIC: I think I need to take a break from twang and sob stories, no country for this young man for a while. I also think that most popular rap lacks any substance. Good blugrass? Something indie or ambient? Bring it on.
Six things I could never do without
Books, Home cooked food, the internet, dreams to follow, women, places to explore.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The world, the universe, and what I'm doing in it.

How that is both stupid considering my infinitesimally small role in the universe, and completely legitimate considering I'm as much of it as anyone else is.

Now that I'm in Portland, if I meet someone it's likely they'll be vegetarieeegan or something. How the hell am I going to cook for that person? Do vegans cook or are they powered by nuts, berries, and sunshine? Maybe they're powered by turning other people vegan...what happens when we're all vegan? Does humanity end by starving to death?

Vegans are trying to end humanity.

Also I just discovered Trader Joe's. If you haven't been, you should go; it's amazing. I realize that I'm likely the last person on the planet to lose their TJ virginity, but this fact is clouded by the raw excitement of how great it is and I want to spread the word.

I got to the cereal isle and realized I'd never seen any of the brands before, and they were all earth-tone boxes that contained something other than science-puffed sugar. I think it took a moment for my brain to register it as the cereal isle. Apparently this moment had me standing there enthralled long enough that a nice lady came over and offered to help me pick out a cereal.

Put me on a mountain in a blizzard and I'll find my way home, put me in a discount hippy grocery store and I turn into Forest Gump.
On a typical Friday night I am

If not I've likely gathered a small cadre to go find a watering hole. Or we've brought the beer home and are playing Cards Against Humanity.

Or plotting world domination/saving , annoying my dog, and writing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I recently learned that bacon is pre-cooked and therefore not a bacteriological disaster similar to raw chicken. I've been essentially flame-throwing my kitchen after cooking bacon for YEARS. This new casual approach is so much better, and makes bacon even more awesome. I didn't even know that could be a thing.

Other than that? Not much.

I'm not exactly a wealth of dirty secrets, but this is not the venue for private things. What might be there can come out in conversation. This is not conversation.

Edit: bacon is CURED, not pre-cooked. Don't be slurping that stuff down raw just because some guy said something stupid on the internet.
You should message me if
You like words followed by action. You value spontaneity. You can hold a conversation.

You know what wry means and your face has expressed it at least once in life.

If you hear the word adventure and immediately have a brain full of verbs and places.

If you like touch, read voraciously, know interesting places to explore in my new city and want a partner in crime, a running mate, a fellow beer critic, or to play in tide pools.

Or if you want to send me cut'n'pastes of the most spectacularly stupid messages men have sent you. I've heard horror stories and I'm idly curious.

(Late edit: this last bit....oh man. Some of the things you've sent me, Ladies. I'm....I didn't have a hand it it, so I'm not sorry. It's more continual amazement at your collective ability to put up with male bullshit.)
The two of us