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My self-summary
Last survivor of the doomed planet Krypt...
No, that's not right...

Bitten by a radioactive spid...
No, that's not right either...

Possessing the hypnotic ability to cloud men's minds...
Okay, this is going nowhere rather quickly...

Who am I?

This is a question I simply can't adequately answer because 1) I'm too close to myself to be objective, b) who I am varies over time, with new experiences, actions and perspectives, III) I am tremendously uncomfortable writing my own press releases, preferring instead to allow others to draw their own conclusions, and **) My ability to structure a list apparently leaves something to be desired...

Several of my friends (as well as some of my co-workers) seem to think that I'm just a Great Big Box of Awesome, while I quietly wonder to myself if I even deserve to have someone special in my life.

So who am I?

Well, if a human being can de defined by their hobbies, interests, and choices in life, then I am (in no particular order of importance)-

-A science fiction fan
-A cinema geek
-A former Apple Computer tech
-A gentleman
-A hopeless romantic
-A sensualist
-An archivist
-An inventor
-A lesbian trapped in a straight man's body
-A repository of pop-culture trivia
-An outsider, looking in
-A Human Being, trying to make just enough of an impact on the lives of those around him, so that he will be remembered when he's not around...

To summarize, then - Who Am I?

I'm Clark Kent, trapped in a world without phone booths.

I'm a Time Lord, stripped of his TARDIS, and without a companion.

I'm... Well, why not take a chance, send me a message, and find out for yourself... :-)
What I’m doing with my life

No self-imposed judgmental pressure there, is there...?

I'm semi-retired, and working part time for the local AMC Theater (although lately, the 'part' in 'part time' seems to be taking more of my time than I originally intended...)

Before that, I was an Apple Computer Service Tech for 23 years for various independent Apple Dealers around the country (including towards the end, my own business). I got out of the business because 1) the computers keep getting newer, faster, and smaller, while I kept getting older, slower, and larger. 2) I developed a long term injury to my foot, making it difficult to get around, and my eyesight wasn't what it once was (hence the semi-retirement). and 3) when Apple decided to open a store in Madison, I felt that my clients were better served by the store with the resources and personnel that I simply couldn't match (there were other factors, and if you ask me, I'll tell you the whole story). I, on the other hand was an obsolete relic of a bygone era, whose skill set was no longer relevant. Or so I've convinced myself...

I still do consulting work, on a limited basis, and I'm the President of the local Apple User Group. One of my housemates is an Apple Genius, and I still keep up with the Apple Culture. Working for the Movie Theater gets me out of the house (I was spending much of my time there anyway, so I thought why not get paid for it?), and the cinema has always been a passion of mine. (Other passions include, but are not limited to, vintage arcade video games, classic theatrical cartoons, Silver Age DC Comics, and science fiction television series)
I’m really good at
(Well, there are other things too, and I'll fill this out more in time...)
The first things people usually notice about me
Generally, people tend not to notice me (it's the ninja training...)

When someone takes an interest in me, they notice my offbeat sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well, first of all, now that I've gotten myself an iPad, I'm reading recreationally again :-)

I'm currently reading the George R.R. Martin edited "Wild Card" series of books (A fascinating series. If you get the chance, I strongly recommend it).

Favorite Movies? Well, I'll try and only list a few...

-Star Wars (the original edition. Before they started calling it 'Episode Four'... )
- Raiders of the Lost Ark (I saw this 23 times in the theater... :-) )
- The Iron Giant (If you haven't seen this movie, stop reading this, find a copy and watch it. DVD, Netflix, pirate a copy via bittorrent, I don't care. This was *the best* movie of 1999, and the most underrated. Ask me about the backstory...)
- Hugo (The movie that *should* have won 'Best Picture' in 2012... Just saying... Yes, 'The Artist' was charming... 'Hugo' was magical...)
- The Incredibles (Where's the sequel!?)
- Tron (It just has a special place in my heart...)
- Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (A masterpiece on so many levels)
- The Wizard of Speed and Time (If you are familiar with this film, you need to contact me immediately... ;-) )
- Robot Carnival (an introduction to anime, A Japanese 'Fantasia')

Did I mention that I'm a bit of a cinema geek?

