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My self-summary
My name is Aaron.

I’m not your average guy. I’m highly intellectual and a natural born scientist. I have an innate desire to understand how everything works. I do a great deal of thinking, the scope of which often gives others headaches; check out my “I spend a lot of time thinking about” section for examples.

Due to the number douchebags and jerks on this site who are either married, plan to use you for sex, or just build you up just to break your heart (kudos if you can name the song!), I've decided to include the following information between a set of wavy lines as a disclaimer.

I do not cheat—period. Period. As long as my profile lists me as single, I can truly guarantee that I am single. It really bothers me how many married men there are on this site who claim to be single.
I am not hiding anything, nor do I have any dirty secrets. This means that I’ve never done drugs, I have no children, no scary or crazy exes, no addictions, no serious medical conditions, and I have no criminal record. I’m neither insecure nor jealous and have no issues with violence or anger. I will not manipulate or exploit your emotions; another human being’s affection and trust are not things to be toyed with. I am both emotionally and socially healthy. I grew up in a stable loving household; my mother stayed at home to raise me and my sister while remaining happily married to my father.
Note: I'm currently seeing someone, so please don't message me unless you're looking to be friends or put together a gaming group :)

I mostly studied physics in college but also dabbled a bit in psychology and cognitive science. I was great friends with Kimikat73, rest in peace Kimi.

Note that I am atheist, I have no religion and believe that religious faith enables humans to endure hardships better.

Rather than religion I adhere to ideologies. What's great about these ideologies is that I already believed in this way of thinking long before I found the name to describe it. I was profoundly excited to find out that my thoughts and desires for humanity had been so neatly organized and believed in by others!

I am a transhumanist to the core. I subscribe to the following transhumanist ideologies: Abolitionism, Extropianism, Immortalism, Singularitarianism. and Technogaianism.

I am deep in thought, vividly aware, and INTP / ENFP (I scored high in both Inrovert and Extrovert, also high on both thinking and feeling go figure).

Note I list that I don't smoke, but I do consume nicotine via e-cigarette, nicotine is wonderful for adjusted ADHD's like myself.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently advancing my career in the information technology. I work for Apple in technical support. I never thought I'd like Apple, being a hardcore PC user since about 2 years old, but it's actually really nice. I'm contemplating when to go back to college to finish my degree. I spend some time caring for two reptiles: a bearded dragon named Thor and a blue tongue skink named Chloe.
I’m really good at
Abstract thought, problem solving, debating, and being objective.

DDR aka Dance dance revolution and Guitar Hero.
(note: I'm mainly retired from DDR and Guitar Hero these days).

I used to play the clarinet at a nationally recognized level but now only play occasionally.

I'm usually good at anything I set my mind to.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually my hair. I've been told I have very nice hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is by no means a comprehensive list, just what came to mind at the moment and should give you a good idea of my tastes...
(update: I've made this list slightly more comprehensive, but I'm still missing some...)
My favorite comedian is George Carlin. In second place is Demetri Martin; I highly recommend his CD "These are Jokes". Recently discovered Comedian Brian Reagan, he's a riot :D
Please message me with your favorite comedians!
My favorite webcomic is I also like the webcomics Questionable Content and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. About little while back I discovered mspaintadventures and absolutely love Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, please give these a chance, they are well worth it.
Books (authors):
Orson Scott Card, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Elaine Cunningham, Ed Greenwood, Robert J. King especially his trilogy the "Blood Wars Trilogy", J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy Series. I live the non-fiction work by Michio Kaku, examples include "Science of the Impossible" and "Hyperspace". I plan to start on George R.R. Martin's "Song of Fire and Ice" series aka Game of Thrones.

Sci-fi movies: Ghostbusters 1 and 2, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Minority Report, The Matrix trilogy, Paycheck, Lady in the Water. Drawing a blank, there must be tons more!

Romantic Comedies: (haven't see many lately)...Dan in Real Life, Sleepless in Seattle, 50 First Dates, Kate and Leopold (time travel!), My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Wedding Singer
First off I adore the work of Joss Whedon
And now for the list of shows I'm currently keeping up on (favorites in blue).

Currently on the Air:
Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Castle, Fringe, Mythbusters, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, House, Desperate Housewives, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, South Park, Warehouse 13, Eureka, The Office, Futurama (supposed to be coming back on the air eventually).

Some of my favorite shows that are off the air: Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Charmed, Buffy and Angel, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Every Stargate series SG1 and Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Better Off Ted was a great show :)
Arrested Development, Malcolm in the Middle

Many, many fansub anime's including Claymore, CLANNAD, BLEACH, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, etc, etc, etc! There are so many new fansubbed anime's coming out it's hard to keep this section updated. I'm sad to say I'm not watching much anime currently, but I'd love to get back into it!

I also have some classic animations from the late 80's and 90's...I have digital copies of every episode of Disney's Duck Tales and Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack. I recently added every episode of "The Real Ghostbusters". Thinking about adding Voltron and Thundercats to my collection.
Ikimono Gakari, Avenged Sevenfold, Cake, They Might Be Giants, The Pillows, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, John Mayer, No Doubt / Gwen Stefani, Muse, and MIKA, just to name a few. Many modern classical composers such as George Gershwin and Aaron Copland. Adding some more here: Weezer, Disturbed, Greenday... lets just say I have some mixed tastes ^_^.
Authentic Mexican (very had to find around here); Japanese; *Good* sushi and sashimi. I'm an excellent cook, but am not organized enough in the kitchen to cook for a large number of people.
Six things I could never do without
1. The ability to think and reason
2. The Internet
3. iPhone
4. Modern Medicine
5. Shoes (can you imagine not having shoes?)
6. Civil Rights / Freedom
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...some recent and recurring topics include the origins and fate of the universe (cosmology), the future evolution of humans and what we can do to get there sooner (Human Germ-Line Genetic Enhancement), and an interesting way of considering mortality using principals of quantum physics.

Check out the links in my "You should message me if..." section.
On a typical Friday night I am
Now-a-days, I occasionally go out Geocaching (GPS treasure hunting!) or any host of other geeky things like tabletop roleplaying games (such as [[D&D] and Dark Heresy), or chatting with my geek friends on Ventrillo while playing the latest video game.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've watched "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".
You should message me if
You're open minded and like what you read above. You're a fellow atheist, or, as one Cupid profile put it, "don't wear the bible belt".

I get along with people of all religions but my potential match would have to be cool with the earth being 4.54 billion years old, evolution, and the big bang.

Or if you like any of the following links:

Congratulations on reaching the end!
The two of us