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My self-summary
I'm married to a wonderful woman (firefalls on okc) with whom I have an open polyamorous relationship. We have two children with each other. "J" who is now 14 and rapidly becoming a woman. "K" who is now 12 and is one of the most amazing children I know. Neither of us have children by other's. We are actively seeking additional partners and cultivating multiple relationships. We have homeschooled for the majority of our children's school to this point. As of now, they are about to finish up their second year in the public school system here in Seattle. We traveled as a family for 3 years, prior to settling in Seattle, WA. We've been looking for home in various intentional communities and as of yet have not found it. We have met some very wonderful people along the way.

We are settling in Seattle, WA. We have in the past run waste vegetable oil in a Winnebago LeSharo straight from the grease traps behind restaurants (always gathered with permission and respect), because we had it converted by the great people at greasel.com [now goldenfuelsystems.com]. We gave away and left the Winnebago in Arizona in order to get my son to the Redwoods (a very magical journey). We used the Fire Drums event near Santa Cruz, CA to give us impetus to make the journey in a timely manner.

I am involved with Intentional Communities (www.ic.org), Linux (especially development of children's educational software) (debian.org is my current favorite --- although ubuntu.com is beginning to impress me, and I'm working on edubuntu), Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org), the Center for Sex Positive Culture (http://www.sexpositiveculture.org/) and following where spirit leads me to be.

I also have a complex HowTo out there on creating a Secure Boot CD system using VPN and custom linux boot cds...it's at http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/text/Secure-BootCD-VPN-HOWTO if you are interested in such things.

I am that I AM.

I am loving, joyous, and helpful
What I’m doing with my life
Supporting my family, and myself to live our lives to their fullest potential as best as I know how. For me this includes but is not limited to writing, testing, configuring and promoting open source children software. Learning to spin poi, fire staff and fire fans. Keeping in touch with family and friends. Settling the family into the Seattle area and finding new friends and partners. I'm involved with many Intentional Communities and hope to find a home in one in the future. I'm involved with helping several people convert diesel vehicles to run straight vegetable oil.
I’m really good at
Too many things to mention including all of the following: computers [mostly programming], working on cars, creating solutions to complex problems, loving, being a friend, playing music and logistics.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. With this profile editing thing you could tell me and everyone else what YOU noticed first.

What I noticed first was your GREAT laugh! Oh, and how strong your hands are.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So so many books....I've put some of them on my shelf at shelfari.com (http://www.shelfari.com/o1517813212/ will get you to my book shelf)...most recently read is Open by Jenny Block. I tend to Sci Fi and Fantasy but also read a fair amount of Self Help, How To, Computer, Relationship and Spiritual/Spirituality books. I find a very broad range of things interesting.

Movies I enjoy on occasion and two of my favorites are Princess Bride and Stardust...I like many others and I still probably haven't watched as many as you...I don't tend to watch TV and tend to avoid news programs due to the negative psychological affects of so much badness in the world, I mean how often is it reported all the wonderful things that are GOOD and RIGHT about the world...

Music...my tastes range all over...I can't say that there is any genre that I have no interest in. That said I tend to soft rock (mostly from the eighties), country (blame it on my roots and my firefalls :), new age spiritual and healing things, and lots of alternative. My current favorite artists (happen to be people I have at least meet in person ;) are SJ Tucker (www.skinnywhitechick.com--go buy her stuff it's worth it), and The Wetspots (www.wetspotsmusic.com)

Food--love to eat...allergic to pork and MSG so I avoid both of those...Oversensitive to many spices that are considered hot (jalapeno, habanero, cayenne, etc.) and at least one that most don't consider hot (cumin) so I seldom eat spicy food. Have been a vegetarian twice in my life and currently am not. Foods I really enjoy include traditional smoked salmon, quiche [and I make a decent one], lasagna [firefall's is awesome--someday I'll get her teach me how she does it], peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fresh baked bread, cantaloupe, black cherries, pizza. Like music, though, it really depends on my mood and what I'm doing [what I dance to is often different from what I will converse to or what I would like to play on my various instruments] what will be enjoyable to me.
Six things I could never do without
Don't know and not particularly interested in finding out.

Six things I love in my life are:

My wife, firefalls My daughter My son My body My mind My many senses
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Relationships and Logistics and solving various issues from the very personal to humanity wide. I just spent a great deal of timing thinking about dating and came to some conclusions relevant to my presence on this site. First a few of the definitions that I use 1) dating -- this means that I am actively attempting to determine if someone is a life-partner match for me by many many means 2) goofing -- doing things with someone in the moment that has no implications and leads to no expectations about the future 3) building friendship -- doing things together which create trust and mutual affection and desire to continue doing said things in the future 4) celebration -- very similar to dating in outside view or even goofing, I suppose, the difference being that it is what I do with my life-partners when we do something together to intentionally celebrate our life-partnership.

In light of these definitions, I am interested in dating and have at least one relationship that I would classify as between dating and goofing in the romantic arena. I am definately building friendships and goofing as much as fits into my life, and I am ecstatic to celebrate my life-partnership with firefalls on a weekly or more often basis. I would be delighted to find a boyfriend and/or girlfriend to fit into my world.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical in my life at this time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not a particularly private person, at the same time if you don't ask I'm not likely to tell you unless I deem it relevant to our relationship.
You should message me if
you wish to.
The two of us