25Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a NYC native and current East Cambridge resident looking forward to jump starting my life. I am really interested in coming up with artistic ideas for many different types of art mediums. However, between school-work and work, I rarely have the time to execute these ideas.

I am looking for close and long distance new friends or someone to be in a relationship with. Preferably that person would be open to having a sometimes long distance relationship. It is important to me that I and the person with which I am involved both have and pursue dreams and that when we are in different places pursuing our dreams we can both understand that the distance does not lessen our feelings for each other. I am in favor of polyamory but it is not a deal-breaker issue for me right now.

I am extremely ambitious and tend to bury myself in work or projects. I need someone who can understand that if I don't call or am consistently unavailable for a few days it doesn't mean I like/love them any less. Ideally I'd like someone who is also ambitious and still loves me/knows I love them even if I am in southeast asia for work at the same time that they are in spain for work. (Also, studying spanish for so long means I don't like to capitalize days of the week.... or places....)

I am a pre-op transexual ftm (currently taking hormones and my voice is all over the place). I like very few things to the point that even my closest friends will save time and just say I hate everything. I really just happen to like things that many others dislike or about which they have not heard. Not in the hipster way. I also tend to not have heard about the things that everybody else likes and am almost perpetually out of the loop. It makes it impossible to find anyone willing to go anywhere or do anything with me.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, developing BPM B2B enterprise software. Fun stuff.

Majored in Computer Science at Boston University where I was part of BUILDS, our hackerspace and a student theatre group (which I will not explicitly name because they are everywhere and I don't want to meet people I already know on OKC, just know that I do tech work on plays). Also studied in Singapore at National University of Singapore.

Want to go back to learning to play the Koto. It is a very expensive instrument and I keep looking for ways to buy one on the cheap or make one myself.

Also looking for interesting jobs/career options.
I’m really good at
Sleeping anywhere.
Making people feel uncomfortable (both intentionally and unintentionally).
Whistling (still trying to reach pro-level)
Coming up with ideas for everything.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea.
...I still have no idea.
... ...I guess, I AM pretty short.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Merro Tree, Good Omens, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Fountainhead, The Demonata, Manga, Manhwa

TV: Archer, South Park, The Boondocks, King of the Hill, The Secret Show, Total Drama, Homeland, House, Regular Show, Persons Unknown, Anime, American Dad, American Horror Story, Bob's Burgers, Community, Allen Gregory

Sports: Curling, Skating, Football, Archery

Food: Spicy, Sweet

Music: dubstep, hip hop, rap, She Wants Revenge, IAMX, Arctic Monkeys, Chopin, Koto, Ab-Soul, Kendrick, Odd Future, EMINEM, Purity Ring, Made In Heights, Marina and the Diamonds, The Neighbourhood, The National, electro-pop, post punk pop, pop punk, post punk rock, Panic at the Disco, etc

Movies: The Ocean's movies, The Saw movies, horror and psychological movies, movies where people steal things, sometimes movies with fast cars and explosions

Comedians: Greg Giraldo (RIP), Katt Williams, John Oliver
Six things I could never do without
Water (I love this stuff. I could drink water for days son! For days son! [do you know where I got that from?])

Books/things to read online

sweets (Sweet and savory food and cakes more than candy, no longer applicable since I'm doing the ketogenic diet now. Maybe, cheese?, off keto again and back to being a slave to sugar.)


Inserting quotes and references that no one else will get into casual conversation. I've done it in an interview once. No one noticed....

My laptop-tablet all-in-one (Lenovo Yoga)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ideas for art, products, plays, tv shows, and movies that I want to create/produce/direct. My future. My career. MOOCs I'm taking. Increasing the amount of weight I lift. Responsibility. Blank-isms and poverty. Going to grad school.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching lectures or tv/movies, online, gym, doing hw. Or maybe I'm with you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a ftm transexual. Still in the closet with family, out to friends. Trying to figure out how I'm going to navigate these complicated corporate health benefits and how to come out at work without my team eating their hats so-to-speak.

Also, I read too much fan fiction.

Also, I would like to try the Arthur Aron experiment.

I like a slow burn. The gradual buildup of a connection over way too long of a time period.
You should message me if
If you like me and are eloquently conversant. I will be genuinely surprised, even just about the first part.

Or message me if you want to talk about something real or exciting or poignant. Or play a game. Or go on an adventure. Message me if you want to pour your heart out.
The two of us