35Apopka, United States
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My self-summary
... think Cheshire Cat

Labyrinth... yes this is what I am actually called, a nickname given to me by my closest of friends who said I know the movie way too well, and it describes be perfectly because I am practically imposible to decipher, even though there are many ways to do it, but once you do, I'm a piece of cake (yes that is a reference to portal)

Out of frustration I'm going to update my profile to answer the most commonly asked questions:
-I'm looking for FRIENDS not FWB, if you are looking for sex - stop now and go on to the next profile. I'm an old-fashioned girl with old-fashioned values, like getting to know someone well, learn they are trustworthy, then figure out relationship status, titles, and labels.
-my pictures are all photo shoots, I don't take "selfies", they also reflect all the facets of my life so if you are going to be my friend then you have to be ok seeing me in all those facets.
-I have a boyfriend of thirteen years and we are in an open relationship. He works a great deal of the time giving me time to go out and I have a particular fondness for movies and going to see them a lot so I would like someone to hang out with, go to movies with, and get to know, not keeping him from dating but not being sacrificed to it either
-if you have issues with jealousy, keep in mind everything in this profile before messaging me

Hopefully that has answered the most common questions and you can read on to get to know me better...

So lets see... (what I've already alluded to)
....silly, kind of random style crazy
....complicated but once figured out, predictable
....complete movie buff
....somewhat of a gamer
(then there's the other stuff)
....primal camping - yes
....rock climbing - yes
....dancing - yes
....oh I forgot to mention scientist (only the mad kind when they let me - that can get expensive you know) music from 80's to now-mostly rock, heavy metal and country (I grew up in the south... what can I say, country had to be in there) to dine out (because who wants to do the cooking AND the cleaning) but there is nothing like a GOOD home cooked meal, either way, I'm always in for good food... keeping money in mind
....VERY money wise, frugal, and savvy but never cheap
(please read the bottom)
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching... yes I am molding young minds.... NAAAAA... I'm a scientist in a laboratory trying not to blow or burn the place down... like I almost did a few weeks ago... tee hee hee

(It wasn't ENTIRELY my fault)
I’m really good at
Appearing to be innocent, Business, Biology, creating purple-eyed "walks" (because they were flies born without wings)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the day they meet me and what I'm wearing. (In the t-shirt and jeans vs. business casual outfit kind of way)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
..... BOOKS: Pride and Prejudice and Hunger Games, Maze runner series, Divergent series (yeah I know - I don't read much, not even Potter)
...... MOVIES: Most of them... some of best off the top of my head...Labyrinth, Jupiter ascending, Lucy, Men of Honor, Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Drop Dead Fred, Fast Five - now seven, Wreck it Ralph, Rock of Ages, Pride and Prejudice (like all 4 versions, but the Colin Firth version is best), oh I can go on and on,and these are just the old ones... Frozen (yes I know), Shawshank Redemption, How to train your dragon 1, and 2... I'm an addict... I'm in the theaters every week usually... some girls do chocolate, I do movies
..... SHOWS: well I just saw Les Mis. in movie theaters and I understood it better there than the three times I saw it in a theater so that and of Mice and men, Don Giovanni and many more while my boyfriend was in art school.
...... MUSIC: Def Leopard, Metallica, and Bon Jovi (80 - 90) Their new stuff is okay but ... yeah... otherwise I can probably sing along to at least 1 out of 3 songs on any rock, metal, or country station on the radio
...... FOOD: food glorious food... it is easier to say what I won't eat, thai, indian, most exotic styles that just don't agree with me (no mexican doesn't count... or any other latin food)
Six things I could never do without
The usual, food, water, shelter, the abilities to get those with relative ease... so what is that 4? After that isn't it a "stay white and die" kind of question? But if I were take the "nature" of this question...
My friends: they are few but family
My car or motorcycle (or some form of vehicle and the fuel to propel it): I like my freedom
..... Having a hard time here....
Movies I guess... I do love them a lot but I could do without them if I had to... I may be taking this question a bit too seriously

So if I don't....
My bed with MY sheets and pillows
Bluetooth in my car - leading to Pandora on my phone
Hot, like lava, shower
good food
(Movies trump them all bit I figured that was a given)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Nothing comes to mind so I must not be keeping track... Its a joke people... My future
On a typical Friday night I am
At the movies seeing the newest release and/or out to dinner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm kinky.... a's a part of my life which is why you see the pictures...they are meant to prepare you, not entice you regardless of how you take them (people keep asking me about this so I will elaborate... I tell you so you won't freak out when you find out or you find something we have in common - this is not a pick up line) Saying this is something we have in common does not impress me but if you don't like it, then I wanted to warn you up front.
You should message me if
YOU HAVE ACTUALLY READ THIS PROFILE AND UNDERSTAND THAT I AM IN AN OPEN KINKY RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN AND WE ARE BOTH OPEN TO DATING (Geez, I keep getting questions about this one too - it seems clear enough to me) DATES DO NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE SEX....I don't know when this became a foreign concept, but like I said, maybe I'm old fashioned. If you must have a title attached to it, a friend would be a nice place to start. I'm not after your money either. (Never thought I would have to include that) Told you I was crazy/unusual/weird/insane... choose your description (apparently just based on this ideal).......... now then, lets see how many people actually read this.
The two of us