36Sunderland, United States
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My self-summary
You can trust me, I'm a doctor. Wait, not that kind of doctor. I'm A doctor, not THE doctor. Oh, PhD comics. Hoping to meet new people, expand my social circle, and find fun people to hang out with.

Scientist, geek, nerd, writer, gamer, reader, thinker, feeler. Hopeful, nervous, happy, concerned, warm, thoughtful. Acutely observant, yet highly oblivious. Honest with myself and others. Occasionally guilty of assuming people see the world the way I do, while keeping an open mind. A relentless questioner, and seeker of truth. Someone who will defend his friends with the ferocity of a bear.

I'm either the most anti-social extrovert or the most social introvert. I like to talk, but situations with lots of people annoy me.

I once had an MRI done of my head, and was informed that I have a very round brain.
What I’m doing with my life
To pay the bills: SCIENCE! Hence the user name. Specifically, chemistry research.

To improve myself: Trying to make some lifestyle changes, eating better, all that good stuff.

To be happy: Reading, music, video games.

To amuse myself: Edit this profile.
I’m really good at
Analyzing problems, puzzles, data
Remembering useless information
Being on time
Explaining my thought processes (both intellectual and emotional).
Finding fantastic times to look at someone and say, "Is that a fat joke?"
Keeping an open mind
Breaking the ice (Wait, is that a fat joke?)
The first things people usually notice about me
Let's be honest, it's probably the product of my potato-famine surviving genes that haven't ever met a calorie that they didn't want to hold onto for dear life. I try to eat healthy, my blood pressure is 126/70, and three of my four grandparents lived into their 90s, but this build is part of the package.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Foundation series, Jurassic Park, Thursday Next series
Movies: The Usual Suspects, Bull Durham, Apollo 13
Music: Beethoven, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Tom Lehrer, The Police, Train, Tonic
Food: Pretty much anything (Is that a fat joke?)
Games: Dragon Age, The Witcher, FTL, Civilization, Pirates!, Path of Exile, Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Diplomacy
Six things I could never do without
I'm changing this to, "Six things I wouldn't ever want to be without," cause I think that's more revealing of me as a person.

Unanswered questions
A car- I love driving.
Green Bay Packers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Specific recent topic: how my ideas about life and happiness have changed over time. Very introspective, I know.

Being a "grown up"
My Friends
The truth and trust (both as relates to relationships and Diplomacy)
Why people (including me) are the way they are.
The Voltron reboot. Waaaaaay too much time thinking about the Voltron reboot. Maybe that belongs under the most private thing....
On a typical Friday night I am
unwinding after work. That could involve a restaurant and a game, or a movie, or a board game night, or video games, or driving somewhere for a weekend event.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If reincarnation were real, I'd want to come back as a polar bear, even though that would probably doom me to a short, hungry life on melting ice floes.

Oh, and I occasionally travel great distances for the purpose of pushing wooden blocks around a map of Europe.
You should message me if
Anything I've written intrigues you.

Most of what passes for news coverage in this country strikes you as bread and circuses.

You equally appreciate the work of Haber, Euler, Bach, and Netter.

You're good at coming up with ideas for stuff to do. I'm great at planning logistics and executing things, but not the best at choosing the mission objective.
The two of us