51Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
James Dean didn't wear dungarees and "Machete don't text" - I have the least amount of Neanderthal DNA then any human alive today along with exceptional skills in lazerium light painting shows on my bedroom ceiling, am a huge fan of cause and effect and taking responsibility for ones actions, a closet conductor of symphony orchestras and an opera singer in the shower, a lover of winding trails that open into magic landscapes or meandering thru art museums spying on vibrating planes of color. Am a mentalist, wizard, psychologist, philosopher, scientist, researcher, great communicator, manufacturer, artist, entrepreneur, yogi, ski instructor and was even the wiggly “L” in the Jello TV commercial, but essentially an explorer of things inside and out.. kind, patient, and an ageless soul...highly selective of where, what and to whom to channel my energy into. My heart caught in the middle somewhere beating between the wisdom from experience and a childlike curiosity and sense of adventure….introspective and contemplative while also living for the moment, spontaneous and carefree. Live on the East River waterfront in New York and also in the foothills in the Teton Valley. Tugboats travel by under my windows with the backdrop of the NYC Skyline behind them or the breath taking Teton Mountain Skyline with the Grand Teton in the middle looms right outside my house. In both places I run my business and also create fun art stuff such as Velcro sculptures, ballpoint pen paintings, manatee, lightning and stereoscopic 3-d photography. Am addicted to Sushi, skiing, drawing and yoga, very fit and much younger than my chronological age indicates, of Austro-Hungarian background, partially fluent in German and enjoy traveling for business and pleasure. Am physically, mentally mobile for adventures especially if you would join me!
What I’m doing with my life
Playing ping pong with the abyss...Channeling things that i discover and learn, through me, back out into the world that are useful and helpful to others. Reveling in experiences. Taking care of my forest and my business that manufactures hamster running wheels.
I’m really good at
cooking an omelet
judging character
remote imaging
telekinesis (all my spoons are bent)
running in a giant hamster wheel
smelling roses
being a G on the spot
identifying my masters
The first things people usually notice about me
That they can hear my thoughts.........nahhhh....(if i'm visible.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
WIKILEAKS, Snow Sense, Confessions of An Economic Hitman, Kafka’s Parables, Bomb An Arab For ExxonMobil, Terence McKenna
Six things I could never do without
Reason - Liberty - Tolerance
Squeaky toys
Both my skis
The air space in the center of doughnuts
My two front teeth (thank you implants)
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
I would say true love (but i'm already living without you)
Gravity, though at times i wish it would reverse itself.
All five of my limbs
Snow covered alpine forests
Soy sauce, honey dipped, Taragon chicken wings
Sublime tickles
beautiful camel toes
The Moon because it's not a spoon
A clump of clay
Very hot Chinese mustard
Chateauneuf de Pape
Papaya King nature's natural elixir
cheese dogs
The more than six things
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Moral imperatives, Sushi, Zinfandel, infidels, enlightenment, transcendence, justice, beauty, nature, a beautifully arched behind of a woman, extraterrestrials, Squidbillies, Moral Oral, Sister Wendy Beckett, hearing no sound, playing ping pong with the abyss, ANTI-TRUST LAWS! If it's too big to fail it's too big to exist! Driving in snow storms with my convertible top down, mt. biking, experiencing ecstasy, conversing with owls in rhyme, drinking root beer vanilla floats after SCUBA diving, whaling in deep powder, staring into the eyes of a beautiful woman, carnivorous extraterrestrials disguised as comfortable cushy couches, injustice, zero gravity, consciousness, women with skinny legs...... and all, my mind and yours, the day gravity reverses itself and world peace, especially in Palestine.
On a typical Friday night I am
Not knowing what a typical Friday night is.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wish i lived in Bikini Bottom.

I farted when I was the only person in an elevator with Frederique van der Wal, the famous, ex Victoria Secret, lingerie model.

I get the same soothing feeling watching Teletubbies as I do watching Two And A Half Men with Charlie Sheen.

The elephant man made me cry.

I identify with Frankenstein's monster.

Think i may of slept with a retarded girl.

My mother was abducted by extraterrestrials exactly nine months before i was born and a fertilized egg was surgically implanted into her womb.

Some people wish, they wish they were a fish.....but me, i wish i was a manatee!

Glad we have such an extensive penal system to keep us safe from criminals.

Wish i spoke Klingon as a third language.

I almost stole Rodin's Andromeda, a marble sculpture at the Rodin Museum. Allegedly had it sitting on a window sill with an open window to the outside world, and then thought against it.
You should message me if
You are a slinky, sensual being who maneuvers gracefully thru the world, you like a challenge and know of no boxes to think within, you love the sound of your own mind and mine, you focus intently on what fascinates you and vigorously pursue your interests with fervor and passion while your quirky, nerdy qualities endear me to you even more.

We both are synchronous in the belief that there are no real impediments and that anything is possible given the effort to achieve it. You have harnessed the power to do things when and where you want, which allows you to focus on what truly is important. You have a strong affinity for beauty, in nature and in the nobility of kindness in the human heart. You see things with a sharp, keen and critical eye and understand that in this huge, vast and impartial universe it is up to us to make it what we will and that what really counts and connects us into this overwhelming vastness is the closeness of relationships we make along the way.

The enormity of your absence leaves a giant hole inside me because when we are together life is exponentially more brilliant...

You recognize who i am and are looking for me.
The two of us