33 Amsterdam, Netherlands
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My self-summary
Hmmm a summary, let's try

Tall, Dark and Silly. Wait one of those is off, if only I could remember..... Ah yes Tall, Dorky and Silly, that's more like it.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, studying foreign languages, practicing Kung Fu, drawing and story writing, playing dem videogames, sometimes playing dem videogames in tournaments.
I’m really good at
Enjoying myself :3

I'm just being coy, never have liked claiming I'm good at something, except when half serious joking about it. Also a side effect of being aware how much I've still to go, a teacher of mine once said the more we know the less we know and I've always liked that.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I infact look like I could swallow a mountain of marshmellows in a single gulp. I don't do that though, I prefer them toasted and one at a time.

(Just saying, I might be able to, dare me sometime or something :3, oh, there's that competetive nature of mine)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ah yes, this question.... too many answers, but some random answers: Steven Erikson:Tales of Malazan, anything written by Christopher Nolan, anything written by Satoshi Kon, tend to enjoy most of anything Joss Whedon ever does(new avengers movie included), Doctor Who is fun, The last airbender cartoons(but not the movie, o no, not that movie), stuff directed by Akira Kurosawa, stuff staring Ahnold"I'll be back" etc.

As for music, I find I can find music I enjoy in virtually any genre, but typically anything that gets me in a happy mood, pumped up or contemplative. I think Queen have a lot of that, but far from the only thing I like.

As for food, same answer as music. No, not Queen you silly person, the other part of the answer.

The thing about this question is tastes evolve over time, not to mention all the new stuff that comes out.

Actually simpler answer:

Books: Anything that takes me off on a compelling journey, on our world or not and the characters are very important. Sadly don't find the time to read a smuch as I'd like.

Movies: Anything solid, but I can find great enjoyment in some of the oldest most ridiculous slock too, just looking to be entertained.

Shows: Bit of a mixture between books and movies, I prefer great characters, but some shows can draw me in visually as well. I can be very forgiving of some stuff here though that I wouldn't be in movies and 2 great episodes in an average series can probably already draw me in.

Music: I really notice how rarely I listen to the lyrics of any music and really look to the instruments to let me drift off. Going back to stuff I like and listening to what they were about has surprised me a lot and made me sigh at how dumb they can sometimes be, but whatever, I can just sit and listen and switch my brain off^^

Food: Defintely more in the direction of sweet than sour and bitter stuff is definitely not my alley. Still eat most things though.
The six things I could never do without
Something to draw with, music, spectacular sights, Katsudon, Kow Low Kai, Monster Energy.... damn used up all six already and I hadn't got to air or any other vital requirement...organs...failing... arghhhhhhhh
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Pssst, I'm a guy. Any answer here is automatically invalidated. So, I'll just say it.

I think about haberdashers a lot. Come on it's such a ridiculous word. Haberdasher. Just made all you haberdashers out there dry didn't I, well sorry but it's a ridiculous word. But I love saying it :3
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, with friends or doing Kung Fu. Possibly saving the world or ending it, depends on which game I'm up to :3

Overusing the :3 emote too for that matter. That's an intensive activity that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I worry about how quickly I form an opinion on things and can be way more shallow than I like or want to be. Still working on that.
You should message me if
Any of the things I've said so far haven't scared you off, nor has my picture done the same. Lord knows I overthink far too much if I should send a message or not, which I guess is something of a detriment.