36Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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My self-summary
right, been a long time since i've updated this. feels like maybe it's due for a refresh. new year, new beginnings and all that crap =D

i'm an artist by profession, a geek by definition. star wars, lord of the rings, video games, comic books, etc. y'know ... those things. but i suppose more importantly, i'm a person driven solely by passion in life, and passion of life.

i'm a fairly simple person, who don't hold material wealth to much importance. sure, money is important in today's modern society to survive, but i don't like big houses, and i don't fancy sports cars. if anything, i'd very much like to one day have a nice little cottage by a river, up in the mountains, with my own farm, living off the earth =D there, that should probably scare off a bunch of people now =D

but yea, money doesn't mean too much beyond survival for me. and i'd like to think i'm doing quite ok, fairly comfortable, and i'm not seeking untold riches. i don't care for it. contentment in life means a whole lot more. someone could offer me all the money in the world to do something i might not be happy doing, and i wouldn't think twice about turning it down. i much rather take less money, and do something i love. that should give you an idea of this creature you're dealing with haha XD

i believe life is for living. to go out, to enjoy the big adventures and even tiny moments, as everything can be as epic as we want it to be. personally, i've been to quite a number of places around the globe as well; from tokyo to frankfurt to paris to amsterdam to new york to san francisco to helsinki to tallinn, etc. either on work or for the little adventures ... and i do enjoy them just as much as simple things like hanging out with friends, and doing silly things, or sitting around painting, or reading a book.

so yea, i believe in passion, i believe in happiness, and i believe money doesn't equate happiness either. the simple things are what makes me smile. the kind of person who would be so much happier if you doodled something on a piece of white paper for my birthday, than receiving a spanking new high end phone, because let's face it, if it's something material, i can buy it if i really want it ... but i treasure the things money cant buy ;)
What I’m doing with my life
doing a lot of thinking about life. the state of economy, and politics, in this country is really going sideways now. will it get better? not likely in the near future. so like a game of chess, what's my next move? what are the potential outcomes?

a big part of me loves this country. a bigger part of me don't love the government very much. would this be a good place to stay on in the long run? the economy is slowly falling into ruins. the value of our currency is depreciating; the buying power slowly diminishing.

perhaps it's time to consider a move out of the country? where do i want to settle down? where do i go?

in the meantime, if there are jobs, i paint, if i'm free, i paint. occasionally hang out with some friends; movies, lunches, dinners ... little distractions in life, albeit fun ones, that keeps us going until something pops along~
I’m really good at
this one is easy. drawing, painting, playing video games, coming up with the weirdest ideas, weirdest stories, and weirdest solutions to any potential problem you'll have =D and as weird as it seems, that's what people pay me to do half the time ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
1. my head. i don't think it's that uncommon, but at one point or another, people WILL ask why i shave my head bald ;)

2. how i actually try to avoid calling people 'auntie' or 'uncle' (a norm in asian countries); i usually go with 'sir' or 'ma'am' (not so common in asian countries it would seem). also if i am speaking to a lady whom i am not yet very familiar with, i'd refer to them as 'miss' or 'ma'am'.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
mmm this one feels like a long section~

favourite books would include ... just about anything written by neil gaiman; lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkien; tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom. also a shout out to frank miller, alan moore, etc.

favourite movies ... star wars (the original trilogy); a few good men (tom cruise, jack nicholson), training day (denzel washington), 13th warrior (antonio banderas), memento (first christopher nolan movie i watched), and truth be told, quite a number goes into this category alone.

favourite shows ... the shield, sopranos, arrested development, 30rock, boardwalk empire, game of thrones, breaking bad, house of cards, and again, quite a good number of shows.

a note here is that i tend to turn on movies and shows on my other monitor while i'm painting, so as a result, i end up blazing through plenty in a short span ... because i paint fairly frequently~ i might not end up really watching everything in it's entirety, but i just like to have some distraction while i work =)

favourite music ... jazz; more specifically, cool jazz, smooth jazz, bossanova; and oldies, to kick back and relax to. soundtracks/new age/etc. that suits the mood of whatever i'm painting.

