41Oklahoma City, United States
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My self-summary
I am tall husky. Have a strong goofy side of self when comfortable. Me I like doing activities at the lake. During warm seaons I go to the lake to have a blast. Hard working and like to balance it with fun to.

I am positive thinking, average goofball, and outdoorsman
What I’m doing with my life
I am enjoying what the world has to offer me I found that it is better to spread a positive vibe onto others it makes ones world better and positive to the world plus it is priceless turning someone frown upside down and making new friends. Enjoy my job helping people out growing a garden learning how to strengthen my airbrushing skills and meeting amazing new people in the process.
I’m really good at
Being a normal goofball
Like helping others when willing.
Came from a bloodline of do it your selfers so like the challenge of doing it one self and having pride in finshing the project at hand myself or with friends plus it saves more money than having a professional luagh you to the bank.
growing a garden hard work but pays off in the long run.
meeting new people and seeing how far my positive vibe and charm of a smile rubs off on others and how far it goes. It is fun and you meet and make so many new people and friends it is fun.
The first things people usually notice about me
having people look up. lol
seeing I am a helpful fun loving person.
A smile helps calm the nerves of the worry and the under confident they see I enjoy making people laugh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like many things I enjoy weekend outings if you like to camp and get wet.
barbequing love to make foods with herbs and spices.
learning to get back into herbal teas interesting drinks and healthy too.
like sushi. I like books that helps one self. the best one I encountered is the (The secret) change my life for the better and still working on bettering self even more. Like listening to many different radio stations even short wave to learn how the rest of the world is viewing and reacting to the events around the world. Like fish learning to season veggies and that is a new delight.
I highly recommend a couple of books author david Lieberman
titles never be lied to again and you can read anyone.
Why I post this so the right people can help protect themselves from bad people on here it is a free dating web site you get what you pay for
Six things I could never do without
food, shelter, restrooms, showers, communication and ah yes happiness ya ya I know I sound like a boy scout. sorry was one and still one (always be prepared )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I like to think out side the box on how the world works around us. Like to watch educational channels to learn more of the world. I enjoy those shows more than a action or drama show. there entertaining and the mind is always hungry for more brain food to chew on.How to learn to harvest more deer. Practicing my airbrushing skills. like to see how far I can spread my smile in a day turning ones frown upside down and making a new friend for the day some times is a priceless event in ones life.
making a better garden.
learning how to bring the right positive people in ones world what you give out is what you get back.
On a typical Friday night I am
working on long term goals planning my local project for the weekend. Find someone to share the weekend if open. Go meet friends and see what is new to yak about and plan for some activities on how to paint the town red. Helping friends on a huge group hobby or ours. Learning new things to better one self. planning my attack on the weeds in the garden. lol
on my quest to meet new people and enjoy what the world has to offer
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
let see here darn I lost my keys to the skeleton in my closet. last I check I don't have any felonies or murdered any one or misdonmenors minus speeding in the way past. I am a gentle giant there. Odd been nick name gentle giant before from people.
If it is something private must be something of little importance to scare a average lady off.
You should message me if
you just want a polite man that you can chat with without the hype. Must like to camp can't swim or don't like to swim in lake water what a bummer. I like hunting so if you have a bow and arrows we can go hunt. fishing but most ladies hate those slimy stinky freaks of nature odd half of them love to eat them bring a open mind and something fun and exciting to converse about and we can both decide were are worlds meet and collide. Your not a worry wild creature of a lady there is good men out there learn to approach them with a positive kind honest respective persona you might be surprised what new friendly people you meet.
The two of us