60San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
You've just stumbled upon a fella who is simply lucky to have both sides of his brain developed. One side helps make a comfortable living. The other finds outlet in poetry. Partial to classical music but love pop as well, settling on an appropriate mix in Broadway musicals. Taste for movies tends to favor thought provoking ones and ones that are simply humorous. Have left extreme sporting days behind, and now live an active life enjoying nature on frequent early morning walks and hikes. Fond of the performing arts, looking forward to enjoying the classics with just the right company. I am blessed with one child, now an adult living at grad school, who visits when possible. Though some personal styles may initially seem to suggest cognitive dissonance, they are only manifestations of nuanced and thought out positions. High tech in professional life but low tech in personal life. Forward thinking in matters of the mind, hopelessly old fashioned in matters of the heart. Pay lip service to dogma and organized faith, but fiercely loyal to family and cherished friends. Unmoved by any school of religious thought, but open to lessons/values from and reverant to all. Infinitely patient but doggedly determined to get the right things done. Superbly confident in any activity I undertake, but totally humble with every person I interact with. So much from the serious side of me. The other side of me, you better watch out, is perilously playful. A gentle introduction would be through some silly rhymes made up just for this occasion:

Do you know the way to San Jose?
Happily here lives a guy, I must say.
Tall, dark, and handsome, with added charm.
Want to turn summer nights into memories warm?
Oops, please don't get super mad.
U get 2 out of 3, which ain't bad? :)
Thoughtful, considerate and kind,
Blessed with a spiritual mind.
My past focus had been on raising daughter,
She's grown, a joy, now time for pursuits other.
So many matches here, matches galore.
Seeking connections, seeking more.
Am looking for a gem, brilliant, precious and true.
Just one for me, could that be you?
What I’m doing with my life
Don't need to go to the gym,
Am happy, healthy, and slim.
Don't need any weights to train,
My most precious asset, my brain.
Seen the world by boat, train, plane, by car,
Enjoy it as much from home through NPR.
No need to drive a Prius, nor show shades of green
Conserved for life, born with the conservation gene :)
Won't drop hints of volunteer work, to increase my score
Healthy upbringing built service and grace right into my core.
Won't do a thing to hide signs of aging,
Our generation's badge of wisdom, why we're engaging
I’m really good at
If at this point you have a smile,
I'd say, putting s's around a mile.
If not, I have work to do,
Audaciously reach out and tickle you?
Oh, oh, do I see a sudden frown.
Time to start playing the clown?
Just a straight bolt, looking for the right nut
Want to see if we match, made of the same cut?
Yet no smile, I did not succeed?
Quite a challenge, yes indeed!
The first things people usually notice about me
Proper and prim,
Tall and thin,
Quick and easy grin,
Open to find within:

A man with a slow hand
Like none in this great land.
A man skilled in the delicate art
Of understanding a woman's heart.
On a typical Friday night I am
Downtime with pals.
'Xplore near and far locales.
Graciously host a visitng friend.
Treat weekend chores to an early end.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A birth spot on the most embarassing part of the anatomy!
Pulling your leg, of course, not until you admit yours to me!
You should message me if
You perused this profile, you got a chuckle
Ready to pull the belt, snap in the buckle.
Have savored sunrises, weathered strife.
Want a partner to travel this journey called life.
The two of us