28Madison, United States
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My self-summary
Basically, I'm a weirdo.

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I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately and here's what I've come up about myself. My interests lie in "male-dominated topics", yet I'm still quite feminine. I love video games, science, technology, philosophy, and having endless conversations about these things. I'm the technology coordinator for a booming social media marketing company. I love making music and am told I am quite skilled. I disagree somewhat as I am an extreme perfectionist, especially when it comes to myself. It seems like I am never satisfied with something I've done or made and am endlessly frustrated that I can't get it quite perfect. It's a rather irritating self trait. I am not usually openly critical of others unless they are very close to me or have asked for my advice. In general I don't expect others to be perfectionists like me, but anyone who's dated me knows how quickly I get frustrated with an other who doesn't try their damn hardest at everything. Jeez, I'm such a jerk.

I have a deep love for Japan. I got to live there for 10 months, living with a host family for a few months, traveling for a month and a half ish straight, then living in my own apartment the rest of the time. It was great. I miss it so much. Everyone is so different there. And the cuisine .... so damn good. Also, I love sushi.

After living in Nagasaki, a town of 500,000 people in an exotic new country, I am terribly bored with my location in midwes "Amurrica". I am constantly looking into ways to return to Japan or at bigger cities around America. Ideally I'd like to live near where there are digital art or game studios. I might like to get a job in that someday. It seems like i'll never get there. Bah.

Such is life. Rather lame. Need drinks to spice it up.

Oh, I have a couple tattoos. Pi and an Apple apple. Working on designing a video game tribute tattoo. That's been going on for awhile now. I keep scratching it and starting over.

How about things I don't like?
I don't like sports. I don't hate people who like sports, but I do find my tolerance for them is limited. I just can't stand hearing about sports.
I can't stand clingy and/or jealous people. If you are either of these things, don't even bother with me.
What I’m doing with my life
Haha, good question. Sometimes I make YouTube videos of my music:
Or you can enjoy all my ridiculous and annoying shares on my Facebook page:
But really I have so many damn goals it makes it seem impossible to get anything done. I guess to sum up, I'm a tech coordinator in social media, have ditched finishing college because I have spent thousands and learned nothing more than most professors are idiots, work on my music skills when I have time (piano, ukulele, vocals), working on a steampunk Lucca (Chrono Trigger) cosplay including a steampunk nerf gun. I'd love to get into game design and may be starting on something related to that soon. Also, I desperately want to open a video game themed, Japanese style karaoke bar, including a front bar and perhaps a small amount of Japanese dishes to order late night when you're hungry. So if anyone can help me out with that, I'm all ears. ;) (Serious applications only.) And some thing I recently have been wishing I had time to get into is programming.
I’m really good at
Music, art stuff, photography...
Hear me roooooar.
... I mean play.. yeah.. play..

Also, fixing things, servicing Apple computers, and pointing out why your strategy sucks. I've played a slew of instruments in my day, but currently I'm focusing on piano, ukulele, and vocals. I often create things whether it be in photoshop, drawing, writing music, creating life-sized chocobos, wild birthday video compilations, etc..
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my petite figure. I usually get the "you are just so cute". I don't really see it, haha. Otherwise I think people notice my fashion.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I rarely read fiction books, which is probably the real question here, because I get far too bored and distracted but I recently discovered I enjoy Haruki Murakami stuff, especially Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I used to enjoy Harry Potter when I was younger. I prefer books/articles where I can learn something about the world or myself, tech blogs and science articles, personal development, typology systems, space, etc.

Movies/TV: Chobits, Orgazmo, Star Wars, Firefly/Serenity, Family Guy, Drag Me To Hell, Chuck, The IT Crowd, Spaceballs, Evil Dead, That 70's Show, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Trek: Voyager. Sucker Punch. Superhero/comic book movies. I like tons of stuff. Especially Sci Fi or action adventure stuff.

