55Slotervaart, Netherlands
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My self-summary
*) If/when you're doing that Quickmatch thing, drop me a line or two if you've hit that little star. I'm not A-listed, so I can't see if you like me. #SorryNotSorry, but Dutch Only.
*) Exeptions for foreign, if you're BDSM, Kink, Fetish-minded and bonus if your profile is on FT, FL or CS.
*) Currently reanswering some of my pastime OKC questions & answers and tests as well as tossing in some new goodies.
*) **Under constant construction - a profile is never done...**

I've stopped making an effort, merging several profiles from other sites to OkCupid. Previously I had a some links in my journal to my other profiles until I had merged them to the one on okc. Since for some reason the journal has seized to exist entirely, I did no longer bother to merge these profiles.
So in random order (follow the *'s), here's me.

*) I'm pretty direct and to the point which is also characteristic for Dutch people and Amsterdammers in general. I'm witty and have a sharp (and sometimes dark) sense of humor. Which some people who don't know me, may find blunt. I'm curious and experimental by nature, also I like to dig into subjects I'm not familiar with or don't know much about, I'm an information junkie, a total sponge.

*) I'm a polyamorous / polygamous non-monogamous, straight - openminded - Dominant. On good occasions, I sometimes, but rarely, turn to my submissive self, (just to keep in touch with reality and to be a good Dom who knows what a sub can/will take). In my opinion this absolutely doesn't make me a Switch. I know it says so in my nick, there's also another explanation. I just let it stay there because OkC won't let me change it to Sir-Mark-NL (my nick on Fetlife & Fetopia) and I don't feel like redoing my profile all over again - okay copy paste is deadeasy - as well as the 2000+ Q/A and 100+ tests I've done.

On OkCupid I'm primarily looking for:
polyamorous, polygamous, non-monogamous, straight or Bi-sexual, submissive, submissive Switch women or couples (fill in or strike out your and / or here).
Mind you, this is not just another excuse, to uh just fuck around! I just can't attach myself to just one person.
Basically I'm open to almost every kink and fetish you can think off.
For me BDSM has always (since my teens) been real important part off my life. During my current relation it's been in the fridge for too long however. I have a tendency to B/D - (Bondage and Discipline) and D/s - (Domination and submission) mostly, also for you? Then hopefully we can arrange and work something out for both, or maybe more of us.

*) The past years I've worked in ICT at the Amsterdam city-council in various departments and sub-councils. Currently I work in bicicle retail. Should really be getting my ass back in the ICT-world.

*) Despite or should I say thanks to what's mentioned above, have a broad interest. (or am I just greedy)? **evil grin**
What I’m doing with my life
*) Just check back regular and find out what I've updated.

*) (On OKC:) For now I'm boosting the number of questions I answer. I try to do something like 10 each time, as well as maybe a tests if I feel like it. The outcome may seem a little questionable/disputable, but then again that leaves a lot to talk, discuss or ask(ax?) about.
When I've got Wi-Fi access I'm also using the OkC android-app. Mainly for browsing profiles.
Since early 2011 I found modding on is fun too. I'm not really harsh, but please don't blame me or others.

*) Figuring out how to combine Polyamory with BDSM as a Dom and vice-versa. I wonder how - why I connect with women that are either vanilla and polyamourous or submissive into BDSM, but hardly ever I connect with a polyamourous sub.
*) (privately) The past years have been a bit of a mess. But now I've dotted my i's and crossed my t's........ and I'm satisfied with the turnover.

