31Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Pro-Domme, first and foremost. Living on the edge is My perpetual life model. Carving out that place somewhere between "holy fuck" and "oh my fucking god." Though, I'm an avowed atheist. I'm an anti-patriot, anti-establishment, antidote to your sadness, pain, fear, weakness. Though I exploit those all for My benefit (and yours, perhaps) to get there. I'm smarter than you can imagine, and I'm stronger than you're comfortable with - but I'll also put you at ease. I'm a dichotomy, like that.

I appreciate dollars, not nonsense.

If you're interested in Financial Domination, I made an introductory-level video about it on YouTube:

I've sucked quite a few okcupidiots out of the internet vortex and hooked them on My professional brand of BDSM.
What I’m doing with my life
Binding, torturing, roleplaying, writing, reading, expanding, searching, growing. I like to innovate in the field of BDSM, and so I like to use guinea pigs. Human guinea pigs, which is another one of those diametrical oppositions, as I am a vegetarian who is staunchly against animal testing. Yes, I realize there would be a biomedical human life toll behind that.

I've written for a number of outlets, and I'm currently compiling a book regarding the fetish of blackmail. I've developed several new techniques in professional D/s practice, and I'm working on a rehabilitation program for those who are afflicted by an addiction to financial domination. Ever the creative.
I’m really good at

Also, hating everyone on QuickMatch.
Except one person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books generally have some attachment to Domination, human relationships, abnormal psychology, politics, highly technical skillset-building how-to books (e.g. codebreaking, encryption, how to build and use weapons of espionage, etc). Books containing detailed information about Inquisition-age torture methods and devices are pretty excellent, too.

Old Italian horror is a genre I appreciate distinctly due to the lack of moral tripe present in most other genres of horror. Gore replaces dead teenagers fucking in the woods, and that's magical. I also deeply love documentaries, especially those which are gritty and awful. Eye-opening subject matter is interesting to Me.

TV shows about folks who are serial killers, on death row, politics, and reality shows that explore complex and disturbing social problems are also some of My favorite things.

Food. I'm a vegetarian, but if you ate like Me, you'd know that wasn't a limitation. I am always interested in foods that are nearly identical to meat, without the carnage. I explore the vegetarian options from as many countries as I can extract information about, so that I have an incredibly wide breadth of options and I'm not sitting on My ass eating pizza and cheese sticks all day. Though I do, on rare occasion, have those days. And you can fuck off during them, unless you'd like to stop by and bring Me some delicious murder-free cuisine of an exotic location. I'm one of those vegetarians. I'll tell you I'm a vegetarian, and I'll destroy you if you make a single idiotic joke about it.

"I actually don't eat animals because I fucking hate them so much I won't even eat them." - I've said that to an idiot, before, verbatim. I'm not shy about destroying idiots.
Six things I could never do without
1. Long, sinewy, stinging methods of transferring pain onto human skin.
2. The agonizing cries of a fresh victim.
3. Sensory deprivation and overload combinations.
4. Good fucking food.
5. Anything necessary to the biological function of My body.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to hurt, beat, break down, flatten, neutralize, overthrow, resurrect, bolster, tout.
On a typical Friday night I am
a human being, sort of.
You should message me if
you like to think of yourself in the lowercase sense, are faithfully masochistic, know you are nothing without Me. All else need not apply.

ALSO: I get enough compliments and enough idiot Dom men who think it's cute to try to start off with an insult, because they think I'm some sort of weekend practitioner of Dominatrix art, when in reality I can't fucking stand anyone who remotely subscribes to the useless bullshit evolutionary psychology that dictates "but iffin' he likes yew, he will be a jerk!" Go fuck yourself, twice, and preferably with barbed wire.


Message Me, "hey beautiful (or other adjective here)." I get it. I was born and happened to be attractive. Big fucking deal. I'm more important than how I happen to look.
Say "hey ur hot" or any permutation of abbreviation.
Bother messaging Me about anything other than BDSM.
Be stupid. Kill yourself, instead.
Live anywhere nonsensical to Me, and send a message. Malta? Bye.

*Insanely heavy on the block button.*
The two of us