29Glasgow, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Generally quite laid back; would love to travel one day, but who doesn't. Not really into big crowded events but totally up for a decent gig or outdoor event. Not a big fan of booze, partying, clubs or pubs unless for a quiz night or live band (something beyond drinking for the sake of drinking).

I fricken LOVE food. Not really surprising I'm a little over weight but c'mon, how amazing is food, seriously. I prefer cooking at home though. I'm a pretty damn good cook, and yes, I'll let my ego shine there.

I also love animals. I'm a big herp fan (snakes and lizards etc.) but also love the general fluffy animals too :3 especially my dog; she is a beautiful fluffy she-beast of doom. I'd like a brazillian rainbow boa Owned quite a few reptiles over the years though. In my past I've done a wide range of animal work; I've probably expanded on that in a different section though.

I suppose a lot of people would consider me quite geeky but I wouldn't say I'm overly so; I do indulge in my geeky side frequently though. I also tend to come across as quite apathetic and sarcastic; my apologies... I'm working on it ;p

Oh and a small side note - I cannot stand being called 'hun, baby, sweety' or any of that stupid ridiculous crap. Seriously, it's horrible, tacky, generic rubbish. Anyone who calls me by any kind of stupid pet name will forever be given the pet name 'sugarplum princess fairy'.
What I’m doing with my life
Was training in my degree in veterinary nursing however have been on suspended studies for a while now. Most recently employed as a wildlife rehabilitator which held the potential to have been my dream job; sadly it turned out quite badly but I degress. I've done plenty work as a veterinary technician, worked in a reptile and tropical/cold water fish shop, volunteered as a falconer for year, worked at safari parks and a wolf sanctuary. Also worked as a catering assistant and a chef for a small while; really not a fan and big gratz to those who can cope with the heat of a kitchen.

Outside of the world of careers and employment I would have to say I'm wasting far too much time on reddit/gaming/reading/watching random crap (procrastination is a bad mistress). I do spend a lot of time walking my dog though; really love a long walk on a crisp morning at sunrise this time of year. Also really love going for long drives, or just finding somewhere new to adventure to. I have a major passion for trying new things or going to new places.

I also tend to pick up silly little hobbies. Most recently pyrography, making gaming inspired coasters which I've really enjoyed. Also enjoy upcycling projects; turning old clothing into funky bags or making little stuffed toys. I've been recently thinking about starting a fancy vivarium website up-cycling old glass fronted cabinets with pyropgraphed desighns on the woodwork.
I’m really good at
cooking, finishing projects I start or finding new things to do (I'm one of those few people who if you asked, 'where would you like to eat' I could give a list of a good 10/15 places).
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, I've had about 30 or so people now tell me I look similar to Billy Piper. I do not see the resemblance. At all. Apparently a lot of people do though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - grew up reading the likes of phillip pullman, terry pratchet, douglas adams, garth nix etc. (I'd list more but I'd be here all day) Can't say my tastes have changed much; still love sci-fi, fantasy and horror. My book collection has grown far too vast though, so trying to cut back. I also love cooking books :3 but don't have anywhere near enough.

Movies - generally tend to watch anime, sci-fi, fantasy or horror. Favorites include the likes of paprika, perfect blue, memento, fight club, event horizon, old zombie flicks, moon, sunshine, american beauty, requiem for a dream etc. Granted, sometimes, you just can't beat a pixar or studio ghibli marathon ;p

Shows - generally find tv to be a mixed bag. Things I've been watching though; breaking bad, house, QI, south park, family guy, american dad, top gear, arrested development, orange is the new black, the IT crowd, dexter, mythbusters... also love putting on random nature documentaries and cooking programmes :3. As with movies though, can't beat a bit of anime sometimes too. Favorites include; Evangelion, serial experiments lain, ergo proxy, elfen lied, etc.

Music - quite an eclectic mix of ska, punk, rock, indie, folk, electronic, industrial, metal etc... it's rather varied >.> but I'm always on the hunt for new bands so feel free to recommend me some :D

Food - Mmmmm fewwds :3

Games (even though it doesn't list it) - grew up with video games playing a big role in my life so nostalgic over the good ol games like sonic, mario, zelda, final fantasy etc. I currently only have around 100 or so games on steam, but I'm working on getting more to play. Put far too many hours into skyrim than I'd like to admit. Absolutely adored the new bioshock game, the first was pretty damn good too. Massive fan of the twilight princess, probably my favorite zelda game. Just got fallout 4 so I can see my spending far more time than I should be wasting adventuring in that over the next few weeks.

If you have any interest in knowing any further feel free to ask!
Six things I could never do without
My car
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything and anything. Seriously my brain is just a cacophony of shite half the time. The other half of the time it is overly focused in what I'm doing and blocks out everything else. I assume this is fairly normal though? Surely?
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmm, on a typical night, I don't know if there is such a thing for me as 'typical'. I could be working, or sitting in, or going out to a movie, comedy act, theatre, general adventuring, at a friends house. I mean, it just changes with such regularity I could't say there is a 'typical' nature to it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, that wouldn't make it very private then, would it?
You should message me if
You fancy a bit of random conversation or to meet up for a coffee/drink :)
You enjoy trying new things.
You're an animal lover.
Enjoy and are adventurous with cooking.
You don't call me by stupid little pet names.
You at least attempt to write properly; if Ye wRite LyK diS, you can politely just f*** off.
You don't lie about having children (I'm amazed I even have to write this).
You've actually made it to the bottom and managed to read over 60% of this profile.
The two of us