33 Jacksonville, United States
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My self-summary
FUCKIN CATALINA WINE-MIXER! POW! Now that I have your attention. First let me say there are some things I won't tell you in this profile, just have to figure these things out on your own. Can't give you all the answers. Psshh.

I'm a Home Grown Floridian and raised in the Tampa Bay Area, but for now I live in Jacksonville Fl. Billy, my hubby, and I (Fallon) are just tryin to meet some new people, for hangin out or maybe even a bit more.  Alright, since you people won't respond to me without some sort of novel, here you go. 
(Know this, there is no concoction of words that can describe all that is me, and my debonair varies depending on my interactions with various kickass people.)

I'd rather not get into the whole family thing, most of mine, even tho I love them, aren't worth a damn. My dads pretty cool. My half-brothers. But all in all, O'hana means family, and no one gets left behind. (lol..stitch) I take care of my own, blood or not. Anywhichway.

Loved and lost, men, women, friends, I finally found Billy, my charming hubby. We've been married almost three years and he's the best husband a girl could ask for, as well as my best friend. We have so much fun together. See I'm bi-sexual, genderfluid, I don't care what you wanna call it, and I've always been highly flirtatious towards women, it's my way of making you smile. But do to some of the lousy responses I've gotten bcuz of my ever-so-classy yet sassy persona, I tend to provide the hushed version of me for first impressions. So people can cope with my awesomeness. (sweet) Once you get to know me you'll find I'm very open minded, often exuberant & at times exultant, tho I try to hide my constant happiness, it bums some people out, mostly I'm mello, yet I tend to spontaneously leap out of the norm. I'm a bit of a badass tho I tend to keep that side of me bottle up for just the right person. So don't fox with me it could be bad for your health.  I consider myself smart, silly, fun, witty, vivacious, trustworthy, sexy, loyal, naughty but nice, often sarcastic, friendly, sensual, gregarious, imaginative, tough but gentle, jack of all trades, bit of a daydreamer for love of my novels. (secret writer) :) no drama, but don't be the type to ignore a serious situation, I'm dramafree not blind.