As far as favorite shows, assuming television shows -

- Doctor Who (celebrating 50 years in 2013!)
- Once Upon A Time
- Person of Interest
- The Big Bang Theory
- Good Eats!
- Iron Chef (and to a lesser extent, Iron Chef America)
- Leverage (although it's just been canceled...:-( )
- Futurama
- Robot Chicken
- I'm open to suggestions for others...


I believe that 'Weird Al' Yankovic is one of the most talented musicians of our era...


- Hamburgers (Show me a restaurant that truly understands the meaning of 'Medium Rare', and I'll show you an establishment that has my loyalty)
- Peanut butter and bacon on toast
- Peanut butter filled pretzels
- Peperoni Pizza
- Tater Tots
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything... And at times, I wish I could turn that off, and just enjoy life...

Case in point -

A friend of mine once asked me if I preferred Coke or Pepsi...
I then spent the next several minutes explaining and exploring the virtues of each, finally coming to the conclusion that I preferred Coke on hotter days, and Pepsi when I'm craving something sweeter.

My friend is much more careful with the questions asked of me now...
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmmm... Request clarification to term "Typical"...

If I'm not working at the theater, and it's summertime, You'll probably find me at the Highway 18 Outdoor Theater in Jefferson (my 'summer home')

If the Drive-In is closed, and I have a Friday night off (Yeah, like *that* ever happens...), I'll go for a long drive to decompress, and clear my head... Just pick a direction, and go... Usually ending up in Milwaukee, or Dubuque, finding something to do, and driving home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Given the opportunity, I'd like to date an adult film star... But not for the reasons you might think...
(Hmmm... Oddly enough, no one's asked me about this yet...)
(Okay, *two* people have asked me about this...)
You should message me if
I've captured your interest. I promise to take good care of it until I hear from you, and return it unharmed.
If you're a Doctor Who fan, as we may already be involved, but just haven't met yet...

A quick update -

If you've written me, well, thank you first of all... I didn't know what to expect when I joined this site (and frankly, I'm the sort of guy that has to be hit upside the head with a clue-by-four to realize that anyone has even the slightest interest in me...).

Again, if you've written, and I've not yet written back. I'm not ignoring you... Really... I'm just a bit overwhelmed (It's not a difficult trick, I assure you...).

Full disclosure - There are a few of you I've been chatting with, and even a select few who are interested in meeting in person (You know who you are... :-) )

It is not my intention to attempt to 'juggle' (and I doubt I have the coordination skills either physically, or socially to make such an attempt). I am, however always interested in meeting new people, and making new friends. If more comes of that, I'm generally in favor of it, and if the right person (or people, for that matter) become a part of my life, in whatever capacity the wibbily-wobbily-timey-wimey lines of linear existence have in store for me, I'll try to be as open, honest and forthright as I am capable of being.

I realize I'm not for everybody, but if you're honest (at the very least with yourself) about what you're looking for, I'll be honest with you about what I can provide.

So there...

(Okay, perhaps not as quick an update as I originally intended...)

An update to my previous update -

My 'Whelm Level' remains in the 'Over' column... :-/

I've met several very nice young ladies (point of fact - All women are 'Young Ladies' regardless of physical age) since I joined this site (has it only been a couple of months?), and I think I've reached my limit on the number of potential relationships, and/or 'First Dates' for the time being.

There's only one of me (I counted... Twice...), and only so many hours in the day (not to mention only so many days off...), and I'm looking to concentrate on the potential relationships that have come about as a result of my time here (and if you're reading this, you know who you are... ;-) )

Time will progress, as time is wont to do, and I may get this sorted out to a point that I have some clue as to what's going on (HA! I say funny things...), but in the meantime, well, send me a message if you have an interest, but be aware that my dance card is pretty full (and I'm *still* trying to figure out how that happened...)
The two of us