35Deltona, United States
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My self-summary
On a wondrous journey to find my fellow copilot, to blast off and drift the universe in search of the fundamental truths, laughing, crying, goosepimpling in awe of the majestic depths of reality, bring to this world our very own versions of the great creation, to eventually erode to dust and pure love, leaving behind only the warmth of a million happy thoughts.

And to eat fajitas. Lots of fajitas.
What I’m doing with my life
Working too much, schooling not enough. Other than that, planing for the future when I retire, so I can bugger on off to somewhere and not worry about money and bills.
I enjoy learning, trying to get a job at the Uni doing research and getting paid. Beats digging them holes (I enjoy it tho)
I’m really good at
Camping and hiking. All my vacations must include camping, breweries, public exploration, history, more beer and falling over, all in a new city. Oh and hostels. Adds grit.

Hobbies. Too many.
I have been described as a Renaissance Man.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I believe this ebbs and flows too much to lock down:

No Code - Pearl Jam / Outlaw Country / The Fall - Gorillaz / 90's alternative and rock

The Big Lewboski / Gentalman Bronco / My Neighbor Totoro / Clerks (Clerks II is crap)

1984 / ASOIAF / Jack Whyte / any book of Brewing history / The Prince / Foundation Series

mXc / Keeping Up Appearance / House of Cards / Doc..... Martin... Oh and maybe Who / Trailer Park Boys / Hogans Heros / Rick and Morty / John Oliver / Vice / Big Bang Theory / Bob's Burgers / South Park / GoT

Indian / Weihenstephaner Original Premium / Cuban
Peaches / Strawberries / Rice / Coffee
Six things I could never do without
Sleep...tons of sleep
My pets
Lazy weekends soaking up some relaxing
A power outage at night, in the driveway getting lost in the stars.
On a typical Friday night I am
Non are too typical. My life is quite diverse, so no night or day is typical. Although I do trim my toe nails Friday nights.
You should message me if
Have an adventous mind, body, and soul.
Unconfined sense of humor.
Have unique or shared hobbies. Being a dork is awesome.
Like to cook, and are relatively clean around your living space.
Can give good back massages (there is reciprocation and chocolate in for you).
Can see yourself having kids in the future.
Would relish the idea of decorating a house for me. Seriously, this place is too spartan.
The two of us