46Wayne, United States
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My self-summary
I am a nomadic writer, dedicated rescuer of broken things, and am easily distracted by rusty, neglected things. I'm a bit of a steampunk, and a bit of a goth, and a bit of a scavenger. I prefer wearing skirts to pants, have recently discovered a potentially unhealthy obsession with loose socks and never met a cat or a car I didn't like. Well, maybe once. But that was an exceptionally unpleasant cat.

I have published two post-apocalyptic novels and am working on a third. In my spare time I work a boring-ish dayjob, write about cars, make stuff out of broken stuff and form secret societies.

I am in an openpolyamorous relationship. It's the comfortable-supportive-tribe brand of poly, not the explosions-of-strife-and-drama kind.
What I’m doing with my life
I am an automotive writer and self-published novelist who lived in a motorhome and wandered the country from 2008-2010. I'm building another traveling rig, because there's still world left to see.

For the now, I've settled back home in metro Detroit, and I have taken over the basement of the house I own and rent, the better to have a decent office space. I am dabbling in circus-school classes here and there.

I have a tiny collection of large cars consisting of a '54
Chevrolet pickup, a '76 Mercedes diesel, a Honda Element, a Mercury Capri that has become a post-apocalyptic pursuit vehicle and a thirty-year old Avion motorhome, and a large collection of tiny cars that takes up a whole lot of shelf space. I have accidental collections of typewriters and fancy-ish pens. It's a long story.
I’m really good at
Listening, defusing drama, fixing small things, making weird things and instilling calm. I like to clean up messes, both literal and figurative. I'm good at finding new homes for things. I like face-to-face roleplaying games but have never gotten into MMORPGs or anything online. I like video games but kind of suck at them; the only one I ever got good at was Darkstalkers II, and only with Hsien-Ko, a detail that I've spent way too much time thinking about. I'm told I'm a good dancer, but that's debatable as I only enjoy dancing to noisy goth/industrial music and learned most of my moves from Curly Howard and Ray Bolger. I just do what feels good. I like helping people shop for new cars. I like to recycle and repurpose.
The first things people usually notice about me
My tail. No, that's not even a little bit true. Which is unfortunate; if people could see my tail, it would probably have a lot to say, and I wouldn't have to stammer so much while trying to work out the best way to phrase what I want to say.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite book varies. I am a voracious reader, going through about one a week in a wide variety of genres; the current library holds over 1100 books. It's not glamorous; most of them are paperbacks and trade paperbacks, but if I read it and like it, I generally keep it. Memorable and recommended reads include The Last Open Road, Zeitoun, Persepolis, Severance Package, Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, The Stand, It, Water for Elephants, The Shadow of the Wind, Snowcrash, Kung Fu High School, a sampling of Terry Pratchett, pretty much all of the Modesty Blaise novels (don't care for the comic though), The Stupidest Angel, and The Well of Lost Plots. And it fascinates me that almost every one of my OKC matches lists Chuck Palanihuk as one of their favorites, and I've never gotten into him at all. Hm.
My favorite movie is, oddly enough, Amelie (with a strong recent challenge by Mad Max: Fury Road. This is odd because the rest of the list includes stuff like Doomsday, Battle Royale, RED and such ridiculousness. No, that's not entirely true, there are a pile of serious movies I love as well. Miyazaki, Gilliam and Jeunet are directors I'll almost always trust, and I like Tim Burton but don't think he's infallible. When it comes to television, Firefly changed my life for the better, I alternately enjoy and am aggravated by The Walking Dead, and I obsess over Game of Thrones, whose books I have not read, on purpose. I've also been watching Archer because I'm a sucker for well-pace dialogue and a certain brand of lowbrow humor, Orange is the New Black (for all of the storylines not involving Piper), The Librarians because it's kind of adorkable, Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter because I am a Marvel Universe conscript, and I'm also very glad Battlebots got a second season.
The music that moves me is goth-industrial, but I can find things that I enjoy in just about any genre. When pressed to name favorite bands, I can always fall back on Siouxsie and the Banshees, the White Ghost Shivers, Rasputina, KMFDM and Grendel, but that's not nearly the whole picture. Lately I've been captivated by Beats Antique, electro-swing and Abney Park.
I like food. I'm one of those high-metabolism, constantly-grazing people. Simple sushi, cupcake stores, coney dogs, Chipotle-style burritos, orangey soda and fresh fruit are love. I don't drink because I'm allergic to alcohol, but I'm not morally opposed to it. This also means that I am a built-in DD.
Six things I could never do without
This question strikes me as kind of a silly one. I could live with just whatever I could carry in a backpack. But I like stuff, so I'd rather not.

What's more interesting than a list of basic necessities is a list of ten things I DON'T need, but didn't realize (until they tumbled into my life) how happy they make me: an accordion, a Cosanti bell, my old Mercedes, a bass guitar (which I cannot play), super-tall slouch socks from Japan, a five-ball, a canopy bed, a subwoofer, a Fubar and an apple peeler. Is that a useless enough answer for you?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I build worlds in my head, as I'm working on no fewer than three novels at the moment. I think about shoes and ships and sealing wax. I wonder why people will take out their phones and start texting without saying, "Excuse me" to the person they're talking to. I think about the places I want to go and the things I want to do. I am usually thinking about four or five things at once. This may mean I'll seem like I'm distracted or bored. I'm probably neither.
On a typical Friday night I am
looking for strange.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
What? And miss the look on your face? You'll have to ask me in person. if you're that curious. Also, this is an idiotic question.
You should message me if're interested in having an online conversation in which 99% of the words are spelled correctly and "lol" is only used when someone really laughs out loud, if at all; you're interested in making new friends; you are nobody's little weasel; you're not offended by an occasional burst of creative profanity; you are interested in meeting in person rather than exchanging messages endlessly; you just want to say something random.

Management note: I don't get on OKC and shotgun messages out into the ether hoping for responses. I'm pretty picky about who I meet, though (contradictorily) I love meeting new people. And if I message and don't get a response, I presume non-interest, not "I'm too busy." In other words, I'm not out to waste my time or anyone else's. So if there's a glimmer of "hmm," (whether I messaged you first or not) please drop a note. There are lots of seats by the fire.
The two of us