47 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
An old soul/late bloomer/"second-look" kinda gal. Also proud to be a feminine tomboy, (grew up with brothers and a sister). It was all about going to my bro's baseball games, my sister's ballet recitals, dancing around and playing hopscotch on the sidewalk and just getting into your usual kid-style shenanigans with my neighborhood friends -- many of whom I'm still in touch with today. Mom had a great vinyl collection and knew so much about art & culture. All formative in a well-rounded development.

Other attributes? How about: smart, fun, curious, unpretentious, honest, bold, gracious, sociable, introspective, intuitive, generous yet healthily selfish, versatile, quirky, atypical, well-tempered, imperfect, loyal. I'm also quite talented, yet humble.
What I’m doing with my life
Happy with my day-job, yet music is my true passion. I'm a crooner and play a few other instruments too. Extensive performance, studio/recording & collaborative experience.
I’m really good at
Finding the humor in most any situation. Swearing. Cutting through bullshit. Swearing. Staying in touch. Being the peacemaker.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have very eclectic tastes overall, so way too many to itemize here. Everything from punk to classical, short stories to epic novels, cheesy cartoons to socio-political documentaries. Discussing all of that is the fun part of getting to know each other, right?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My Midwestern friendliness and/or helpfulness is often mistaken for flirting or ulterior motives or deep/serious intentions here in this evil city. Online though, I think we all flirt a little -- it's a given. Ultimately, perhaps I don't really give a crap or perhaps I'm too sociable to be on here. Then again, perhaps some guys are just wimps. Prove me wrong...
You should message me if
You "Liked" me on Quickmatch -- I can't tell. Just write!

You've consulted your Magic 8-Ball and the response was favorable.

You're the happy medium between a hot-looking narcissist and a homely saint.

You're kind, want to meet sooner than later and are in/near NYC. Above all, you're emotionally available and have the ability to follow through.