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Tests they’ve taken (19)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Boy Next Door (RGLD) Take it!
The IQ Adventure Test Social (120) Take it!
The Gaydar Test 75% Accuracy (highest: 75, average: 75) Take it!
What Planet are You From? Test You are from Uranus! Take it!
The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test Skinny and Cute Take it!
The Ultimate Sex Appeal For Women Test Sufficiently Sexy Take it!
The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test ADOLF HITLER Take it!
The are you a control freak Test you are 100% control freak Take it!
The Do You Listen or Just Hear Test 81 Listening, 18 Hearing Take it!
The Self-Diagnosed Autism Test 83% autistic Take it!
The Where in America Do You Belong Test The South Take it!
The Picture-only Left Brained or Right Brained Test 33% Left Brained 100% Right Brained - Ca Take it!
The How Sexually open-minded Test 27% SexuallyOpen - Tolerant Take it!
The How Straight Are You Really (for men) Test Too Straight Take it!
The Autism Test 4% Not autistic, 95% High function, 91% Take it!
The Do You Need Professional Help Test 34% - Improbably Adjusted Take it!
The Agnostic Fundamentalism Test -16 - Religious Zealot Take it!
The Tree Hugger Test 60 % lover Take it!
The Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test 45 AQ - Autistic Take it!