Ok nuff bout me, Now Billy is awesome, he's super smart, he's so handsome and charming with his blonde hair, bright blue eyes and his deep smooth sexy voice. He can just look at you, say one word, and you just melt. I love Billy and I know how fucking awesome he is and I still wanna share. Whether it be for just hangin or goin out or even something kinkier. I wanna share as does he. Friends, girlfriends, triads, poly,pans, forget labels and just get to know me. If you want more then a friendship then naturally we would have to meet first. I don't yet trade nude pics or cybersex so hit me up for anythingelse. I love all types of women and I don't judge people. Just hit me up, we may be nothing alike and still love the exciting mix of new things we could experience I love life and I wanna know you.
Things I like but don't get a lot of action in: sailing, surfing, special effects (everything from lighting to make-up), gardening, baking, fishing, theme parks, flying (any airborn activity really), artsy stuff, photography, girls night out, off road stuff (atv's, dirt bikes, etc.)...
What I’m doing with my life
More then can be explained in a paragraph or two, just ask me. Involves cycles. I will say this, I would love to go back to school or even be taught by a friend or tutor, to either play an instrument, or learn any language, I love language, I would like to learn as many as possible, even ancient languages, (preferably something useful first), any fitness, if you need a gym partner, or can teach me any survival tactics, or fighting, yoga, etc. I'm an extremely committed learner, I soak up everything, like a shamwow!<~~~ better then sponge.
I’m really good at
Planescape Torment, driving a stick(pun), working w/bicycles, bike motors and motor parts, flying a plane, (getting a pilots license is an expensive hobby b4 it's a career), detailing cars, trucks, planes; trivia, making cappachinos & espresso, cycling, soccer, i love everything outdoors (thrill seeker), horseback riding, dancing by myself ;)- ,being silly, sayin what some one else couldn't, memorizing my favorite word-grouping/quotes/lines/sayings/lit, mb, cig rolling, oral sex,(yes both)<~~heehee yum, aw, think we lost a few there folks, scamper off wee little babies, don't know what your missin, ignorants. They just dont have pleasing titles, try mouthhug, it's great right, it just rolls off the tongue doesn't it ;) And it works both ways! Sweet, it's totally verb<~~~oops back geek back! There may be a geek trapped in this sexy bod. LMFAO I'm funny. Ha love it! Ok, ............ Hmmm, good at comforting my friends in they're time of need, I'm always there for a friend. Undressing boobs with my eyes<~~~~ did I type that out loud. Billy says it's worse then I know, guess I can't help it. Sorry ladies, if I look like I'm concentrating it's probably cuz inside my mind, I'm saying "look at her eyes, look at her eyes" can't help it I love the female form. Goddesses!
The first things people usually notice about me
Alright, my mouth and my ass. Short and simple!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
LOL here are Movies: Destry Rides Again(1939), Donovons Reef, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance(love the duke, Marion is awesome), anything Dean Martin, Braveheart (love Steve) Inglorious Bastards, Clockwork Orange, Sin City, Star Wars, Beetlejuice, Pulp Fiction, Seven, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Machinist, Gamer, Vampires Assistant Cirque de Freak, All more then decent War movies, Goonies, Stand by me, Van Wilder(Ryan Renalds, oOoOo) Big Trouble in Little China, Mad Maxs, Most Westerns, Karate Kid, Golden Child, Coming to America, Wayne's World, 12 Monkeys, Cheech n Chong, Captain Ron, Surfs Up, Riding Giants, Point Break, Earth Girls are Easy, Dogma, Bill n Teds Excellent Adventures, Napoleon Dynamite, Detroit Rock City, SLC Punk, Aeon Flux, Resident Evils, All the Alien films and Predetor combined, Jarassic Parks, Sound of Thunder, Fly, Devils Advocate, 2012, 300, Pathfinder, Final Destinations, American Beauty, American Psycho, Hidalgo, TMNT, Serenity, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, Pandorum, Underworlds, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, BloodRayne, DayBreakers, The Lost Boys, Hellboys, Ghost of Mars, Tropic Thunder, What about Bob?, Domino, Donnie Darko, Pluto Nash, Transformers, Doom, All Blade films, Lockout, Time Machine, Aviator, Flight of the Navigator, Alice/Wonderland, Waterworld, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Lolita and all of Stans films, All Marvel and other Comic Movies, Bruce Lee films, Bruce Willis, Mel Brooks films, Mel Gibson films, Clint Eastwood films, William Shatner, Jimmy Stewart, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jack Nicholson, Vinnie Jones, Donald Sutherland & Keith, Jim Caveizal, Charlie Sheen, Micheal J Fox, Jamie Kennedy, Jason Statham, Sam Rockwell, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryer, Gene Wylder, George Burns, John Lithgow, Don Knotts, George C Scott, Don Rickles, Mickey Roonie, Red Fox(Sanford n Son), Jimmy Walker(Good Times), Rodney Dangerfield, DoctorDoolittle(old one), My Fair Lady, Savannah, Men Who Stare at Goats, Expendables, Pink Panther, 48hrs, Metro, Deja Vu, Kiss the Girls, Next, Dragonheart, Eragon, Golden Compass, Highlanders, Italian Job, Harlem Nights, O Brother, Shaun of the Dead, Death to Smoochie, Matrix 123, Land of the Lost, Stardust, The Craft, Witches of Eastwick, BulletProof, Stranger in the Wild, Being John Malkovich, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, WillyWonka, Blues Brothers(bow,bow,bow), Stripes, Strange Brew, Green Street Hooligans, The Blitz, League of Extraordinary Men, Gattaca, The Last Samurai, Equilibrium, Requiem of a dream, Waking Life, The Fugitive, The Fast and Furious, Mission Imposibles, Minority Report, Hook, XXX,
Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Giesha, All of Jim Carey films, All Jack Black, All Christopher Walken films, Some Nicholas Cage, Samuel Jackson films, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, Oceans11 so on, All Hannibal movies, Any Warewolf movies, Once Bitten, Its a Dogs Life, Paul, Legend of Earthsea, Fanboys, FreeEnterprise, Life Aquatic with Steve, Hangover, Anchorman, Elf, Night at the Roxberry, Corky Romano, Weekend at Bernies, Office, Superstar, Porkys, Revenge of the Nerds, Police Academy's, DodgeBall, Zoolander, How High, Friday, Half Baked, Old School, House Bunny, StepBrothers, The Incredibles, GrandmasBoy, Club Dread, Beerfest, Spaceballs, Super Troopers, Harold and Kumar, All Comedy Roasts, Legend, Labyrinth, Willow, The Last Unicorn, Super Mario Brothers, City of Ember, Tron, Hackers, Tank Girl, Fifth Element, National Treasure, Drop Dead Fred, Little Monsters, Princess Bride, Operation Dumbo Drop, Nausicaa of the valley of the Wind, Blood, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Tortoro, The Cat Returns, Ponyo, Mirrormask, Vampire Hunter D (both), Ninja Scroll, Kyras Prophecy, Final Fantasy (both), Wicked, Metropolis, Akira, X, Dantes Inferno, Heavy Metal (both), Fire&Ice, Most Christmas movies, Titan AE, What Dreams May Come, Howard the Duck, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wierd Science, Brave Little Toaster, Red Sonya, Terminators, True Lies, Total Recall (2weeks), Eraser, Conan the Barbarian, Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Spawn, Punishers, Rambos, Rockies, Most Mafia films, Goodfellas, Godfathers, Resevoir Dogs, Snatch, 4LayerCake, Lock stock two smoking barrels, Boondock Saints, All Bond Movies, Uncle Buck/Great Outdoors, Big Libowski, Forest Gump, CastAway, Green Mile, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Without a Paddle, Beverly Hills Cop, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Masacres, Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, Congo, Reel Steel, Real Genius, JeepersCreepers, Hellraisers, Saws, Screams, Wishmasters, CandyMan, DarknessFalls, The Cave, The House on Haunted Hill, 13 Ghosts, Doomsday, I am Legend, Hancock, ShallowHal, Empire Records, Ferris Bueller, Serendipity, James and Peach, Coraline, 9, Lilo n Stitch, MegaMind(ollo!), Hoodwinked1&2, Puss n Boots, Finding Nemo, MontersInc, Sword in the Stone, Black Cauldren, How To Train Your Dragon, ToyStorys, IceAge, Secret of the Nymh, Fivels, Ferngully, Oliver, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Over the Hedge, Open Season, Little Mermaid<~~~ ~~~~love that fish half. Up, Wall-E, Terra, Meet the Robinsons, Polar Express, Batteries not included,Atlantis, Kungfu Panda(sweet), Madagascar, Despicable Me is so cute! Shreks, South Park, Aladdin, just gettin warmed up.... MIBs, Independence Day, Pirates of the Carribean(love depps jack sparrow), Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, John Carter, Indiana Jones, Clash of the Titans, Jonah Hex, Priest, Red<--love Red, Death Race, All Willie Nelsons appear-ences, Some of Adam Sandlers Stuff, Stand-ups: Tosh, Josh Blu, Sam Kinisen, Dennis Leary, Jeff Dunham, Jeff Ross, Mitch Hedberg, Seth MacFarlene, George Carlin, Love Ralphie May!, most comedy. Machete, KillBills, most of Quentins work, From Dusk till Dawn, Four Rooms, Fear n loathing(can't stop here this is bat country), Event Horizon, Sunshine, Red Planet, Avatar, Star-trek<~~yes lil'bit, GalaxyQuest, ET, Cowboys&Aliens, Mac n me, Outlanders, TheCountOfMonteCristo!
yes!, love my movies... eemmhh... Plunkett and Macleane, Thinking... See this is all from memory, not easy. Ok, Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, Wizards, Tales of Earthsea, NeverEndingStory, ha-->meet the feebles(gross), The Muppets, Dark Crystal(Fizzgig):)_, Let's see, Fast Times, Breakfast Club, Grease, King Kong movies, Mystery Science Theatre, Army of Darkness (love Bruce), V for Vendetta, Shanghai Noon, Warriors of Virtue, Forbidden Kingdom, Krull, Nightmare Before Christmas, Gangs of New York, Edward Scissorhands, Chocolat, all Dune, Eagle Eye, Harry Potters, 10,000 BC, IRobot, AI movies, All Species, Caddyshack, Apocalypse Now, Animal House, Real Genius, 1941, most Jim & John Belushi, Chevy Chase, John Goodman, American Gangster, Beowolf, Wolfman, Casino, The Core, Battlefield Earth, Blades of Glory, Balls of Fury, Chronicles of Riddick, King Aurthur, Merlins, Gladiator, Troy, Beautiful Mind, K-pax, Think I got most the good ones.

