48Muncie, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a monster with a heart.
I'm what is (sadly) now known as an "Elder Goth"... I remember the antediluvian days before Hot Topic.
I'm a prescriptive existentialist.
I've been in the kink lifestyle for a little over 20 years.
I have a poly-heart that can love many at once, but prefer to focus the majority of my connections on a single individual.

Everyone evolves over time, but with a high degree of certainty I believe there are a few constants in my make-up that probably won't be going anywhere soon. I am (in no particular order) a Geek, an Evil Romantic, an Educator, a Comedian, an Artist, a Writer, and a Designer. You certainly won't see all of these at the same time, but know me long enough and you'll get the world-tour.

I am a spiritual Atheist and a scientific Mystic (if that's not confusing at all!). I believe in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get Universe, but over a decade of Physics courses (and over another decade of teaching said courses) have taught me that we have no idea *why* that is what we see, or why that is what we get. That gives my brain a lot of lee-way for a fairly expansive worldview.

I am heavily involved in the regional and international Master/slave (M/s) scene, have been invited to judge for several competitions (both regional and international), and give presentations a few times a year for the Leather and M/s communities around the U.S.

I was awarded the title of "Great Lakes Master 2005" in, well, 2005 (duh).

I am the appointed Great Lakes liaison to South Plains Leatherfest (home of the M/s International competition), and am a Senior MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Regional Representative emeritus.

I am both incredibly adaptable (and humble, apparently! ;-)), but stable (sometimes to the point of annoyance (been told by several people that I work on ~glacial~ time-scales). If you want something, it will come... but it will take time. When it comes down the pike, however, it will be *real* and 100% authentic. You have been warned.

I am still very good friends with 90% of my previous relationships, and am on very friendly terms with the other 10%. Hopefully that speaks volumes.

I am (to throw some negatives into the mix) very self-critical, and sometimes this spills out onto people around me. I hold those around me to the same criteria for which I hold myself. Is this fair? Probably not. I'm working on that. lol
I'm just wonderful, didn't say I was perfect. ;-)

I use emoticons far too often (;-)).

I repeat words for emphasis far FAR too often.

I despise netspeak ("R U OK?"), but I still use shortcuts like "lol". I haven't figured out why.

I type like I talk (strangely, I don't write like I talk), and therefor I use ellipses entirely incorrectly...

I would admit that I have an incredibly stubborn not-happy-with 10 pounds for which I've been working over a year to finally shed. Otherwise I'm fairly proud of my exercise routine and activity level. Years ago my activity level was far higher, but that same activity level had also banged me up a little (;-)), so I do what I can. Simple calisthenics, lots of walking/hiking, and a few hours in the gym each week does seem to get the job done - it just takes longer than I'd otherwise like.

I also have been, apparently, answering the wrong questions on OKC, because everyone I see keeps coming up as "more kinky" than I am. ::blink::
LOL. Something is ~not~ right.


Past that long list of "I" statements, by design or choice I am ever-evolving. Ask within for details.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I work in education, but lately have been searching around for something that pays a little more. Of course, I've been saying this for awhile - a small part of me that is still idealistic very much thrives on ~making a difference~ where I work... until I can shake that off, I'm stuck saving the world from itself. I'll push off making more cash until a later date. lol

Despite not being currently in a relationship, I'm doing my best to keep myself active in the M/s and Leather community. This year I'm scheduled to present 4 or 5 times across the US on responsible Mastery, conflict resolution, and self-improvement. I might find it kinky to give popular non-kink presentations at kink events. lol
Hey, as long as they keep asking for these talks I'll keep giving them.

Perhaps the most strange thing I'm doing is teaching myself bass guitar. Hey, it may not seem strange to you, but for the first 44 years of my life I was convinced I had no musical talent... so the fact that I ~can~ play still wigs me out a little. ;-)
I’m really good at
Science <-- graduate degree
Terrifying pretty girls <-- lifetime of practice
Babylonian Cuneiform <-- okay, I suck at this, but what I do know is 99% more than most others (so "good" is relative!)... pretty easy with cuneiform

I'm pretty good at other things too, but if the above doesn't catch your attention then the rest probably wouldn't either.
The first things people usually notice about me
My long hair. Currently it's down to my waist, but one day relatively soon it may all come off -- in which case this will read "My lack of hair.")

I'm fairly quiet (at first, anyway).