favourite food ... i love malay/indonesian food generally ... and thai. i love anything spicy for the most parts. i have a very very high tolerance to chili. but i actually also enjoy a good salad every now and then, japanese, italian, spanish, etc. it's easier to just say chinese cuisine is actually amongst my least favourite.
Six things I could never do without
now i suppose i could go with logical, practical, or just be plain silly ... but i think i'll go with something a bit more philosophical =D

passion. my driving force. if we can do something we love, if we can love what we do, everyone would be a lot happier. if we do something with all our hearts, to do something with passion, we would always get better results too.

principles. a man without principles is like a ship without a compass; it changes direction with every change of the wind. of course, this can be a double edged sword, but we should always know what we're fighting for in life, what matters most to us; afterall, as malcolm x said, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

honor. better to die in honor than live in shame. pretty much the samurai's creed. i think it's important for us to do what is right, to do the honorable thing, at whatever the cost. stripped of honor, life would lose a huge part of it's meaning.

imagination. be it for work, or for life. this is where all creativity begins. we start with a thought, an idea, to dare to imagine some impossibility, and to take that impossibility, and bring it to life. that's what leads us down new paths =)

philosophy ;) the ability to look at life and reality around us, in various perspectives, to understand the big picture, the little details, to piece it together, and thus making a bit more sense of everything. with this we will find it easier to accept why things happen, for better or for worse, to look for silver linings, to laugh at ourselves in the face of tragedy.

and finally, something to draw with. a pencil, a pen, a wacom tablet ... i'd do it with lipstick, a cup of tea, anything really. so actually this can be fairly readily available if i were so inclined i suppose; considering you never know when a thought or an idea might just occur~ although i still prefer a pencil~
I spend a lot of time thinking about
love and life and philosophy. where everything began, where it might end, and everything else in between ... some of which would eventually motivate me to paint, to write, to go out and do something with myself.

i also think a lot about the world around us. and it makes me afraid. afraid of the state of the world, about how governments are corrupt, how people are killing each other; i'm afraid of bigotry, of selfishness, of how many worship technology, and money, as much as they aren't aware of it; i'm afraid of how people starve themselves thinking they're 'fat'; i'm afraid of the people who would eat anything just so they don't starve. i'm afraid of what mankind faces today, and i wonder, in the context of heaven and hell, why do people say they fear hell, yet are content to help create it where we live, or not bothered by it enough to try to change it?

it's a really odd world we live in today.

at the same time, i also think about how it would be great if we lived in a world of tolerance, kindness; a world where chivalry isn't dead; a world where people value things other than material wealth and power; where people can look at the little things in life and appreciate them; where without a need for it even, life would actually hold more meaning~

and so probably i spend most of my time thinking how i could change myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
at this day and age, where most of my close friends are now in relationships, or married, or moved and scattered across the globe ... truth be told not much.

if friends are free, i'd hang out with them; if otherwise, i'd sit home, probably paint, or read a book, or watch a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
as a guy, i'm quite connected to my emotions. and that being said, i do cry while watching movies (well not during action movies, or horror, or the likes of course). emotions channel into passion, and passion fuels my life, so i suppose it's inevitable haha~

truth be told, not much to be said here. i don't particularly hide much about anything. i often analyze myself, my past, my flaws, etc. and i have long since accepted all of it as part of who i am; my stories, my experiences in life, makes me the man i am today, for better or for worse. and the only way i can improve on myself, to be a better person, is to first acknowledge all my mistakes, and accept them. then, and only then, can it be a catalyst for change.

so yea, if people ask me the right questions, they'll get an answer for just about anything~
You should message me if
if you've actually made it this far, read all of those walls of text which nobody will probably read (haha), and amazingly found it interesting enough (!!), and STILL haven't run away just yet ... then by all means.
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