51 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Non-famous intellectual (e.g. about postmodernism) turned semi-famous writer (about computer programs/science). All around good guy, ultra-leftie, kind to small animals, erudite... for some years before I first iterated this profile, life was "mostly bored in a small town." But for the last 8+ years, I've become an Angeleno, which makes me "mostly frenetic in a big city." For 8+ years, I was "bi-coastal," and in NYC about once a month. However, since May 2015, I've started a different job that takes me all different places to teach scientific software (anyone want to join me on trips to Cincinnati, or DC, or Austin, or Cape Canaveral, or Seattle, or...)

Actually, you're more than welcome to read just about everything about me at (browse from there); albeit with an extra boring layer on it. I did write (but stopped) some more accessible, and quirky, stuff at

There's a nice saying about the cardinal virtues of programming being laziness, impatience, and hubris. Hey, I got them in spades.

I am intellectual, observant, and accepting
What I’m doing with my life
Oh, writing (about) computer programs, to get money. Writing about most everything else when I steal moments from the stuff that gets me money. I used to be a humanities academic; but after a decade I figured out people don't pay much for that. I'm still an "avocational academic" though. Volunteering for a bunch of do-gooder organizations, despite the fact I sound cynical if I try to explain reasons why I do so.

I thought my "normal life" in sleepy New England was to be a fairly successful freelance writer; then it turned out that my life from Oct 2006 was to work way too hard writing computer programs for obscenely much money in Beverly Hills, and occasionally getting whisked away on a private jet. Now normal is back to the freelance thing, but in the bustle of Los Angeles, with trips to NYC, working with people who are building the world's fastest supercomputer for computational biochemistry.

FWIW, none of this ever had anything to do with movies, despite what the locale might insinuate.
I’m really good at
Epistemological nuance; dispassionate analysis; well-fitted tropes; generosity towards paratactic separators, em-dashes, comma splices; passionate use of spices and kisses; mnemonic dog-and-pony shows.
The first things people usually notice about me
With my clothes on? In that case, probably my large vocabulary, and ready grammatical constructs.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The six things I could never do without
1. 128 kps or better;
2. an overactive superego;
3. a wonderment at the beauty in the world;
4. a deep cynicism;
5. random digressions;
6. love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What can I know? What ought I do? What may I hope? ... oh yeah, and sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
Thinking about epistemology, normativity, inspiration, and sex. Usually acting on the thoughts too. Sometimes worrying about the propriety of a Harvard comma.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Actually, anything at all. There's never been much anything about myself that I wouldn't happily confess to strangers. My life hasn't been all that bland, though I won't claim the stuff of epics or smutty stories either. But none of it is anything I feel shame about, even the stuff that a lot of folks say you should do so of; anything I've done is something I think is right to do.

As good here as anywhere, a word on American politics: Many of my friends are "disappointed" with Obama. I am not; he campaigned as a pro-war centrist Democrat, and has governed so far exactly as promised. Of course I am disgusted that that is the best we can elect in the USA, but not in the slightest surprised that this one is exactly as advertised.

Oh, and everything I know about sex I learned from Engels' The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. Maybe that's not actually private, but just sayin'.

Also, from a long way off I look like a fly (que de lejos parecen moscas).
You should message me if
Just because. If you're bored. If you're interesting or interested. If you'd like to go see a good film, or a bad film; or especially a museum or theater. Or if you'd just like to hang out a bit, and are relatively nearby.

I am often involved in several non-exclusive and ongoing relationships, what the young folks call polyamory. If your interest is (partially) of the romance/sex variety, I think that is great, and welcome the contact; I just want to let you know the context. Of course, if you might want to do something purely as friends/activity partners, that could be groovy as well.


What I would ideally like to find is pretty specific, although feels elusive. I would like a meaningful, caring, ongoing, and non-exclusive relationship with a woman who:

* is brilliant and intellectually engaged in some area(s) of thought;
* is beautiful and sexy;
* has graduate education, preferably a doctorate or other terminal degree;
* is politically and socially knowledgeable, and therefore leftist;
* has a very high sex drive (being a size queen also wouldn't hurt our compatibility);
* lives close enough to me frequently to spend time together.

This isn't to say, certainly, that folks not quite matching all the criteria shouldn't contact me. But I can still have a goal, no?