I'm fairly serious, bordering on 'intense' (people tend to think I'm angry with them) until one gets to know me, and then, for better or for worse, I alternate between Cthulhu (in scary mode) and a live-action cartoon (in Scooby-Doo mode).

What people do NOT usually notice about me are the tentacles. They hide pretty well. If I become interested they may become a bit more obvious. ;-D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Robert Heinlein was my second father (figuratively speaking).
Stephen Baxter
Larry Niven
Jim Butcher
Steven Brust
Neal Stephenson
Robert E. Howard
etc etc ad nauseum

Favorite Books
The Little Prince (<-- still)
Ender's Game / Ender's Shadow
Origin: Space
Diamond Age
Time enough for Love
Dresden (series)
Jhereg (series)
Any well-written historical research book.
About a gazillion others (gazillion is now, officially, a word).

Generally anything with some talent and a good beat...
Fields of the Nephilim <-- almost a rabid fan
Assemblage 23
VNV Nation
System Syn
Seraphim Shock
Daft Punk
Oingo Boingo
Tons of others... I also appreciate a good a cappella, good movie scores (Zimmer, Nox Arcana, Elfman, etc)

I should probably also admit that I have a soft spot for 70's AM radio hits. <-- I don't admit *that* very often.

Old samurai flicks
All these new marvel superhero moves <--guilty pleasure
Hard-SF films

I don't have a TV. Or rather, I *have* a TV, but it is used solely as a monitor for a 360 (when it's used at all).
When I did watch television, Firefly and Babylon 5 may have been 2 of my favorite things in the 'verse.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:

Physical Laws <-- Gravity, Pressure, Sarcasm, etc.

Smartphone <-- psychologically dependent, methinks. In fact, my phone should probably take up all 6 slots here since it performs far more than 6 critical functions in my life.

Power-Exchange <-- This is important. If this isn't your cup of tea we can still be fantastic friends, but we would be completely incompatible as partners. Just putting that out there to avoid anyone getting hurt.

Gaming I've been table-top RPGing since age 13, have been fine-tuning/developing systems since '88. I did say I was a ~geek~ in the first section, right?

My Kid <-- I have a freakishly fantastic daughter from a previous relationship who will probably take over the world some day (we should be so lucky). I don't get to see her as often as I'd like (distance), but when we get together it's like iron sharpening iron (:-D) - i.e. She's pretty cool, even after she hit the teenage years!

Toilet Paper <-- hey, I suspect most people would have this in their list if they really thought about it.

Okay, in hindsight the word "never" is really bugging me. Sure, I could live w/o toilet paper, my smartphone, my kid (:-/), power-exchange, and gaming. But by the definition shared by much of the scientific community I don't think Physical Laws should be removed from the list.
So lets change the heading to The six things I would be miserable without.
There. Much better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Equitable Power-exchange dynamics, Heat-death of the universe, past mistakes and how to avoid making them again, past victories and how to emulate them again, future plans and how to achieve them, current developments and how to live in the moment (<-- still working on this one)

Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about that fact that I may think too much.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night I am either (random!)...
* Reading
* Gaming (computer or tabletop)
* Having a deep discussion with ~someone~
* Attending a small fetish party with friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My brain is a little broken. ;-)

Then again, so is everyone's... I'm just pretty sure I know what the algorithm is. <-- this is probably part of the reason my brain is broken. lol
You should message me if
"You should message me if" any of above hints regarding my lifestyle made you go "ooh".
More specifically, I have a very narrow interest range, so I'll just say that power-exchange candidates who are intelligent, geeky, and willing to follow a tentacle-monster trapped in a human-body, are more than welcome to start up a dialogue.

There, that should scare off the un-interested. ;-)

If you are *still* reading, feel free to check out my Fet profile (Username Stephen_Mar) where you'll find a link to my primary account.
If the information you see there doesn't scare you off... I can befriend you and you'll have access to personal pics and even ~more~ information. How's that for hoops to jump through?

Sounds very cloak and dagger, I know -- one more downside for a public job that involves lots of broadcast work. I am fairly open about who I am, and what I do... but no point being stupid at the entry level, yes?

Last Thought:
My modus operandi is to allow the appropriate people to search me out. This trait generally means that I'm alone more often that I'd otherwise like... but also means that when someone falls into my lap (sometimes literally) they are generally ~worth~ the wait. :-D
Translation: if you are interested, write!
The two of us