38 Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm like fire, and ice, and rage. I'm like the night, and the storm, and the heart of the sun. I'm ancient and forever. I burn at the center of time, and I can see the turn of the universe. And I'm wonderful.

(, never mind--that's the Doctor. Moving on!)

I'm pretty shy around people I don't know well, still kinda quiet around my friends.

I'm a smart-ass.

I like reading up on myths and legends from around the world, comparing and contrasting them. I really enjoyed Greek mythology when I was a kid, but now my favorite tales seem to be Germanic/Norse in origin.

I'm interested in how languages evolve, and I think Grimm's Law is pretty cool.

I like playing board games, video games, and "Magic: the Gathering". Yes, I'm a geek--and proud of it!

I am amusing, quiet, and odd.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for the library system in Indianapolis. I've also tried my hand at tutoring and stand-up comedy (the latter on a strictly amateur basis). As for what I'm doing here on OkCupid, I'm mostly here to take tests and read the interesting things people have to say about themselves.
I’m really good at
Wordplay (be it in the form of anagrams, puns, or paraprosdokians). On a related note, I'm an excellent speller, and was actually the county spelling bee champ for a couple years in a row. I seem to have a talent for finding lost things. There are a few baked goods, such as scones and banana bread, that I make fairly well. Also, I'm pretty good at making my friends (and strangers, evidently) laugh.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty quiet, which a lot of people seem to find somewhat off-putting. When I *do* talk, it's often some bizarre comment that leaves people laughing or confused (and sometimes both).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Dresden Files series, the Harry Potter books, "Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah", and pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman. Also, "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik.

Movies: The original Star Wars trilogy, "Dragonheart", and "Field of Dreams".

Television shows: "Doctor Who", "Psych", "Futurama", "Community" and "Avatar: the Last Airbender" are probably my favorite t.v. shows of all time. I've also got a soft spot for "Firefly" and "Wonderfalls".

Music: The Doubleclicks and Ingrid Michaelson are both my favorite musicians right now, although I'm also a fan of Gaelic Storm, the Beatles, Jim Croce, the Cranberries, and Jonathan Coulton, among others.

Food: Chili, dirty rice, Honey Nut Cheerios, PB&J, ice cream (especially vanilla or mint chocolate chip), pie (especially blueberry or cherry)--preferably not all mixed together. My favorite dish these days is a sort of chicken, rice, and broccoli casserole that one of my friends taught me to make a few years ago.
The six things I could never do without
I presume this isn't asking about actual necessities, such as food and air....

My cat, friendship, laughter, a comfortable place to sleep, my Kindle, and some mode of transportation (be it my car, my bike, or my own two feet).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Epistemology (i.e. what we really know, and how we know it), what my next Halloween costume will be, and ways to rearrange the letters in someone's name. Also, wondering what sort of mischief Loki (my cat) is up to at any given time.
On a typical Friday night I am
I spend most Friday nights at my apartment, where you can find me* reading a book, playing video games, watching head massage videos on YouTube, and/or playing with Loki. I really like Half-Price Books, so there's also a decent chance I'm browsing one of the 3 stores in the area. Alternatively, I might be at my brother's house, running a Dungeons and Dragons game for my teen nephews and one of their friends.

*If you're some kind of stalker. Seriously, what's wrong with you?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've noticed that a lot of folks will say something to the effect of "If I post it here, it won't be private." I think that sort of answer is a cop-out, and also sort of misses the point. If nothing else, you could use this space to tell an outrageous lie or two!

As for myself, I was in my late twenties when I had my first kiss.*
Also, I'm a werewolf.**

* This, sadly, is not a lie.
** This, fortunately, is a lie.***
***Unless it's not.
You should message me if
As noted above, I'm here mostly for the tests and a bit of harmless lurking. Still, I wouldn't mind exchanging messages, and maybe making some new friends. Especially if you have a TARDIS.