29Tacoma, United States
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My self-summary
I wear kilts. Unabashedly unorthodox, but you take the good with the plaid.
Pros: I'm not a robot.
Cons: I'm not a robot.
Hand me an axe and chisel and I'll build anything.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm on a Gaelic Football and Hurling team. The former is basically Calvinball. The latter is basically Calvinball, WITH CLUBS!
And what's this? There's a local highland games team? Joined!

Putting Linux on an iPhone, Windows on an iMac, Windows *and* Linux on the same freakin' hard drive (in a world of virtual machines, dual-booting is a lost art), and absolutely nothing with that dank-ass Apple nonsense.

Building a punching bag stand for a weight bag my club got rid of.

Making nifty pottery in the vibrant colors of Autumn or the very craziest of psychedelic hues.
I’m really good at
Keeping a level head when everything goes up in flames and a lot of people are throwing a fit.

Crafts in general. Woodworking, braiding, bookbinding, sewing, leather-working; making beads, figurines, and authentic Irish shillelaghs.

Ceramics is the capstone atop a large monument to working with hands built with all the accumulated artistic debris I've made with my hands. I can impress people with all the other doodads I make, but my pottery gets around.
The first things people usually notice about me
...if I'm wearing a kilt, then the kilt. Protip: don't wear a kilt with any kind of top that has the German flag, and especially in London, unless you like getting dragged into brawls.

If I'm sitting down, then my penmanship.

I'm proportioned about the same as an American black bear/tug boat/brick/luchador, which adds to my default Viking Mode appearance.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wes Anderson's films are godly visions, and I'm always good to watch anything of his. I prefer those films big stars make on the side that don't get a lot of attention, like Defendor, Super, and Be Kind Rewind.

Once a coworker asked me 'Star Wars or Star Trek,' and I answered 'Battlestar Galactica. Redux.' End of line.

I like some anime and manga without being a twat about it. Outlaw Star, Battle Angel Alita, Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann, Attack on Titan, Wolf's Rain and One-Punch Man stand out with hot-blooded manly passion.

Fiction? Neal Stephenson and Robert E. Howard preside over a court attended by John Scalzi and Dan Abnett.

The other occupants of my bookshelf are the Discourses on Livy and two different translations of The Prince by Machiavelli; the major Stoic philosophers, some on mathematics (including my college textbook), some on Aikido, a lot on Business Administration, and a lot on Computer Technology.

My favorite videogame is Linux, not kidding. But Gears of War and Skyrim are closely tied for a distant second place, since I play video games but rarely.
Six things I could never do without
Nobody can take from me the things I can't do without.
The unique and unmistakable smell of a glaze-firing.
The kind of unspoken companionship with crows after earning what amounts to trust among corvids.
Strong winds.
Cold weather.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why buy it when you can fabricate it?

Operating systems' architecture, and how to crack them and whatever defenses are thrown up.

How it's been a long road to follow, been there and gone tomorrow, without saying goodbye to yesterday. Are the memories I hold still valid? Or have the tears deluded them?
On a typical Friday night I am
That about sums it up: I am. When I am no longer, nothing will be able to change the fact for a while, I was; and nothing could have prevented me from being.

You mean *activities?* Well.
Usually giving counsel to and making deals with the city's crows, getting to know new peeps at bars (birds of a whole different feather) or exploring the avant-garde side of the Pathfinder tabletop RPG--like socializing, if everyone one-upped each other with repartee, bon mots, comebacks, zingers, rejoinders, and other fruits of a verbal arms race (bangs shoe on table, exclaims their children will fail their Will saves).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I feed crows, enough for most of north Tacoma's avian overlords recognize me on sight and pal around when I'm nearby.

I fantasize about becoming Jeddak of the Kurds. Or the Sudanese.
You should message me if
…you've discerned my name from one of the hyperlinks above.
…you don't live in an echo chamber of how you see the world.
…and you're ready to meet up, laugh, and have fun*

*No circus clowns, please.
The two of us