28Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary

I have many interesting interests. I am not boring and I am sure someone could spend a lot of time trying to decode me. Ask.


I like to plan things ahead of time.
I like to go out and see some museum exhibit or art gallery or just generally be out of doors. Restlessness is annoying.
Those who are respectful, creative, imaginative and punctual.


Your past is your past. As long as you are the best you you've ever been, then you're doing something right. I don't need to know who you were as long as you're willing to let me know who you really are now.

I have my life together and I am looking for someone who does as well.
Someone who is intelligent (knows how to carry a conversation and has interesting things to converse about) and someone who is responsible, respectful, confident, free-spirited on occasion but mostly grounded in real life...
Someone who smiles a lot and is very relaxed but who can be active. etc.
The list goes on but I don’t need someone who is perfect in every way. I am not. I just want someone who will mesh with me and a person who can synergize with me.
As per looks, someone who takes care of herself. Well put together. A woman who can dress well and make an impression (good) in a crowded room.

Anyway, shoot me a message if you want a nice guy with a good life and a real mind. Ask me anything you want to know. Also, not to sound bad, but I won’t really respond to “Hey”, “Hi, I’m .... “ or any other one sentence messages.


Mathieu (Matt for short)
What I’m doing with my life
Working a great job and always trying to knock some stuff off my bucket list...
I’m really good at
Problem solving, troubleshooting, carpentry, drawing, anything creative really...
The two of us