27Pittsburgh, United States
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My self-summary
So I have decided, rather than write a super long detailed breakdown of my life, I am going to fill this section with questions for you to answer. My reasoning for this is as follows: you can write your entire life story in this section, we can have every single thing in the universe in common... But still not be able to hold a conversation with one another. Conversely, we can have exactly nothing in common but end up with the single most functional relationship in the universe, simply because we were capable of talking to each other.

Pick any (or all) of the questions and send me a message with your answer. Bonus points if you ask your own questions.

1) If you were to wake up male, tomorrow morning, what would your itinerary look like for the day?

2) You are paired off with Spock for some sort of activity. How does his penchant towards extremely logical thinking affect your ability to work? How does it make you feel?

3) You wake up on a barren lifeless planet, completely alone. You come to realize that you have the power to shape it to your will (in an impossibly finite amount of time... Like overnight). Describe in vivid detail what your planet would be like after you made it to your liking.

4) Physics, as we know it, has gone on hiatus. Magic and super powers are common place. What would your title be? To what end would you be working towards?

5) You have acquired a time machine / spaceship combo (not a Tardis). You have been transported a long way back in time, to a galaxy far away. You find yourself Force sensitive, what side of the Force do you fight for?
What I’m doing with my life
Working my awesome IT job at a non-profit, studying for my certifications, and people watching on Tinder and this thing.

Trying to find material to go photograph with my camera. Rolling around with the cats. You know, standard human behavior.
I’m really good at
Computers, electronics, other puzzley things... My hysterical dry humor!

Staying calm in crisis situations.

Listening and problem solving. I love puzzles and I love helping people.

Worrying about how the universe is going to end in heat death in billions of years. If not that, being disappointed that I'll never walk on a different habitable planet.
The first things people usually notice about me
The single most prevalent answer to this, that I have received, is that I look like I'm terribly deep in thought and would hate to be bothered. Only half of that is true. I dare you to find out which.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter, Foundation series, various reference books, Dune (only the first one... the later books scare me), Sherlock Holmes series, a collection of H. G. Wells, Star Wars, etc etc etc...

Movies- Cloverfield, The Fifth Element, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Up, Inception, Princess Mononokee, Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Super8, the list goes on infinitely...

Shows- Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, FLCL, The Venture Brothers...

Music- Between the Buried and Me, Black Label Society, Chiodos, Circa Survive, Cohead and Cambria, The Darkness, Flux Pavilion, Every Time I Die, The Fall of Troy, He is Legend, Horse the Band, The Mars Volta, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, Reggie and the Full Effect, Richard Cheese, The Sound of Animals Fighting... All sorts of other classic rock, prog rock, metal, etc....

Food- Pizza, Watermelon, Strawberries, Sandwiches of various types, Reese's Pieces, Reese's peanut butter cups (the mini ones mostly), Butterfingers, Steak, Pulled Pork, Potatoes...

The list goes on in every category but I'm not looking for a someone to catalog all my stuff or a nutritionist. Introduce me to some of your favorites and I'll return the favor.
Six things I could never do without
1. Computer (Less so than when I was younger)
2. Cellphone (More now than ever)
3. Iced Tea/Lemonade
4. Gravity (I hear muscle deterioration is a bitch...)
5. Oxygen (another cop out)
6. Questioning everything. (Everything everything)

If you want a more serious one, Ellipses.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Computers, Electrical engineering, 3D Printers, Possible Electrical projects, Computer programming, quantum mechanics, non-euclidian geometry, philosophy.... Nerdy stuff... 8/

People!... I spend a ton of time trying to figure out how people work. So far I have been extremely unsuccessful at imitating normal human behavior.

The economics of online dating.
On a typical Friday night I am
Currently?... Working. My purpose for being on this site is to help fill my free evenings. I don't drink, so I'm told that I moved to the wrong city. I'm hoping someone can prove those people wrong.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am an open book, ask me literally anything at all... Seriously... Only one secret (not bad... Embarrassing). So ask away.

My mind functions in a fascinating way. Literally.
You should message me if
You want to jam to 70s and 80s rock (Boston, Heart, Etc...), take pictures of the stars, and/or run around like a crazy person.

I'm pretty laid back and always up for a good conversation so shoot me a message and lets see what happens.
The two of us