30Tempe, United States
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My self-summary
I am not great at describing myself. I asked one of my best friends a few days ago how he would describe me to someone if he was setting me up, what "type" of girl he thought I was. I've never really found a box or category that I feel like I fit in so I was curious how a friend would categorize me. He couldn't do it. He said that the best he could do is say I'm awesome but there are so many different parts to me that there is no easy way to describe me, you just have to experience me as you go. LOL I'm glad that I am a unique person but whether that is good or bad is for each person to decide. Most people either love or hate me, very few are indifferent. I definitely agree that I am unlike most people but everyone is unique so I don't know that there is really anything more different about me then anyone else but I have been told that there is by multiple people so I suppose there must be something to it. I like to let people decide for themselves about me.

I have to say that I feel really awkward to be on this site but I figured that worst case I can make new friends anyway. I currently have no place to really meet new potential people for friendship or more so no harm I suppose. I guess one of the most important things to know about me is that I have younger siblings that I have helped to raise, a 13 year old brother and an almost 17 year old sister, so anyone that has issues with kids has no place in my life.

I love to spend my free time with my friends and family. I love to watch movies, listen to music, and read. I like concerts & dancing and sometimes I like to turn up my music really loud and dance through the house when I'm home alone. I love 4-wheeling, camping, fishing, boating, watching sports: hockey and football are my favorite, poker, and intro archery. I like to cook and bake but rarely eat what I bake and only like cooking when it's for someone else. I like to take pictures of people but I like taking nature photographs even more. I like going site seeing and doing amateur photography in the process. Honestly there are lots of other things; plus I like trying new things.

I am not your typical girl, in fact there is absolutely nothing typical about me. I was raised by a general contractor/ jack of all trades thus I am as well. I don't claim to be an expert at any of it however I am capable of fixing many things. I can re-shingle a house, texture, drywall, tile, lay carpet, and small plumbing & electrical work, etc. I grew up in a self-employed family and so I was my dad's right hand; it also means that I knew from a young age what real responsibility is and what it means to really work hard.

I have traveled the world but not as much as I would like to. At 17 as a dancer in high school I traveled to Australia and New Zealand for two weeks to preform with my dance team, one place we preformed was in the Sydney Opera House which was a wonderful opportunity. At 23 I spent a month in India doing service-learning as part of my Master's program. I worked with many different non-profits including an orphanage while there. It was an amazing experience and I would love to have the opportunity to travel more someday. I value all of the life lessons that I gained from the people that I have met in my life and travels. I am passionate about education: both formal and informal. I am the kind of person that asks lots of questions, respectfully, when I encounter a new culture, place, or experience. I think that we all have a lot to learn from one another. I also like to listen to people with more life experience so I don't mind being the one to offer to help a 75 year old person that I've never met put their groceries in the car because they always have something interesting to say. We can learn a lot from those around us so long as we are willing to ask questions and really listen.

I am funny, affectionate, loyal, sweet, compassionate, impatient, and stubborn. I'm fun to hang out with. Most of my friends are male and I'm more comfortable hanging out with the guys goofing around than out shopping with the girls. I'm not that good at describing myself and talking myself up. It makes me feel vain and self absorbed. I'm doing my best but it makes me feel odd. lol "I am a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside of an enigma." I can also be a very romantic person. Plus, sometimes I like to point out awkward moments because it makes them feel less so to me afterward. Bottom line is I am who I am, although I fully believe that good relationships take compromise I will not pretend to be someone that I am not or give up my integrity to do so.

That was way too much so anything else you will have to find out on your own. Ask me anything that you want to.
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated in May 2009 with two Bachelor's degrees. I just finished my Master's degree at Portland State in Educational Leadership and Policy. I graduated in June 2012, so just a few months ago. I hope to someday have a full time job working in higher education helping students in their educational aspirations. As a first generation college student I needed more support than I received and it is a miracle that I made myself get involved on campus which changed my life. I want to be there for the students that need the extra push and support. Not everyone is as self-motivated and determined to make it work on their own. I've seen many students with promise fall through the cracks and it breaks my heart. That is probably more than anyone needs to know, sorry. :-)

A couple months ago I moved to Los Osos because of family obligations. My grandfather is terminal and needed extra care. His medical bills are tremendous so Nana had to keep working to keep their insurance but someone had to be available for the day to day care temporarily until he was more stable.

I am again looking for a job in my field here now and can't wait to be using my skills again and do something that I love.
I’m really good at
I don't know. I'd like to think that I am good at many things but I can't think of anything that I want to brag about. I'm a competent person but to know what I am good at you have to judge for yourself. I love to dance. I'm decent with a bow and arrow, at least short range with a target. :-) I'm good at going with the flow and taking things in stride. I love music and am great with lyrics. I'm great with kids and most animal like me. Anything else you can ask about I guess.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm told it's my eyes. That's probably a lie. It's the politically correct answer though. It is what new people compliment me on most but honestly it is probably my boobs. I have curves. My boobs are something that make men notice me. Not that I think it is good or bad, it is human nature. I do have amazing eyes though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Honestly, although I get a lot of crap for it I was raised on country and it is like my music home base. Also rap; R&B; hip-hop; alternative; oldies; some pop; dance beats; swing; salsa us fun; most anything except metal. In the right mood and place even jazz and classical. Music is one of my passions, I believe that music can pull me through most anything.

I love to watch most any type of movie except horror. Action and comedy are my favorite. If it can make me laugh and blow stuff up even better! Also movies that make me think, I love Shooter, Four Brothers, Live Free or Die Hard, He's Just Not That Into You, Spaceballs, anything with Polly Shore, and honestly....The Princess Bride is one of the best movies ever; action, adventure, comedy, and romance all in one random movie.

Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. I own all of the books he has written. Though I enjoy mysteries as well I don't venture into horror in my books either.

I love Mexican food! I'm not that picky though, actually I can by picky but, I can find something that I will eat most anywhere that others want to go.
Six things I could never do without
Human connections (friends and family)
my dog
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The past and the future. How not to repeat mistakes. And most any random thought that you can think of. I like to think about how to help people that want an education gain it. I was recently asked by a mentor to really think about what I value in life and look at if where I spend my resources, time and money, to see if they line up. That was interesting to take time to think about. I realized that my time and money are spent on the things that I value most in life - relationships, education, and integrity.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a movie, hanging out with friends at a house, bar, or club, or playing poker are the most likely options but it is not the same every Friday. Sometimes chill and sometimes a little crazy.

That was until a couple months ago. Recently I haven't had anything on Friday night different from any other night of the week. I don't have any friends in the area yet to spend time with. LOL. I guess I'm kinda boring right now...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Although I love football and poker and most of my friends are guys so I can hold my own I still like to be treated like a princess by the guy that I'm with and not just one of the guys. With that guy I can be very girly in many ways. ;-)
You should message me if
You feel like it I guess. Are real, honest, and want a new friend or potentially more. No guarantees for anything but friendship, I have to know someone more than online to know if there is a real connection. Looks are not the most important thing in a relationship but I won't lie, if there is no spark and attraction on both sides then nothing more than friendship can really be. A relationship is like friendship on fire, there should be a real connection as well as passion for a relationship to go somewhere.
The two of us