37Detroit, United States
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My self-summary

I'm like BASF, I don't make things. I make things better.

The answer is D: All Of The Above. There lies the problem in decisions. If I must choose A, B, or C, then there will be two opportunities lost. The answer is D. I only want it all, is that so much to ask? But, bear in mind, I can't possibly enjoy it all without sharing it with another.

I'm a student of the world, but has never visited enough to pass a test. Just keeping m'eyes open and watching the universe at work. It's not much of a hobby, but it beats the hell out of shooting-up in a back alley, somewhere, and vomiting on a stranger's shoes.

It seems that when I think about what I'm really looking for is to fall madly in love and have a sickeningly-sweet home-life, with a hot, open-minded, sex life. Sex on the dining table, before work, when we're finding gray hair in places when there was no hair before. Just trying to let people know what kind of partner I'm looking for. Not looking for a one-night stand, or to be an accessory at the sex-party that you can't get into without a date (not to say that either of those things are unenjoyable, but it's not what I'm looking for.) Call it optimistic, foolish or whatever, but it's what I want.

Life and humanity are things I dig. Starting everyone off on equal footing is something I strive to do, even though no one is so perfect. Catch me on the wrong day and a person could appear as something parasitic, that needs a cure; on another day, a fine person, whom I'd like to know better. Colored by emotions and outer influences, I am only human, but realize my folly and strive to do better.

(Ready for the run-on sentence? 'Cause here 'goes:)I'm female, bisexual, white, native american, no pixie, extremely protective of my friends, patriotically-unpatriotic, love Man, but dislike most people, generally contradictory, somewhat geeky, attempting to steal back my innocence, while keeping my eyes open, a terrible liar (as in I'm really bad at it, not that I'm terrible, cause I lie. Frankly, lying is a skill that I need to master before I go to another family function. People get pissed when you lie to 'em, yet few want your real opinion if it doesn't coincide with theirs. So, if I have to lie, which I probably will, I want to be less transparent about the whole thing.), affected by music, a recovering catholic with pagan tendencies, an artist, brutal, non-violent, usually wearing a good deal of armor, shameless on a dance-floor, a terrible singer that still will sing, liable to swear like a sailor, will try just about anything in the bedroom, but I have to like them an awful lot, a tad political, deeper than a teaspoon, like the way women kiss, but like men with stubble-y chins and cheeks, think Chris Isaak and Trent Reznor should try doing an album together, just to see how fast it would strip the panties off women, and a bit of a socialist.

Gamers, martial arts and computer guys seem to like me an awful lot, though I am really none of the above. I dunno how it happens, but we cross paths.*

*Yes, that was a disclaimer. I love chic of geek and they apparently love me back. =^^=

I am a keeper of secrets, a gatherer of wisdom, and semi-nocturnal
What I’m doing with my life

Looking for people, conversation, interaction, intellectual intercourse, a way out, a way in, my lost shoe, places to hide the bodies, a 50-lb. bag of lime, purpose, reason, logic, my camera... If you have seen any of the above let me know.

I’m really good at

I'm really good at being a diplomat and trying to see both sides of a story, rather than just blindly agreeing.

'Been told I'm good at other things, but having never put myself to the test, I wouldn't be able to say.

The first things people usually notice about me
My flaming red lipstick? The evil glint in my eyes? My big, wordy profile? The fact that I laugh for no reason? (Oh, there's a reason, but it's often the result of something my mind has strung together that I can't explain, while keeping it's humorous points intact. I blame word association and Rorschach tests.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

I adore books. I'll take a good book over an average fuck. Since most of my friends are sci-fi folks, there are some clashes; Robots and anything in outer space usually lose my interest, but old-school sci-fi (think Orwell and Bradbury) is more my cup of tea, but they're really more political, if anything, aren't they? Anne Rice is my girl, but I have a different kind of love. Anne Rice's erotica is what makes my heart pump, then her Mayfair Witches, then the vamps. Embarrassing, but true, 'been into chick-lit., as of late, but still hate traditional bodice-rippers. I dislike, with great venom, Tolkien. Tolkien abuses descriptive writing. It takes him 10 pages to describe a character, because he tells readers what a character is wearing, that it comes from this country, where the wool is sheared from these sheep, dyed in a dye that comes from this place, made of berries that are picked at this time of year from the lowest branches, with gloves made from this animal's hide that lives here, because... I hate Tolkien.

