46Honolulu, United States
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My self-summary
After 20+ years on the mainland... and in only a smattering of weeks... I will finally be moving back to Hawaii.
So very excited!
Cheers! (09/13)
I moved here some 4 years past from Seattle for an improved quality of life... which for me, as a drummer, means the opportunity to sort of swim in the deep diverse and constant stream of musics found in the bars, subway platforms, parks, concert halls, streets, taxis etc... And to be surrounded elbow to elbow by folks from all over the known world; and some of the unknown world too. Plus, wandering the streets; the gorgeous accretions of history, embedded and peeling, all around.
So far so good, mostly.
And but, I do so much... generally experience, so much; and alone.
And, what with 'no man being an island unto himself'; and with a general fear of encroaching solipsism, I've plopped a bit of myself here in hopes of a partner (not necessarily in crime) with which to experience, enjoy (or hate), discuss; and, generally, sculpt, experience.
What I’m doing with my life
Sitting in front of a practice pad, stick in hand, working on the balance between willful directed force and its equal and opposite rebound.
Standing on the F train, looking at the city in the sun.
Reading advertisements unconsciously and automatically.
On the phone, at work, repeating commonly said phrases, like a mantra; also like nails in a coffin, a little bit.
Getting a cup of coffee. Enjoying, way beyond rational sense, the daily 45 second interaction with the barista. Sometimes I'm almost giddy and have to hide that fact.
Playing it cool with people I admire.
Dancing; sometimes while thinking about dancing... which can be awkward... have another beer.
Sitting at my drums, playing along with jan garbarek's ragas and sagas; or bill frisell's intercontinentals; or the buena vista social club. Or playing music with my friends... I play drums a lot...
Favoring ellipsis...
I’m really good at
Interrogating cats; mostly to no avail.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the audience, no?
If I'm walking in a convent, then that I am a man.
If I'm parading by a barber's, that my hair is too long.
If I am walking past a dog, certainly, my scent. (cuz, as i learned from 'watership down', animals are people too...)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Under Milkwood, Dylan Thomas; dead, horribly, via some massive infusion of bar.
David Foster Wallace; shit, also dead!
Don DeLillo; spare New Yorker and semiotic.
Yup, the whole and entire Tolkien; from deep childhood til now, thank you.
Neal Stephenson's Baroque Trilogy for explaining how we are where we are; plus with swashbuckling.
Any number of speculative fiction... for, you know, speculating.
Also an array of fantasy... I mean Phillip Pulman's 'His Dark Materials'... pretty subversive.
Rumi. Solid truths expressed simply. Plus, funny too.
Alan Watts. Ram Dass. Spiritual types; genuine. Also, funny. I mean, why be enlightened and dour?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how something called 'touch' can express the complexity and nuance of human emotion.
How every person I pass on the street, every person selling me a fruit, or rushing against me on the train, has an equally full interior individuality and complex personal history as myself.
That we all share this thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes, of an evening, walking in a mild wind, a skittering rat will recklessly bounce and barrel towards me... by the time I realize the rat is a leaf, or a bag in the breeze, I've already sort of yelped and clutched in what can't be mistaken as a manly way... though to be fair, sometimes it really is a rat, so...
You should message me if
If having judged the book by the cover; and the blurb on the back... it seems profitable to pursue a deeper read.
The two of us