Shows: circuses, phantom of the opera, Circe de Solé, Red, White, & Boom, fireworks, car shows, sports, any kind of light show, I like events of all kinds.

Music oh boy, there is not enough time in the day. I love music. Most music, just try me. The list is sooo long! I started writing and literately it would not do my appreciation/affection for music any justice, hell I love so much music, I can't readily recall ALL the artists. Just ask me, don't you have enough to read, geez.

When I had some TV(love DVR): Castle, FireFly, Person of Interest, Csi, NCIS (paulie paretti), Psych, New Girl, Burn Notice, House(love house), Suits, Franklin n Bash, Punky Brewster, Hee Haw, Happy Days, Mash, Bewitched, I Dream a Genie, Munsters, Mr. Ed, Andy Griffith Show, SNL, How I met your Mother, Third Rock from the Sun, Rob, Man-up, some more I won't admit to, comedy shows, most sci-fi shows, discovery, learning stuff, tv is tv I could go on... Bleh.

Some of my fav cartoons: Adventure Time (Fucking Love Lumpy Space Princess, oh my glob, & lump off!) Pirates of Dark Water, Reboot, Marvin the Martian, Bugs n Daffy, Hanna-Barbara, Looney Tunes, Fraggle Rock, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Rainbow Brite, Carebears, Airbender Korra Avatar, Rockos Modern Life, All Ben10, All Justice League, Generator Rex, Ducktales, TaleSpin, Pinky & the Brain, Animaniacs, Gargoyles, Kungfu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar, Inuyasha, Ren & Stimpy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, SuperHeroSquad, Lupin, Full Metal Alchemist, Three Little Pigs, Hippo and the Cat, Home Movies, sometimes South Park, DBZ, Drawn Together or Aqua Team Hunger Force or Robot Chicken or Mad, MTVs Oddities, Adult Swim, SpaceGhost, Beavis and ButtHead, Family Guy, Simpsons bunch of anime, and on and on.

Some Books: Terry Goodkind (SOT), Stephen King(Dark Tower+ more), Peter Brett, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Inferno, David Farland and that's just recently. Inferno is dark, I do love dark stuff. Edgar Allen Poe, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, & more...

Food: Japanese, Sushi,<~~~~~~ Love there culture old and new. Wings, Seafood, all kinds of salads, nuts, berries, fruits, the whole health nut vibe, but I happen to like all that stuff, if I could be healthy and not broke I'd never eat red meat-pork/poultry/beef/deer/small game or foul of any type. Just seafood(sea-life safe), fruits, fresh veggies, nuts, and all that fast rising high priced goods and imports. The Earth is Dying. :( anywhichway----but I've eaten escargot, crawfish, oysters, gator, duck, smelt roe, lobster, sea urchin, crab legs, calamari, all kinds of fish, I don't eat mechanically separated meats. Other then that I'm open. I like tryin new foods. Chips n salsa or queso oh yum, pie who doesn't just love pie, mm cherry pie, ala mode, mm, dark chocolate, Blue Moon Ice Cream, gummy bears, lollipops, pixi stix, candy necklaces, anything associated with rollerrinks. I'll stop there.

Video games: Above all others so far! Planescape Torment <-- abso love that game!, Final Fantasys, Zelda, All Mario, Luigi, Mushroom, Princess, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Dig Dugg, Astriod, Centipede, Gauntlet, Contra, Shoalin, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Halo, Legends of Dragoon, Doom, Oblivion, Soul Reaver, Silent Hill, Torment, Dooms, IceWinds, Oddworld, Grand Theft Auto, most RPGs to many to name all systems, Ice I play all, depends on the person I'm playing with. Madden, Malice, Beast Master, RachetnClank, JaxnDexter, Spyro, CrashBandacoot, Shall I go on, those are just the more popular ones.
The six things I could never do without

Haha made you think, I was just being silly what kinda question is that ' who is the best survivor?' what are you needy about is what there asking. Yet I dont see any girls slappin down tampons or tp, watevs, it's all verb.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Unknown, " yesterday is history "
"Tomorrow is a mystery" " But today is a gift" That is why it is called the present"
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies, but I'd say if there was a commonality among Fridays, it would also be a commonality for all days, it would be sex baby, soft, rough, loud, quiet, up, down, inside, outside, high, low, fast, slow, I love it all especially when another chick is involved. Cuddling, snuggling, or spooning, are also sweet! I'm slightly Poly with a dash of Genderqueer? I think? Yuck labels, let's discuss it if it comes up, otherwise forget it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a juggalette (my axe is my buddy) I love rainy days, clouds, stars, anything space related, life, earth, smiles make me warm inside,(ew, I know).... music, lit, animals of all kinds, games, the female form, her satisfaction, her deepest desires, I have a child-like spirit, porn, who doesn't love porn, don't lie. History, philosophy, alternate planes of existence, under water exploration, exploring, hard labor, hangin out with my buddies & mary, I love gummy bears even tho I know what their made of, gross but yummy. I've always established deep bonds with women, & I long for the connection. I like to imagine I have my own tribe of peoples where everyone is like family, and we live in a completely self-renewing self-sustaining community. ( can't tell you any more on that to close to my novel heart). Hmm that's just the girlie stuff the truly shocking stories you'll have to hear in person.  I love fiercely.... But I try not to show it. I like so many types of people but I guess I tend to give the wrong impression. Any girls out there willing to give me a makeover, that would be awesome! Curious about new things, strong instincts.
You should message me if
If your not so judgmental that you would try and base your opinion of me on this profile. Why don't you actually get to know me, to see what your missin other sites I'm known as Kuekuatsu  Gotta ask for Kik. And I guess I have to say this: personality means alot to me. You don't have to be different, exciting, or even interesting for me to get along with you. But if you have a nasty attitude, or you have a close-minded supercilious view of yourself and the world around you. Then I don't care how beautiful you think you are, the only thing people see or feel in your presence is disgust at your putrid, obnoxious, odious, existence! For all others, your patience is appreciated. Thank you for your time. 