I really like Secretary. There have been other good ones. I enjoyed Love Actually, as well. (This is the moment where I feel strange, because I'll usually never admit I that like anything with a tinge of mush, but I'm a sheep in wolf's skin, in sheep's clothing.) I can't resist a good vampire flick. Some nights are as good for Crash as Caddyshack, but when it comes to comedy, I'll take Mel Brooks, by default.

Fun tidbit: Sometimes, I like to watch Roadhouse, Spawn and Demolition Man, drink a little, and follow it up with To Wong Foo... It becomes that much more amusing. By no real surprise, Wesley Snipes makes one hideous guy in women's clothing; John Leguzamo makes a believable queen; and Patrick Swayze makes an appallingly good queen.

Music. Where do I begin? Music is my Achilles heel. Depending on the results you are looking for, planning the soundtrack can actually make a world of difference. World, rock, funk, industrial, hip-hop, pop, classical, techno, country... it's all good. Nine Inch Nails and Kathy Mattea, followed up by Frank Sinatra? Yeah, baby. Marilyn Manson, Norah Jones, Alan Jackson and Evanescence? Oooh yeah. Kenny Chesney, Annie Lennox (drool...), VNV, DCD and Bach? You betcha! The secret is finding something that stirs the soul.

Neat-o tidbit: I can sing Janis Joplin's Bobby McGee pretty well, especially if I hit a hard shot, just before.

Chinese food is a good stand-by; I mean, who doesn't like Chinese? For a more adventurous palette, I dig Thai and sushi. I want to try more middle-eastern dishes. Italian has the ability to be great, but often screams of comfortable boredom; it's like sleepwear, the word encompasses risqué lingerie and old sweats.

Six things I could never do without

Love, patience, beauty, family, friends, and peace. I need honor, conviction and faith. I need immersion, passion and truth. I need the ability to strip down and leave myself vulnerable and to see it in others.

It's not six things, but none of them are actually things, either. Things... lessee... things I need? I am a tad addicted to The Sims, my backpack (I am like Mary Freakin' Poppins, you never know what I have in that bag but I covet Felix the Cat's bag, because it turns into other things), and red lipstick; I could live without 'em, but it is inadvisable to hang around for the withdrawal.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

I have been thinking about the things I really want out of life and why they aren't so, like my inability to trust people I've never met. (By the way, people who message me and jump right to sex creep me out. Yes, I like to fuck and it's on my mind, but I'm not thinking about fucking you, until there's an established "golly, I really like this guy"- factor, which takes some time without the main modes that people really communicate, body language and inflection) Lately I have been thinking about going back to school, but at the eternal stumper from kindergarten "What do you want to be when you grow up?" 'Cause I don't know. 'Don't know what I want to do, but I know it's something more than this. I think about my friends and family and what constitutes a good life and what I need to do to enrich my own.

On a typical Friday night I am
"Typical" and "Friday" no longer coexist readily in my vocabulary. If given the best scenarios they all include something social, with a touch of manic energy, blind optimism, and smooching, for instance: First dates with most of the energy turning inward and nervous and the smooching is reserved for the moment I've determined that my the nervous energy was unwarranted and the conversation is easy and interesting. Once it's been established that I don't have keep an eye on the emergency exit, then let the games begin. A night out with the girls where all that energy is cut loose and my lipstick ends up on many-a-cheek and sometimes another pair of lips. It means nothing, baby, nothing! But, if you play your cards right, it could...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

It's funny. I think this part is more telling in what someone considers private and/or embarrassing. That's often more interesting than the actual factoid thrown out there.

I'm a grammar snob. Misspelling a few words and using a couple of comma-splices won't kill me, but goddammit if you're going to present yourself, please don't make readers guess at what the hell you mean. (yes, I know that I use jargon and slang ;-))

I love Ranma 1/2 and Fruits Basket, even though they're preteen cheese, but my current favorite is Gravitation, a yaoi. I think that Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindo are the hottest couple ever. To break it down for the people not getting it, it's a gay anime and I love it.

I do actually care about people (don't tell!)

I love the word "fuck." Fuck is so damn versatile; it can be used as a noun: Dumb fuck., verb: Let's fuck?, adjective: That is so fucked! and an adverb: That fucking rocked!

You should message me if
If you're interested in a strictly sexual relationship (cyber or in-person), please don't message me. If you've read this far and are interested, please feel free.
The two of us