56 North Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Hello handsome, "FIT", successful Gentlemen. Seeking straight, clean and sober, funny, fun, successful, strictly non-religious and non-smoking partner who has wheels (dealbreaker) with no pets and grown kids (or none like me) - totally free, who lives nearby so we can see each other often. You're loyal, loving and kind, like me. Forgive me if I don't respond - just see it as win/win as you don't want someone who doesn't want you equally in return. The reason is irrelevant and I have no time for non-possibilities. I'm strong, healthy, fit, fun - a professional Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer/Recording Artist and Teacher (of all those), as well as a certified Tennis Coach (I don't compete anymore and play just for the love and Zen of the hit.) I own my condo - been here 18 years and love it - great location - there's no place like North Van. I want to travel with you. I don't fall into bed quickly nor easily. If it is true that Friends can be lovers but lovers can't be friends, I really need for us to be Friends first. I'm old-fashioned in the ways of courtship. I will make you #1 one and want (and need) to be #1 in your life. Prefer a non-drinker and a man who knows about healthy nutrition - no junk food junkies please. I have a guitar collection and teach from home; teach both guitar and piano and sing jingles and recently another TV commercial. Member of the Actor's Union as well and preparing to get active again. Recent hobby uncovering ancient native stone tools I plan to donate to the Museum of Anthropology. Love comedy - South Park is brilliant; stand up; I enjoy giving the gift of song but not really interested in jamming if you're not a pro (I protect my voice for my profession.) Near daily long power walks in Lynn Canyon around 8k. Life is good. I live with gratitude and smile at strangers. Alone but not lonely (except for brief moments). Intimacy and romance would be lovely. Want a man close to my age or younger. Ideally no kids but I adore all kids. I love my students and teach from home. Live just up from the Seabus. I need a man who can be with me without having to answer his phone. Respect. A man who is impeccable with his word and who wants to be my very best friend and lover. Eventually I want to be under the same roof and bonded in marriage 'til Death do we part. I want only one loyal man to The End.
What I’m doing with my life
Music is a J-O-B and a very difficult one to stay on top of. It's extremely hard to make what I do look easy and I need to rehearse a lot and work a lot on charts to stay performance-ready for any given type of gig. I am focused on health and friendships; fitness and peace. You can learn more about me at and if you search You Tube you can see and hear some of my videos - one called FREEDOM for our Troops, Veterans and families of The Fallen in thanks for their immeasurable sacrifice. I've worked and written/produced songs for many Causes. I had a TV career and plan to launch an International Initiative in the future with one of my most popular original songs.

I'm writing all the time - "A Writer WRITES - Always."
I’m really good at
listening, discussing, kissing (long, soft, slow, meaningful), giving love, coaching and getting to the root cause of physical and emotional issues; knowing when I'm being lied to; (I study body-language and micro-expressions); coaching tennis; teaching music; performing and making love.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, smile, long hair and sense of humor. I love to make people happy. I have great empathy and compassion.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't eat wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar (rarely), alcohol, soy, pepper, prefer to avoid onions and garlic (not that I don't love them), caffeine (sound boring, don't I! Never been happier and healthier for giving all the above up, and I don't want to go back but for the rarest of occasions. I want SUPREME PAIN FREE HEALTH for the REST of my "LONG" life!

I love and perform over 500 songs that cross all demographics/genres - pop, rock, blues, funk, R&B, light jazz, light country (not traditional twang), folk, oldies, classic ...

Love all comedy shows; cooking channel; history channel; all great movies ...
The six things I could never do without
1. One of my nine guitars and voice
2. My smile and gratitude
3. Peace, Silence and Solitude in Nature
4. Long walks
5. Food, Water, Shelter - I'm Alive.
6. Laughter
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Traveling with the man I love - seeing the world, and giving my gift of music along the way.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I toke once in a blue moon. Quite enjoy it but don't like how I feel the next day nor the thirst/dry mouth it causes. I want to be and STAY completely STRAIGHT as I've haven't felt this great in years for choosing to be 100% clean. I just love the Energy I have again. "I can't be doin' what's right for you, 'til I'm doin' what's right for me." - R. Storm
You should message me if
... you read my profile and fit my Ideal riteria. I'm only looking for ONE amazing man and I don't expect there to be many who do fit my criteria, but I trust the Universe will provide. : ) I lean towards men who are very easy on the eyes, 5'10" and up; own their home like me; do not smoke and do not place importance on alcohol and other drugs. You want love more than an escape into these mind-altering choices.