36 Kampong Cutforth, Singapore
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My self-summary
Life is about choices. You made yours and I made mine. Maybe you happened to start reading this line in Quickmatch before you swipe Left or Right. Maybe you here after I said Hi.

To all the lovely ladies in OKCupid. It's 2017. I believed that we are so engrossed in this instant world that we lost the belief that Love can be Long lasting. I believed that we seen so much in so little time that we are here in this earth that we made our choices with a single swipe.

To you who had read til this sentence, I thank you for your patience. But the question hence after is are you willing to make a choice of knowing a total stranger. Are you filled with Fear or uncertainty? Or do you believed that you still have choices in the first place?

For I am willing, to know you ......... and may you eventually be eternity.
What I’m doing with my life
I tooks tons of pictures, selecting a few and print them out for my future gneration.

I try to do as much volunteer work as possible, actively involved in the corporate one.

I'm into Lego and Panda.
I’m really good at
Giving good advice.
You should message me if
Life is simple, we just want someone to do things with. Kite flying, adult color book coloring while having a nice cuppa of coffee or tea, cafe hopping, joke sharing, journey exploring, Caribbean cruise, Siberian train ride, Nordic Aurora watching, French Riviera driving, volunteering and giving back to society. Are you game?