Music: Pretty much everything but country and rap. To list a few good bands, Nightwish, Porcupine Tree, Katamari Damacy soundtrack, iamamiwhoami, Dredg, NIN, Leather Strip, Imogen Heap, Gary Numan, Beats Antique, Yppah, Blue Sky Black Death, Infected Mushroom... I also love orchestrated stuff like soundtracks. Love Japanese music, Jpop, Kpop, anime soundtracks, game soundtracks. I have a very wide range of interests so I'm going to be done now.

Games: I enjoy gaming, though since growing up my time for gaming has been significantly decreased and that makes me very, very sad. My favs are single player RPGS, including Shadow Hearts, Koudelka, Lunar, Final Fantasy, Chrono, etc... Things I've been playing lately have been more in the category of time wasters since I just haven't had time to play any epic-ly long games like I love. Recently I've been playing Wipeout Fury HD, Pacman Championship.. I love the frequent drunk Mario or other old school games. Haha, I'm so cool.

Foods: It's easier to say what I don't like. Oysters, coconut, cottage cheese, lima and kidney beans. I love seafood (lobster, shrimp are probably my favs). Love Japanese cuisine.. sushi, Japanese curry, udon, miso, etc etc. In general, I'm not much of a meat eater. I do love gyros and Chinese with meat though (like general tsp's or orange beef). Otherwise I sway mostly towards a pescatarian diet. It helps me stay trim.
Six things I could never do without
Or how about six things I *could* do without!

-The Inconsiderates
-The Ignorant Opinionists
-The Clingers
-The Begrudgers
-The Entitleds
-The Sportsballers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The abstract, the theoretical, and the philosophical. Chaos theory as it relates everyday to people and life. It drives me mad and I cannot stop.
On a typical Friday night I am
I basically never know what day it is anymore.

BUT WHAT YOU REALLY MEAN IS what am I doing in my free and/or social time: discussing science, tech, theories, psychology, etc; dancing, drinking, observing, contemplating, existing, etc; drunk Mario, drunk anything; playing, creating, fixing, or building; tricking people into thinking I’m social.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a demisexual, grey aromantic?, relationship anarchist. Make of that what you will…

I just might think I’m better than you regarding whatever topic is at hand, and I just might be right. I might also think you are better than me, and I might be right then too. I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know. I am difficult to persuade but actually enjoy being wrong because I have found a new thing I must learn. I am quick to accept a superior idea given sound evidence. So I challenge you! Prove me wrong.

Also I think long hair and beards are wildly attractive. And part gingers. I like those too.
You should message me if
... most or all of the following are true:

You don’t easily burn out on deep, theoretical, and/or philosophical conversation;
You have taken this survey and have saved the results: ;
You are an INTJ who is not overly caught up in ego and semi-aware that emotions exist and are valid… esque,
You are an INFJ who feels what makes sense is as important as what feels acceptable,
You are an ISTP who has a high tolerance for abstract reasoning and is not fickle as shit;
You are an introvert, but socially convincing;
You worry you are “too nerdy” for girls to like you;
You are both a computer nerd (and ideally a “Mac guy”) and an artist;
You have a charm that is witty, sarcastic, dark, and/or borderline morbid;
You are an advocate of consideration;
You have others insist you are egotistical, elitist, obsessive, ridiculous, and/or intense;
You are actually fair-minded, level-headed, reasonable, resourceful, idealistic, astute, witty, passionate, unconventional, fearless, timeless, and a lifelong student of many things;
You think degrees and authority are overrated;
You seek out others to supplement you and not to complete you;
You are part ginger;
You have a beard;
You appreciate OkC for the lulz.

Special conditions for romantic scenarios:

You believe in being friends first;
You don't mind taking it slow -- even if it feels painfully so;
You are a consensual non-monogamist, polyamorist, or at least willing to honestly and openly hear me out before judging my non-monogamy.
The two of us