35 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Largely undatable for the time being, but interested in new friendships digital and out in the real world.

Likely revamping this whole thing soon, but for now just deleting all my answers and starting over there.

The world is glorious in both its wonder and absurdity. As much as our contemporary neo-Enlightenment philosophies tend to vilify the human wrought world as "unnatural" and "unhealthy". Nature certainly doesn't have a monopoly on the sublime any more than we have one on the ridiculous.

I'm sure there is nothing like a God, but I'm also equally sure it has a stupendous sense of humor.

The shiny thing your attention is drawn to is, inevitably, quite boring. What lies in the periphery and beyond is less so, but will always disappoint with its insistence on the importance of what lies at the center. It is this tension that gives rise to all meaning, between the emptiness of the subject and the subjugation of any context to that emptiness.

The importance of the above cannot be overstated. Yes, philosophy can be construed as intellectual masturbation, but the delineation between masturbation and lovemaking is nearly nonexistent when two minds of the right mettle meet. It is through masturbation that we arrive at an understanding of what is possible between two wanton notions; it is through philosophy that we arrive at an understanding of what questions we can actually ask.

I just want to know people who are always asking. I want people who are never content with their little ledge, convinced it is the wide wondrous world. I want people who are content that there really is no bottom, no end point, just more questions.
What I’m doing with my life
Working on being able to read real books again after evil corporate service-industry rays melted my mind, my soul, and pretty much every other part of me. The ones that kick me in the balls and then make me ask for another.

Working on catching up in my New Yorkers.

Working on being able to write again.

Working on getting back into shape.

Working for a tiny tech/software company. Not making a huge amount, but loving my job.

Plunging into Swift after creating an app in Objective-C.
I’m really good at
Destroying bicycle drivetrains. Never using the granny gear. Refusing the see the connection between those two things.

Learning over and over the value of being able to throw away something I created and once thought was brilliant and perfect.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books that feel indecent to read in public, but not in the way you might think. Also big, heavy, boring ones; well, ones that look boring from the outside.

Frequently disappointed by books that a lot of people love. "Geek Love" fell apart at the end (still worth reading). I couldn't stand Rowling's writing, no matter what the subject (weak sauce P.G. Wodehouse). The last great book I read was The Bell Jar and before that House of Leaves (which is still one of the greatest books I've ever read).

My taste in movies depends on my mood, but I do enjoy big dumb action/disaster movies and quiet intense meditations on the meaning of life. Also frequently disappointed by movies that are highly praised ("Inception" was neither particularly intelligent nor convoluted; simple and mildly entertaining at best).
The six things I could never do without
Contentedness can be pursued. Ecstasy cannot.

In that light I need the outside to be more than a place between insides.

I need my ontic horizon to heave and thrash occasionally.

Friends who love enough to be uncivil.

Rewarding experiences that can be brutal and challenging at the time, and lead to something far greater than fun.

I don't really waste my time counting things that don't need to be counted.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How strange it is to be anything at all.

How strange it is that the right person can make being seem necessary and inevitable. Whether for five minutes or five years.

The importance of the authentic act.

How the incidental and the inevitable are really the same thing seen from different sides of the mirror.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on my week. I am still kind of amazed to be working "standard" hours again and have it actually mean something when random people say "happy Friday".

Maybe home reading. Maybe home watching Netflix. Maybe out with friends or someone who is more than a friend. Maybe working on coding. Maybe leaving for a weekend trip.
You should message me if
You too are continuously stunned by how little compassion and empathy most people seem capable of, while at the same time amazed by what they can accomplish and do which you never could.

You understand the importance of being objectified in the right way at the right time.

You don't think being a cynic or an optimist does justice to what humans are capable of, both evil and good.

If you've read through all that, let's just level with where I am.

Heartbroken multiple times over.

Mostly undatable for some finite, but non-specific, time into the future: I contracted something (temporary and curable) I'd never even heard of that makes physical intimacy difficult. I am leaving "short-term" dating there as a distant possibility.

That doesn't mean that's everything I'm or even most of what I am capable of talking about or doing. I am interested in people who want to see live music, go for random hikes on drizzly PNW days, argue about how to make a (gin) martini and generally get out and enjoy this big weird world.

It does mean if we get close I will cry on your shoulder. But my shoulder is good for crying on too.

I am answering the questions as though I was datable. If you were mislead, I apologize. There's already too much sad-sack on this profile.