55Ithaca, United States
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My self-summary
To ALL interested Men: Please READ the whole page because here is where the most important information is on me. If time is short then at least read the summery and the What I think about part for those two sections sums it up. Do not bother with the Rating system because I noticed that it is misleading.
I am single (never married). I am retired. I am politically in the middle "think WWII". I am an FDR style Democrat, registered independent, meaning I believe in all the domestic programs for the poor and a strong infrastructure with a strong military and intelligence community. I believe with the correct policies we can have both with out selling out our nation if we only thought holistically about National Security. Religiously I am eclectic. My religious influence is from Christianity, Free Masonry, American Indian Shamanism and others. Please be patient, this is my first ever computer dating attempt. I am looking for a retired male because I hope to find someone to share my life with and someone who has time for me. I am interested in a retired CIA Case Officer who would want to stay in shape. Retired Military Intelligence, FBI, Police, Navy Seals, Special Forces and the like would also be cool. I can include the working as long as you do have time for me and do not resent the fact that I am not working. I wish to include people anywhere in America not just the Ithaca area since one town is too limited a search.
My reasons for wanting a CIA Case Officer are the retired are your "Old Guard" CIA or even "Ground Floor" CIA. These guys see things in wholes. They do not see the world through a straw. They balance opposite extremes of gentle and harsh and they know when to do what. Here is where "Zero, Dark, Thirty is not accurate because they only used harshness. They are loyal, patriotic and money is not the reason they went into the CIA. They also, back in the "Old Guard" "Ground Floor" days helped the smooth running of America and protected the borders right here at home. They did not just go over seas. They performed duties right here at home and knew us Americans well. They helped Americans have good will towards each other. They were a "Secret" glue holding America together. This is a very honorable trait. I wish here to add a link, that probably will not act as one on this site. It is to a very important article I wrote on News Vine called; "The Way We Were, Ground Floor and Old Guard CIA. This article sums up me and my most cherished beliefs so if you are interested in me, click and drag over this "link" , copy it, then paste it in your browser and it should take you there. Here is the address "link":


I decided to add my article called; "Mercy, Love and Healing For The CIA". This article goes hand and glove with "The Way We Were, Ground Floor And Old Guard CIA". Reading these two articles should tell you who I am and make it easier to decide whether you wish to contact me or not.


This says it all. If any one here wishes to help me with my help the CIA than spread this article far and wide across the net and it should help. Thanks.
What I’m doing with my life
I am retired and hike the trails and gorges of NY state finger lakes region. I am just getting back in shape after 6 years of care taking my aunt. Due to the fact that I am new to NY state, I have to get used to hiking/ camping all over again because Florida is flat and NY state has mountains.

I added a short film on my Facebook page of me in the Cage of Death for any interested male looking at my page.

GUYS please note: Even though I would like to be in shape, I have not yet arrived. Looks are not important. Tall or short is Not important. Fat or thin is Not important. Rich or poor is Not important. The most important thing is we are soul mates. All else comes later. Men you Do Not Have to have that "Perfect" body of the Weight lifter magazines look. I hope this helps to clarify things.
I’m really good at
political activism but I am now retired from that. I read a large verity of books, the Abraham Lincoln school of learning. tried all politics ranging from the far left, to the far right to the middle.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first things that people usually notice about me are that I am animated, lively and well read.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
CIA inc. by Fred w. Rustmann Jr. Elite Senior Intelligence Service CIA retireed, The Case Officer by Fred W. Rustmann, Plausible Denial by Fred W. Rustmann, JAWBREAKER By Gary Berntsen, Human Intelligence, Counterterrorism,& National Leadership A Practical Guide by Gary Berntsen, The Walk-In by Gary Berntsen, The Art Of Intelligence, Lessons from a life in the CIA's Clandestine Service by Henry A. Crumpton. The Craft Of Intelligence by Allen W. Dulles. Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors by Carl Sagan, Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, Einstein by Walter Isaacson, Once upon Einstein by Thibault Damour, Stonwall Jackson's Valley Campaign, The Long March, The Selected Works Of Mao Tse Tung, Hitler Born At Versailles by Leon Degrelle, Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, Animal Speak and Animal Wise by Ted Andrews.
True Lies, James Bond (Sean Connery and Roger Moore) Rambo, Last Samurai, Space Balls, MIB all 3, Star Wars series.
Cosmos series, Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, S.W.A.T. and all 70's cop shows, Mission Impossible the TV series.
1970's Rock. Fly Like an Eagle, Secret Agent Man, The Spy Who Loved Me, Dream On, Come Together ( the Aerosmith version), Stair Way To Heaven.
Chinese food.
Six things I could never do without
Clean air, Exercise, Access to nature, Love, Synergy and intelligent conversation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The CIA and how to fix it. Thanks to a very informative article by Fred W. Rustmann Jr. called "CIA Harmed by Reorganization". I got very interested in saving and fixing the CIA. Mr Rustmann is Elite Senior Intelligence Service CIA retired. Another thing I think about is Covert OPS. This goes hand in glove with fixing the CIA. For those who are unfamiliar with Covert OPS, here is a link where Mr. Rustmann explains it and it's purpose.

Please Note: The link is to a very conservative news site. I do not share most of their views. The sole reason for this link is to let you hear the LIGNET, Rustmann interview. The link did not take for some reason so you will have to copy/ paste in your browser.

I think about OPSEC a lot. OPSEC stands for Operational Security. I learned about OPSEC by a group called opsecteam.org They are a watch dog organization to help stop National Security leaks. These honorable men would be nice to date if they are single. I belong to this watchdog group as a civilian sympathizer. This web address you would have to put in your browser if you wish to look at this honorable organization.

To ALL CIA people both Retired and still working. I made this Photo Shop picture especially for YOU (CIA). I hope this warms all your hearts and boosts morale. My cousin helped me with the Photo Shop by teaching me how it works. The concept is mine and the labor I put into it. I wish the CIA will heal it self and rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix. Of course this new rising CIA will be Autonomous from politician control. Best wishes Loretta


I hope this works because this picture should Warm ALL your hearts. I hope to SHARE this with the Entire retired CIA as well because it is for BOTH Working and Retired CIA to enjoy. It is an art piece and as such there is symbolism included. Many things are symbolized here. My deepest and best wishes for the CIA are symbolized here.

I think a lot about Politics and many different religions. How to view the afterlife and evolution on earth. I have thought a lot about physics and how the universe ticks.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night I am usually home enjoying a DVD or reading a good book. Obviously if the right guy comes this routine could change.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I decided to leave this blank.
You should message me if
Message me if you understand that HUMINT is the most important part of Intelligence gathering and you understand that all electronic intelligence is not to replace HUMINT. If you are a Geek Intelligence person who at least likes and respects those who work in the Field. I can respect IMINT, SIGINT and MASINT as long as in return you can respect HUMINT. In today's world I understand the need for LOVEINT so I will not feel insulted if you did your due diligence before contacting me.
I would like to E-mail each other first so we can get to know each other a little first. This will avoid the "dead air thing", (wink). If you are from another state still E-mail me and talk because I knew a guy from Florida who found his true love in Virginia so I am open to the whole U.S.
The two of us