36Louisville, United States
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My self-summary

**Guns are a deal breaker. That amendment should have died out with the American Revolution. I get it if you are in the service and/or you hunt properly. I still won't live in a home with them.**
*ed. 12/04/2015 I wrote the above LONG before the events of this past year. in light of this past year, I feel even more strongly:

**Please know that I do not use A-List--if you "like" me, I will not know. Just send me a 'real' message already.**

**Not a fan of beards. They are generally disgusting. Just groom and shave already. I am not a twenty-something hipster.**

Yes, it's effing sad that I need disclaimers on here, but it's from experience...

**First and foremost...if you're going to message me, please do better than "wats up," "how u doin," "what are you up to" (at 6:30 or 7am) or any variation of that. There's a damn good chance you won't hear back from me if that's all you can manage. **

**Secondly, being bisexual in no way means that I have any interest in getting involved with a couple as their guest star in a threesome fantasy. Do not send me solicitations to be your third, please.**

Finally switched to a vaporizer instead of cigarettes, but I vape 0mg. Cigarettes can gross me out at this point (yes, I get how that's a bit hypocritical), so you won't get far without at least some mouthwash if you are a constant, daily smoker. I have been known to 'steal' a smoke or two if I am out having a super drinking night, but those are few and far between.

I'm a bit of a conundrum, but somehow that works for me. I like a pretty large variety of things, and I'll try most anything once. It's fun to surprise myself and I have certainly learned to laugh at myself. I am a very graceful klutz. I can't live without music and dancing, even if it just takes place at home. I love my little brother, but a character in one of his shorts was wrong when he said "Milli Vanilli in your bedroom is NOT an ethnic club!" I dare you to make a club in your bedroom!

I tend to think too much which is both good and bad at times.

If you think that there is something wrong with empaths or that we are not as strong as everyone else, please don't even bother with me.

When I was very little I refused to wear pants except for on my head and then spent about the same amount of time refusing to wear anything but.

I am very much a sap and also very much okay with that. I think I have teared up at every episode of Extreme Home Makeover that I have seen.

I was out of the US for the entire second half of my 20s...and even after being back for 4 years I'm finding adjusting rather difficult. It's odd being where I grew up again, but feeling homesick a lot. Hopefully that will subside, but there's now another home that will forever be a part of me.
What I’m doing with my life

That being said, BLACK LIVES MATTER. SHOWING UP FOR RACIAL JUSTICE. If you can't learn to get down and awake to that, then please do not even waste a second glance on me, because we cannot even work as acquaintances.

Occasionally finding a use for my BA in psych and still haven't given up on the 4 and a half years I spent in art school. I miss my darkroom and being able to find the 'right' kind of wire and moulding plaster. Ace Hardware Pool City, Baer Fabric, and Tandy Leather all being gone has been extremely hard to take.

I wear contacts most of the time, but if you see me without glasses, it doesn't mean that I can see you.

I'm constantly amazed and amused by things I quietly took for granted before. Like clothes dryers. It's truly odd the things that I could and couldn't find in China... (add to that deli meat, shoes and pants that fit properly, aloe vera gel, garlic salt, raw almonds...)

However, I discovered that I actually like scrambled eggs, mushrooms and offal. Still won't do curry, cilantro or Indian food in general.

I go through bouts of trying to cut back out and/or reduce my intake of certain foods/ingredients. I do best cooking for myself...but brilliant restaurants are worth indulging in.

I used to live a large portion of my life online. The easiest way to explain what I used do would be to say that I was an Internet strategist. However, I only do that for a select few from time to time any more. I now work as a social worker/case manager for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. It's a TON of work, but so worth it. I am extremely happy to finally have a job where I am working to help people instead of working to make money for someone else.

I like to make things. And I always listen to music and dance randomly and shyly trying to convince myself that no one is watching.

Trying to get to a gym more often. Thought having one that is open 24 hours would help with that, but didn't after 6 months. Joined a better gym…but then they were bought out and went way downhill. I go to one near my office when pain doesn't prevent me. Attempting to master a yoga trapeze mounted in a doorway now :-/

I can be very word-oriented. I believe that action and non-action can speak just as loudly as words. There are a few words that would be nice to all but eradicate from the dictionary, or at least change their general usage of. I'm a fan of respect for others' beliefs, and if you ask me to stop saying a particular word that you find offensive and/or damaging, I would hope that you would make an effort to stop saying it so much around me as well. In general I'm pretty literal. It's probably not a good idea to look for 'hidden' meanings in what I say or make assumptions.
I’m really good at
laughing, untangling things, dancing with myself, but not so much at dancing with people, cooking, knitting, making odd things, driving, being adaptable and rolling with it, making all sorts of mashed potatoes and fudge.
The first things people usually notice about me
would be my eyes and my booty...less so how truly shy I can be.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love sandwiches more than any kind of food. Giving up my tastebuds' love of wheat in favor of my body's dislike of it is not easy and does not happen as much as my pain management doctor would like.

I'll read at least 100 pages of anything, listen to any song twice, and watch at least 30 minutes of any movie. I don't play favorites, and I like to give most things a real try before writing them off.

I am very addicted to So You Think You Can Dance.
Six things I could never do without
music, quotes that stand on their own, essential oils, a good hoodie, hugs when i deeply require them
I spend a lot of time thinking about
work, the state of the world, art, books I've read, trying to get past the occasional writer's block, wondering if I am ever going to adjust to living in the US again.
On a typical Friday night I am
lately just working, but I make it out to various places if I hear of something worth checking out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that I was adopted at birth and feel very lucky to have been. My family is amazing. Sometimes the universe corrects itself and the results are as they should be.

i sometimes watch very silly stuff on belated TV. i can't help but be occasionally intrigued by what fictional people experience when it's vaguely based in some bit of truth. and i'm simply addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. (yes, i know i already said that)

clearly i have issues with being redundant... especially on days when i forget to put my brain back in.
You should message me if
you actually have something to say. If you just send me a message only saying "hi," (or a variation of that and nothing more) there's a good chance I won't reply. Same goes for redundant questions. If you don't have time to at least skim my profile, then I probably don't have the time to reply to you.
The two of us