33Hereford, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a shy but friendly fellow with a love of language, philosophy, comedy, semiotics, silliness, animals, music and lemon-flavoured desserts. I'd love to meet like minded friends, maybe progressing to 'more' in the right circumstances. (Though I don't consider friendships to be less than relationships that progress 'further', if you see what I mean?)

I love games of all kinds, board, card, video (particularly RPGs and anything with a good story). If you wanna play, say hi! I'm an unabashed fan of Pokemon. Currently loving Breath of the Wild.

I'm a very political person, though not as involved as I used to be. I've found myself here in Hereford after living in Cardiff most of my life, so I am adjusting to living in a much smaller and less accessible place! Also, sadly, a more conservative place. I joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn, and have high hopes for him.

I am married. My wife is here too, @_Delarie. I met her on this site a few years ago, which shows that this sort of thing works. I've also made some good friends here, and am eager to make more connections of any and all kinds. Well, positive kinds at least; I'm not in the market for a nemesis. That position is already filled.

As a polyamorous person I would like to stress that just because I speak to you, does not necessarily mean that I am hitting on you. I'm genuinely looking for friendship here.

A word on gender; Okcupid has recently introduced many new options for inputting one's gender. While this is undeniably a good thing, I am postgenderist and I don't subscribe to any gender labels (including the traditional ones). 'Masculine' and 'Feminine' are arbitrary labels and although I tend more towards the female I believe that gender politics is best off discarding these concepts entirely. It says above that I'm male. That's a biological truth, but entirely meaningless as far as I am concerned. You can call me whatever you want, as long as you're nice. Or at least creative.

Of course, I'm a feminist. It's not at all incompatible with postgenderism; as I always say, feminism isn't a gender issue; it's an issue with other people's gender issues.

Pomosexual, I guess, to match!
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to expand my social circle. Hereford is a lovely place but it is hard to meet new people!

Working on writing children's books. My dream is to be published as an author, so I am persevering as strongly as possible. I study using distance learning from universities when I can afford to, as I love to learn, and it helps to fuel my own ideas. Hoping to do a philosophy masters in 2017. I originally studied physics at university, and worked as an astronomer briefly, but philosophy suits me far better.
I’m really good at
⦁ Making up portmanteau words on the fly.
⦁ Passing the time with whimsy and nostalgia.
⦁ Making friends with animals.
⦁ I am notoriously difficult to annoy, despite suffering from Misophonia.
The first things people usually notice about me
The beard and moustache, which I'm attempting to tame!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Surreal, whimsical or political comedy. Anything written by Charlie Brooker, Graham Linehan or Armando Ianucci. Addicted to intelligent and silly panel games, QI being the exemplar. Masterchef.

Pixar, Christopher Nolan, Studio Ghibli.

Anime - Excel Saga, Ouran High School Host Club, and I'm not averse to a bit of Ecchi comedy..!

Music... this section has been significantly cut for the sake of saving you reading time! I love folk-rock, folk, rock, but lots of other things too. I tend towards lyrically driven stuff, and unusual voices. My favourite bands are The Hold Steady, Counting Crows, The Waterboys, Levellers, R.E.M, Talking Heads, The Cranberries, NQ Arbuckle. Solo artists; Missy Higgins, Alanis Morissette, Jonathan Coulton... Ah, that's enough. Lets talk about music instead of just reading lists.

I really enjoy children's literature. I wish someone was writing naive, optimistic, imaginative fiction for adults, but for now there's nothing better than Tove Jansson's Moomin series and Le Petit Prince.
I love Terry Pratchett's work, and am devastated to lose him. I enjoy comic fantasy and the like in general; Tom Holt, for example.
The Manga Maison Ikkoku. It's great fun and high literature as far as I'm concerned!
When my concentration levels are high, I read philosophy.

Food... I like almost all of it. Just no raw tomatoes please.

I don't think I should leave out stand-up comedy, since that is also a great love of mine. My favourites are Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Paul Foot, Simon Amstell, Josie Long, Susan Calman and Eddie Izzard.

I'm also quite a fan of Channel Awesome, Cinemassacre, SpoonyExperiment, Jimquisition and similar.
Six things I could never do without
Cats. I have three, and they are basically my children.

A camera. I take a lot of pictures, as a kind of visual journal. This is because whenever I try to keep a diary, I forget.

Distractions from the inevitable.


Body Positivity... there's far too little of it around.

Surreal and/or intelligent comedy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The state of the world, and whether as humans we have the potential to clean up the mess we've made of everything.

Why it's considered an extreme view that we should all be fair to one another.
On a typical Friday night I am
Here, frankly. Hereford doesn't have a lot of potential for late-night hi-jinks, or jinks of any altitude really. I am at home cuddling my lovely cats, playing board games and watching DVDs. I regularly attend pub quizzes, game nights and visit with friends, but almost never on a Friday!

Oh, and walking my tiny dog. He's a German Spitz, and a totally ridiculous creature.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm Aspie. I use the colloquial term here because the urbandictionary entry fits me just about perfectly.

I am secretly a fairy princess baby hamster controlling a lumbering beardie from within.

I'm disproportionately attracted to midriffs, for which I blame my having grown up in the 90's. Obviously, physicality is but a tiny part of attraction, but that's a guilty pleasure I'm willing to admit to!
You should message me if
⦁ You're interested in talking about anything I've mentioned.
⦁ You think we could be friends. Geography no barrier!
⦁ You're attracted to me. It happens, unlikely as it may seem!
⦁ You want to play a board game.
⦁ You have theories about The Hold Steady lyrics that you want to gabble to a fellow enthusiast
⦁ You want to exchange Nintendo friend codes, Steam names, etc. I have lots of games to trade or gift to nice people.
⦁ You can provide good beard-wrangling tips.
⦁ You want to squee over pictures of one another's cats or snakes. I recently adopted a couple of mistreated corn snakes and they are super cute!

I will probably ignore you if:

⦁ Our match percentage is low
⦁ You use the term 'sjw' unironically
⦁ You're a conservative, in any sense of the word
⦁ You dislike animals
⦁ You're anti-feminist, racist, sexualist, or any type of bigot...
⦁ You think you are a banana. Well hey, maybe you are a banana! But a talking banana would drive me mad. Sorry, it's not you, it's me.
The two of us