*) (work) The past years I've worked in ICT at the Amsterdam city-council in various departments and subcouncils.
Currently I'm working in bicycle retail.
I’m really good at
Being myself, but definitely not meaning egoistic or egocentric! OK sometimes, but thats only human. Most of the time, I'm trying to get things done, the way I want it!
The first things people usually notice about me
A tall guy with wild black hair, except during the spring and summer months. People always assume I'm Mediterranean, but I'm not. Generally I'm witty guy with a sharp sense of humor or maybe even dark or sarcastic. Sadly it's often mistaken for being blunt. Also I'm known for spreading my unsalted opinion and or critique.
But then again, you should rather ask them not me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorites……
• Writers: Carl May, Jules Verne, John Norman...
• Books: The two next to my alarm, both in Dutch translation: the autographed Roger Moore autobiography My Word Is My Bond (Voor altijd James Bond) and the Rolling Stones bio Blown Away (Flirten met de duivel).
• Not movies but genres, directors and actors:• Genres: 007, practically all Sci-Fi, but especially Star-Trek, from TOS to Enterprise and Renegade, cult-classics, horror, thriller and the occasional mindless stuff to fill in the gap stuff...
I'm a crewmember at the Amsterdam Imagine Fantastic FilmFestival (ImagineFFF ), and visit the Night of Terror - NoT and the Halloween Horror Show - HHS Two all-night horror marathons. Do you get a general idea about which films I like?
If you're good in reading between the lines: the Punishment of Anne, Eyes wide shut, the Secretary, Histoire d'O, de SM rechter. Just to name a few.
Kind of abusive use of my Cineville pass.
• TV: DWDD, CSI (all) NCIS (both), Grimm, Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story, German Krimi's, Some really great Netflix Originals...
• Directors: Pedro Almandovar , Moreno Argentin, Roger Corman, George A. Romero, Quintin Tarentino, Lloyd Kaufmann...
• Actors: Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Roger Moore, Al Pacino...
• Music: Almost everything that my ear can take. On my iPod Clickwheel is a selection of: Doors, Golden Earing, Rolling Stones, early70's glamrock, late70's punk, and much more up-to next year :) ...
• Food: both cooking and eating it off-course Dutch delicacies like (dubbel) zoute drop stroopwafel and Hollandse Nieuwe
Mediterranean, Oriental, Brazilian style BBQ
• Obviously the ...'s are gaps that need further filling out or explanation.
Six things I could never do without
1. you
2. Ropes
3. My sport
4. The obvious things that will keep anyone alive
5. beeeeeeeep
6. beeeeeeeep

No just kidding, I will let you know when I've narrowed it down to six. Like I said before I've got a broad interest (and several needs I really can't do without).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can fill this essay with words that also make some sense. If you feel like it: Just apply our suggest corrections where or whenever, just drop a line in my inbox.
Getting things done the way I want it.
Confused about:
Lately I've been getting guys in my activity feed and speed match. As I'm really only looking for women and not for guys, I suppose these blokes are just plain stupid. Example: (ExampleGuy-X 29/F/straight). So how does a straight guy get this?
On a typical Friday night I am
Putting my feet to rest and making plans on what to do in the weekend ... And when I'm not Netflixing, I'm most likely abusing my Cineville cinema pass.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still use my analog SLR aside my digital one and Ipod Clickwheel. Several other things are under consideration of being put on the Internet, but I just might tell you in IRL or OkC-chat, but at least one of them should actually be stated in the part: "things I could never do without". I'm an open(minded) book really.
You should message me if
*) You generally like my profile...
*) Your Friend and or Match is +70% (or so)…
*) Your enemy is -25% (or so)…
*) If you like my profile through Quickmatch, (I can't see likes)...
*) You think we match up in any other case...
*) You think I'd really be doing that fun test you've just done...
*) You're into (all) kinds of kinky and fetish stuff...
*) You're into BDSM too, I'm a Dominant...
*) You define yourself as a polyamorous sub, or switch…
*) You've got a profile on Fetopia, Fetlife and or CollarSpace mine are Sir-Mark-NL (FT/FL) and SirMarkNL (CS)....
*) You're outside my search-range (above), but you feel you're not. Just ignore the fact OkCupid warns you!…
*) You just feel like knocking on my in-box!…
*) I've forgotten something! Don't really know, just ask or ax me...
*) Oh Just in-case I made some stupid typo and you feel an urge to correct it…
The two of us