47San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
*Living with someone and soon moving away with them to start a new life (i.e. family)* thanks for all the emails. : )

I am spaceward bound.

I am an activist. Forever curious, inquisitive, positive, and loving. I prefer to make a difference rather than talk about it.

I am a postgraduate student living in another country and loving every moment, experience, and new adventure that I discover. I am following my dreams, passions, and creating what I want out of life. I take an active role and am usually the one to volunteer to get things going. I am exuberant, energetic, and learning to be empathetic . . . dare I add, and extraordinary. I am probably more than most people can handle.

I want the most out of life. I want to wake up to someone loyal to me. As I am very loyal and once I have fallen in love am very committed to do whatever it takes to create a meaningful, loving, and lasting relationship. I want children, family, traditions, closeness, connectedness, and empathy to always be front and center. I admire people who have close relationships with their immediate family and show love and appreciation with ease.

It is important that we remain self-aware and be honest with ourselves.

My greatest fear is mediocrity.

My favorite things to do are blow bubbles, fly kites, blast off rockets, ride a vintage bicycle, picnic in the hills, and walk along the beach.

I would add that I greatly enjoy empowering others.

My current focus is honing my inspirational skills to communicate to the general public the importance of exploring our Solar System. I want to create the next generation of spacefarers, specifically Marsonauts, the first humans on Mars. This is why I teach science primarily. I know, I'm out of this world.

If given the choice on whether to inspire or educate, I choose inspiration because that lights the fire under someone to want to know more.

Desire is everything.

Kindness rules.

I believe in the possibilities.

Tell me what CAN work.

I am exuberant, energetic, and empathetic
What I’m doing with my life
I am a teacher and a space advocate. Much of what I've been doing the last 8 years has been continuing a life long dream to further space exploration. I have been a part of it from teaching space science, throwing space parties at Chabot Space and Science Center, to lobbying for the Moon, Mars and Beyond initiative on Capitol Hill. Which was won in '04. I've done research, attended lectures (the most fun was @ MIT), and have given lectures on space. Even going so far as to become the Director of PR of a non-profit space advocacy organization and getting myself on the steering committee in my spare time. [Update: In 2009 I was promoted to Executive Director of my organization and I am honored to move us forward] When you believe in something so greatly you are willing to do whatever it takes. I continue my work as a Science teacher with the goal to inspire young minds about space. I am finally doing what I have always wanted. I have my own classroom inspiring the minds of young scientists and surely future spacefarers.
I’m really good at
I have other pursuits as well, such as how to play the Viola da Gamba my favorite renaissance instrument, and get a Bernese Mountain dog and name him Ares or Cosmo. I haven't decided yet. Aside from being passionate about my work, I also love to play. I have traveled to many places but still have some to conquer such as Egypt, China, and Iceland. [Update: I stayed over in Iceland for 4 days while on my way to Glasgow! Loved it!] I love to travel and explore and I am ready for any mode. I have dry camped for 3 weeks in the desert as well as stayed in five star hotels while zooming around Europe for a month in a new BMW 650. I think living in California (my hometown is Silicon Valley) is incredible, especially along the coast such as Big Sur or Mendocino. It is something about the cliffs that make those two places so magical. I suppose I should add Ireland to my list to conquer.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and my smile.

I do my best to smile at everyone. No kidding. It's my personal endeavor.

My curly hair! Which now, because I currently live in Glasgow, has become a daily part of my life. I have always worn my hair straight and loathe my curls. Everyone else loves them though and I am hoping as I am getting used to the drizzles here in Glasgow that I learn to embrace the frizzles.

I should also mention that people often comment on my positiveness and can-do attitude. I tend to surround myself with like-minded people too. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fav book: Canticle for Leibowitz (witty and funny). Fav movie: Soylent Green (SPOILER ALERT!: Soylent green is people). Fav music: I'm well rounded here, BUT if I had to choose: anything by EBTG (Adore Tracey Thorn). Fav food: vegetables and fruit, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian (typically anything spicy).
Six things I could never do without
I've dry camped for 3 weeks straight - I can do without many things - evidently.

People who are positive, kind to others, and mostly to themselves.

I cannot leave the house without a book! If I am waiting in a queue you will find me reading it. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Science and space exploration. Philosophy of Science. How to better communicate to the general public about our future on this planet and becoming spacefarers. Mars and our star the Sun.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading. Since I am a student again my reading schedule has tripled! Still working on that MSc. I graduate in June '11 in Glasgow Scotland.

Working on a presentation, education and outreach, or my new company. All focused around Mars.

Focused on Mars. I am a marsonaut (mars o' nut?!?), what can I say?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I married okcupid member phenomenology on Jan. 8, 2010. We are currently separated, pending divorce, and will always be in each other's hearts❣ We remain best friends and family.

I continue to learn and grow as I make mistakes (I've always told my students it's okay to make mistakes as that is how they can learn) in my relationships. Right now I am working on just letting someone be, enjoying their time with me, and reveling in having them in my life. I am also learning how to be empathetic. Which means allowing my body to feel emotions so I can focus on my needs. This is something that is very foreign to me as I have always suppressed them. Live and learn.

I've been in a 16 year relationship that led to marriage, no children. Another relationship lasted 5 years. We are still great friends. My second marriage to Phen only 8 months with no regrets. A short time but even more profound than my first.
You should message me if
*you probably should not since I am currently seeing someone*

You are older than 35... I don't want to date anyone much younger than me unless you are incredibly mature and know yourself well. Self-awareness is the key to your own happiness. Keep yourself happy, wake up every (ok, nearly every) morning happy, and I am happy. You do your best to be present and grateful that you are alive, here on this Earth, and sharing it intimately with another. You need to have decided for yourself that you want a relationship too. I am not interested in games, polyamory, drama, or a relationship that is complicated. It should be simple. You are someone I can rely on for emotional support, communication, honesty, love (not necessarily sex), empathy, fun times together (museums, bookstores, walks, travel, etc) that we create and make fun b/c we want fun and happiness in our lives. General human interaction and communication that begins with friendship and may lead to something more if we both decide to take it there.
The two of us