35 Carson City, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a freak. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.

I am a weird, geeky, homoromantic, disabled, pansexual woman. Tina Belcher is my spirit animal. I love tabletop gaming, including boardgames and RPGs. I'm into comics, I'm into cartoons, yes, including MLP. I love Rainbow Dash. I love rainbows. Seriously, I have an innate attraction to rainbows.
I love to sing, I don't like coffee and I don't like beer, but give me rum and coke with a cherry in it, sit down with me and watch Orphan Black, iZombie or mainline Veronica Mars.
I am not a heavy video game player, but I enjoy some PC games.

I am pansexual, but entirely uninterested in heterosexual relationships. I am a cisgender woman. PLEASE do tell me your preferred pronouns. I never want to misgender anyone.

I'm a feminist, I believe in equality and inclusivity. I abhor racism and transphobia (as well as homophobia, biphobia, etc. Trans is NOT a sexuality, so I don't like to lump them all together.) TERFs, racists and MRAs are unwelcome in my friendsphere.

I love going to concerts, and conventions. I love going to movies, and I love going to the mall, so long as I don't have to walk behind really slow people. I obsess over Marvel Studios movies, and have the only straight crushes I've got (other than Jordan Gavaris) on the Chrises, RDJ, Hiddles and The Ruffalo.

I have 3 kids. I was married to a man for 10 years, but we are divorced. They do not currently live with me.

I am kind of in love with Kristen Stewart and Hannah Hart.

I love ridiculously high heels, even though I fall off of them. I love knee socks. My favorite pair are rainbow striped. I've actually had 3 pairs of them, I wear them enough that I wear holes in them. I also have Harley Quinn and sloth ones. The animal, not the Goonies character.

I am obsessed with space photography, and I'm damn lucky I haven't accidentally plunged to my death or walked into traffic considering how often I am looking up at the night sky. On a clear night, I love to look at the stars. On a cloudy night, I am cursing those fluffy bastards for blocking my view. Honestly, I'm a fan of science in general, but space specifically.

The rest of my profile is kind of crap. I'm so not good at these things. I'm only a bitch when I need to be, no matter how the rest of this shit comes across.

Oh and I swear too much. Way, way too much.

Because it can be considered important, the things I am most attracted to:
I like androgyny, but I don't insist upon it. I like pretty boys and handsome girls, and those who are both at once. My "type" has typically been women on the thinner, smaller side, built like Kristen Bell (or Kristen Stewart.) But my attraction to a person isn't exclusively physical, and as I don't really think I have a type, I am open to anyone who comes along and catches my attention in a positive way, no matter what you look like on the outside.
I love someone with a sense of humor, especially a filthy one. Someone who can swear like a sailor.
Someone who either has tattoos or admires/appreciates them. I have 4, I plan on getting many, many more.
People who listen. I've been surrounded by people who only hear, but never really listen. They're already trying to find a solution while I'm trying to figure out if there really even is a problem.

I want someone beautiful. Not necessarily physically. Someone who makes me smile. Someone who makes me laugh. Someone who turns me on in every single way.

For more information:
What I’m doing with my life
Hanging out with my cat, Charlie Bender Bending Rodriguez, playing video games, watching netflix or wrestling, cooking.
I’m really good at
Making pony ears, apparently. Comebacks. Naps. Drawing. Singing. Dancing in public dressed as a pony.
I don't know, I'm good at things. THIS IS HARD.

OH I THOUGHT OF SOMETHING! I'm really good at cooking, especially making things on the fly, just making up a recipe as I go. I'm also good at laughing so hard that I no longer make sounds humans can hear. That doesn't sound like a skill, but trust me, I am REALLY good at it. Play Cards Against Humanity with me sometime. Especially if you also include some alcohol.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually it's my oversized hoodie or one of my many t-shirts. Or my handbag of holding with the Carol Corps ECCC 2014 patch. Or the Rainbow Dash cutie mark patch. It used to be all my pins, but those have gotten kind of rusty because of the humidity here.
I guess my eyes, too. Apparently my boobs too, since I can't hide them very well if I'm trying to be comfortable, and comfort is like, my favorite thing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love Gaiman, Pratchett (RIP), I loved Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, and the entire Wicked series. I love the Veronica Mars novels so far, and I love David Sedaris.
Current favorite movie: Big Hero 6. I also really like Pitch Perfect, 13 Going on 30, Cry Baby (or really, any John Waters movie).. JFC I will watch almost anything.
Current favorite show: Hard to pick, iZombie and NXT are pretty high on my list, as is AoS. Veronica Mars and Scrubs are all-time favorites. And Gilmore Girls. Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Better Off Ted, True Blood (though the last 2 seasons were shit), Game of Thrones, How It's Made, Bar Rescue, Ink Master... anything I can watch on hulu, netflix or on demand.
Music: I mostly listen to Pandora lately, my most listened to stations are The Monkees and Jason Mraz. But I listen to all kinds of different music. I especially like the band Halestorm, and also New Medicine. I'll listen to anything, really. As long as the bass ins't turned up too high. I have mild tinnitus, and that kind of hurts.

*Out of curiosity.
The six things I could never do without
My pill caddy
My blue blanket
Lip Balm
Ear buds (nothing says "shut the fuck up and leave me alone" quite like 'em.)
Naps. What? It's a thing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Kristen Stewart and ways to overthrow the patriarchy.
Also what I want to have for dinner.
How to get people to understand that gender is a construct, and attraction is fluid without screaming in their faces. That is hard when people are refusing to listen.
There's also "Why did I come in here? I knew it was for a reason." nearly every single time I leave my room.
Did I mention Kristen Stewart?
Also how the fuck Hannah Hart is both adorable and sexy as hell.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Smackdown on Hulu, because I don't get to watch it on Thursdays. I wish I had a better answer than that, but really, that's about it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I got up and danced at ECCC dressed as a pony to "Titanium" by David Guetta.
That's not private, but with mixed company, it can be slightly embarrassing. I guess.
You should message me if
You identify as female, or as non-gendered, genderfluid or genderqueer.
My attractions include cisgender, agender, genderqueer and trans women. Trans at ANY stage. If you know you are a woman, you are a woman. And if you don't want to label yourself, that's fucking awesome too.
Gender binary is so fucked.
But I'm seriously not even a little bit interested in cishet men.

As a friend, maybe.

If you're a fun, nerdy, not particularly mature woman who is into other women however, YES SEND ALL THE MESSAGES.

My big caveats:
No TERFs. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. I am 100% trans supportive, and that shit doesn't fly with me.
No Food Babe Army folks. In fact, if you personally buy into pseudoscience at ALL, please don't contact me. There is healthy living and then there's giving people dangerous, possibly dangerous advice.
No anti-vaxxers. Vaccines are important for herd immunity. Saying you're against vaccines is basically saying "go fuck yourself" to anyone who is immunocompromised.
No racists. Period. None.
No super religious people. I understand if you value your faith, and I respect that. So long as you don't try to talk me into joining you.
No MRA/Men's Rights Activists, no "Meninists."
NO SMOKERS. As a former smoker the smell literally makes me nauseous.

I am picky. I'm also very accepting of a lot of things, and can look past if not admire the faults in a person, goodness knows I have plenty myself. But there are flaws, and then there is being an awful person. Give me the flaws any day.